You are here to fill the world – not to save it.

Somewhere inside of me, there is that thought: I am here to save the world, and it feels like it once was a real thought – an original thought but this thought now feels plastic – as if it is coming from outside of me.

The guides say:

That thought is a misunderstanding of the true thought, the one thought: you are here to fill the world. 

The world is here for you and you are here for the world.

You are here to imagine the world that you would live in and to fill the world, by your creative acts, with the world that you see. In this way, you create the world – you draw it into form. In that sense, then, you are here to remember the world – and by this, to remember who and what you are. When you do, you will know what the world is – and what it and you are for.

Studies show that we are most content in a state of quiet, centered calm – a flow state of deep creative engagement or a settled, peaceful state of restful playful attendance to a fun activity or engaging story.

Now, if there is a real crisis – like, say a car drives through the side of your house, or your plane starts spiraling from the sky or your eight-year-old falls off her bike, you need to pay attention. And you’re wired for that. The moment a real emergency happens – you’ll drop what you’re doing and focus only on the problem.

On the other hand, you do not need to pay attention to every outburst of violence in the world – nor do you need to pay attention to the car commercial that interrupts the evening news.

And yet you do.

Paying attention to that ad should not affect your flow – or your state of body, mind or contentment.

And yet it does.

What to do:
Pay attention to the state of quiet, centered calm that you prefer.
Pay attention to the parts of the world that support your chosen story.
We fill (and make) the world by our attention to it.
Pay attention.
Fill the world.

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