Five turkeys, Soul Sisters and the fullness of a bright moon.

#featherwalk Beth finds feather at work

My sister finds a feather at work – outside the Opera House.




I told you a long story in my last post. In this one, I thought I’d show you some pictures.








#Featherwalk 7-29-14 3

The loot from a #Featherwalk 7-29-14

#featherwalk 7-29-14 1 all the gates were open

#featherwalk 7-29-14 The week Dad started dying, I noticed that all the gates, all the way down the block, were open


Wild turkeys

Every time, I went outside, there were the five turkeys. They’re hard to photograph – as they run. On this day, one of them stood in the center of the road as I approached. We looked at one another. Later, I photographed  these two from a distance.



The bright harvest moon from this week – and what looks like a green orb hanging around. (It was the first time I asked for an orb so it could be… )

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    Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing Amy.

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