The Weaver

Constumed girls Iron age weaving and crouching, Peter van der Sluijs

Image: Peter van der Sluijs (Creative Commons)

A Weaver and a Carpenter shared a little cottage surrounded by a spiraling glass wall.

The Weaver could not find the time to weave. The carpenter could not find the words. Then, one day, there was a terrible storm…

Written and read by me.

Written as part of Summer LAB, our Advanced Soul Caller Training.


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  • Nina

    This is so beautiful and magical. I loved it and would love to hear more of the same.

  • Rachael Maddox

    WOW, Amy!!! So much flow and juicy imagery and awesome rhythm. Of course I LOVE the last few chapters… I’m doing tons of work with spider medicine right now, too. Another synchronicity. That belly. Yes. Weave, weave, weave. Such a brilliant tapestry you’ve spun with this piece. Thank you!

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