Group Spiritual Direction

Group Spiritual Direction, guided by me and the wisdom that emerges between us.

We meet twice a month on ZOOM for a 60-90 minute group conversation.
You and I meet one-on-one once a month.

We sit in a circle, held in safe and sacred blessing and we share what’s going on in our lives. There’s no curriculum and no Facebook group. Only the guiding principle that draws each group together and the understanding that whenever we gather, wisdom joins the circle – and so does blessing.

Cohorts are small. No less than 6, no more than 10.
This allows each member of the group to speak and be witnessed.

As we emerge inside of the holding of the circle and receive the witnessing of supportive others, we learn that our emergence is welcome. This entrains the nervous system to more easily emerge in other places.

No Facebook group. We do the work in our own daily lives. We bring the work to the circle for witnessing, blessing and learning. We do learn from one another. We bring that learning into the world that we inhabit each day – our family life, our workplace, our community.

Two cohorts:
7pm ET (NY)/4pm PT (CA)/9am AEST (Sydney)

1 pm ET (NY)/10am PT (CA)/6pm BST (London)/
7pm CEST (Austria)