Soul Power: How to deal with heartbreak of the world from a spiritual perspective

1) Feel what you feel.

Instead of trying to feel better, instead of switching the channel, instead of reaching for that comfort food or beverage, let your empathy rise.

Know that you are not ‘too sensitive’. Empathy is the healthy human response to suffering.

2) Put your hand on your heart.

As empathy rises, your physical heart may hurt. Don’t be afraid of this. This, too, is normal. Place your hand there. Feel what you feel – rising emotions DO move into the body. Let the feeling move through you. Offer comfort to your own tender heart.

3) Know what you know.

As feeling moves through you, you’ll naturally begin to feel for solutions. It’s what we do.
Let yourself know what you already know.

Prompt yourself with these questions:

  • What might help here?
  • If I could make anything happen, what would I wish for this person, these people, this planet?

These questions bypass the powerlessness which often accompanies the outpouring of empathy.

You are not powerless.
Your empathy is a force of love.
Direct it.

4) Direct the force of your rising love like a laser beam. 

As empathy rises, send it directly and immediately to the site of the problem. Imagine your bright beam of love zipping across the world and landing right where it’s needed and can do the most good. Feel it flowing from your heart. Feel it arrive.

Know that this is the most outrageously courageous thing you can do. Holding the space for love without collapsing into overwhelm or flaring into attack, that’s real power. That’s soul power.

Allow yourself to feel this. Allow yourself to know that it’s real.


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