Hush. Listen. Let us help you.

This morning I woke up in the middle of a dream argument, the voice of a tormentor shaming me that I have not yet fully occupied my life and the guides whispered, Hush. listen. let us help you. 

And my heart lifted. Because …. oh how I love them. I miss them, now that we are closer, when I don’t let myself listen. And when they manage to get my attention, now that I trust them, I am so very glad they are here.

Here is what they told me.

You are not meant to marry the animal body and the Godself into one blended thing. This is not possible in the way that you are thinking about it – not really – for the notion that these things are separate in the first place is the error. There are no parts of the self – no EGO bossing around the other aspects, no PAIN BODY, not really – these are concepts meant to help you understand who and what you are.

There is much confusion about this.

You are here for such a brief time – never meant to merge but to twinkle and shimmer together for a time of divine play. Never meant to be encased in this one body forever – for then, when the body’s life ended, it would be the end of the Godself. And death is not the end – it is the release of the energy back into the wholeness. Back into the Godself which all creation shares. For Godself is eternal and divine light shimmers through all Creation.

Light flows freely. And so YOU are meant to flow, bright being, meant to ’embody’ this physical form for a time and then, you will let it go. Therefore, do not become enmeshed in an argument with this body – this form. Simply be with it, as you would be with a friend who has walked with you for a while. Do not argue with its faults and complaints – rather, attend to them, listen to them as calls for your attention. For this is what they are.

What is awakening now is your conscious awareness of Godself in you.  And this is a stage of maturity – one which will allow your animal body and your Godself to dwell together in companionable friendship. 

You need only to create a relationship between your body and that part of yourself which you know as ‘Me” – to allow them now to befriend one another – to honor one another as friend and guide – for each has much to learn from the other.

Welcome your body home – the exiled physical self – the hungry, messy, bloody and imperfect creature self. Welcome HER into the fullness of blessing. Release her from the condemnation of imperfection and the idea that she is not as she should be.

Release, through forgiveness, the error that was implanted into the mind, which has told you that your work on earth is to perfect yourself.

For we say now: You are already perfect – and every one of your avatars has shouted this message from his, from her mountaintop. 

When you separate their teachings from the words of their interpreters, you find the true voice, the clear voice of the one who is in touch with the clear stream of the message. 

And the message is the same: You are loved. You are blessed. You are already perfect. Nothing you do can exile you. You are a part of the wholeness and fullness of love – and never alone. 

Our message is the same.
Here you are, as you are.
This is it, as this is.
And all of this is love.

Rest and play inside the field of our love.
Do what you can, gently and with great respect,
to peel away any story that says otherwise.
Trust and the way will take care of itself. 

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  • Christine Harris

    Oh my what a beautiful message! Just what I needed to hear today. I woke from a dream argument this morning and was not able to shake the feelings. Thanks for this!

    • Amy Oscar

      Dream arguments. Oy. So glad this helped. So glad you found it. So glad I re-found you. <3

  • Sarah

    This is wonderful Amy, thank you for sharing this. This too is where I’m at and what I’m working with, I was having a conversation about this today and I felt to come to your blog. I’ve found great affirmation and inspiration in these words 🙂

  • Noel Neu

    Thank you Amy. I am right in the middle of this now in my life. I love your direct line with Truth. ??✨?

    • Amy Oscar

      Thank YOU, Noel. So glad to find your note on the blog. I hope that, since you left it, things have eased for you. Sending blessings and light.

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