Video: When you are feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world

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  • Teena Richardson

    What if you feel the pain of others, release it, and continue to have an over whelming feeling that I need to do more?

    • Amy Oscar

      Teena – This is such an important question. One that I hear from so many people during times like these. Here is my suggestion:

      1) Do what you can to quiet yourself inside. NOthing fancy is required here. Simply sit down, close your eyes and breathe, allowing your body to quiet. As your body quiets, your mind will naturally settle. Remind yourself that each of us is responsible for one person’s worth of work. We are all in this together. Know that you are not working alone and that what you have to give is needed – and it is enough.

      2) Begin to focus on the center of your own heart. Imagine that your heart is a sun – and begin to radiate outward, shining your light into the world around you. Imagine that as you do, your light is joining the light of other hearts, which are also called to do more – called to radiate and to serve. As your light joins with theirs, feel the buoyancy of that – the wave of love that you are building together. Allow it to lift and support you as you do your radiant work.

      3) Ask: Show me where I can help. Guide me to the places and the people where my light is needed. Call me to my work.
      Then, let it go.

      4) Carry this image with you into your day. Know that your radiance continues, no matter where you are. In all encounters, remember: you are the light.

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