Julie Daley: The Sacred, the Feminine

There is such wisdom here – and in all of Julie Daley’s writing and teaching: a deep deep, full, body-centered wisdom that celebrates the juicy, luscious, earthy and glorious experience of being a woman, vitally alive.

Listen to my conversation with Julie here: Interview with Julie Daley


Julie Daley, a teacher, writer, and coach since 2003, has led hundreds of people from all walks of life to through an awakening of the soul–the source of true creative expression within. Julie works with people who are ready to move through the process of, and are yearning for, deep transformation. If you feel the pain of living as something and someone you are not, get in touch with Julie at Unabashedly Female.


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  • Melanie Maddison

    Just loved listening to this Amy & Julie, I may have to listen again. Such a rich & beautiful interaction & you both have very similar voice patterns, so soothing! A very blessed combination.

    Thank you also for the intro to Gabrielle Roth, the quote you mentioned really spoke to me a lot on my journey from chronic health story into wellness story!

    I’ve loved being able to sit in that rainbow sparkle to honey pond too!!!

    • Julie Daley

      Dear, Melanie,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. We do seem to create soothing things together. This isn’t the first!

      Glad that quote spoke to you. Her work is amazing. So glad to hear you are well. Sounds like quite a story.

      With love, Julie

  • jane

    ahhh… so loving the deep and beautiful wisdom you two have made with this call… <3

  • Julie Daley

    Amy, It was such fun doing this call with you. I think we make a great team!
    Love, Julie

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