This is a brand new offering! So new it doesn’t even have a proper webpage yet. But I wanted to let you know about it … it’s going to be so special.

Offering The Soul Caller Training to you has been one of the great joys of my life.

Now, it’s my honor to pass on that joy – and invite you to teach it, too.

This summer (2019) the first Soul Caller Circle Leadership program begins!

If you’ve completed any Soul Caller Training from 2011 through today – I invite you to apply to become a Circle Leader. The BETA group launches this summer, and I’d love to have you there. As a first ambassador of this beautiful, life-changing work.

As a hybrid self-study PLUS circle-led program, your students learn online – AND they learn in a circle, led by you. Together, guided by printed and online materials, you guide your group step by step through the six week program.

Circle up right where you already live, work and play
No special setting is required for a Soul Caller Circle. You don’t have to rent a conference room or office. Invite your circle to your own living or dining room. Meet up after hours or on lunch break.

At your local community center, library or yoga studio. Is it nice out today? Meet in the backyard or down at the pool. A Soul Caller Circle can easily gather anywhere you are.

Leading a Soul Caller Circle adds illuminated conversation to your life, teaching experience to your resume and money to your pocket – Circle Leaders receive a full 50% of their students’ tuition.

I’ll support you – and your students
all the way through the program – and after you’re certified .

Once the BETA program is complete, I’ll invite you (and I’ll support you) in teaching it online, and teaching it in concert with your other beautiful work. I see The Soul Caller Training as a natural fit for a yoga studio, a workshop series, a summer program for teens or women.

But I’m getting ahead of myself (because… so excited!!!)

Details about all of this will follow. For now, I return to my purpose for this note: to touch in and offer you my warmest regards and a great big thank you hug.

If you knew how much you mean to me… whew.