March where you are

Before you march. Before you take up your sign and carry it into the streets with your sisters
Sit down.
close your eyes 
and breathe.

You know what this march is: love rising.
You know what this march is: a personal invitation to be real.

Also, you know what this isn’t: an enemy – to be defeated or killed or silenced.

This is not the end of the world.
It’s the beginning.

All of these years, sitting at the feet of the teacher, the master, the statue. All of this work, shedding layers of illusion, blame and shame. All of this reaching, toward something you could hear but never see.

Here it is. This is it.
This is not the end of the world.
It’s the beginning.

And here, as with all beginnings,
Love is rising.

Let love rise, knowing that protest only works when it rises from the center of what you speak FOR – not what you speak against.

So find that.
Here, in the breath.
Now, in the warm curves
of your own woman body/man body pressing into the floor.

Here. Now.
What do you speak for? What do you march for?
What is this? What are you?


There is only one center that makes sense now.
(or ever).
The light in your heart which reaches for connection with the light in everything and everyone else in this churning world.

Find it.

From that light –
paint your sign.
and step outside,
into the churning world
And march for the world you want –
March for love.

breathing and centered tolight-

March here, wherever you are
into the new world
Love rising in your heart
your feet firmly grounded to this earth.

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