Our mom died last night.

**snow sunsetKent Jorgensen Ozarow
September 8, 1929 -January 17, 2017

I will write more about her. I write about her all the time. For now, I will say this: She was an artist. She was a poet. She read to me and my beautiful sisters, Jen and Beth. She read to our children, Max, Katie and Cerulean. More recently, we read to her.

She painted in the dining room. She made curry and lamb chops and the best chocolate birthday cakes. She also made doll houses, painting the windows so it was always sunny outside.

She liked thrift stores and walking along the sidewalks of Great Neck, where she would often find treasures. Broken jewelry, flattened bottle caps, pennies. She didn’t make much of it, she told me a year or two ago. She just always felt like they’d been left there for her.
“Who left them?” I asked her.
“I never really thought about that,” she said. And she laughed in that way she had. Like a mischievous four-year-old with a sweet secret.

She saw the world as color and music, acorn cups and moss, adventure and bird song. My friends liked to sit in her kitchen where, they said, they could always be themselves.

I will miss her with all my heart.

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  • Jane

    Hi Amy, I was also moved by your mom’s poem today, as it seems were many others! Did she publish any collections of her poetry? or are there other publications where we might be able to find her work? I would love to read more…

    • Amy Oscar

      Hi Jane – My mother was shy about getting her work out there – but before she died, she and a friend compiled a selection of her poems and art work (she was an amazing artist). Though it is taking a while to get the project done, eventually it will be out there. I’ll let you know. 🙂

  • Lydia Harris

    I too just read ‘Bottles’ via The Paris Review daily poem and was delighted and fascinated by it and so found myself here also. I recognise the person you describe from the poem. Lovely.

  • Bobby

    I just read the poem “Bottles” by your mother, sent by The Paris Review for their daily poem email list. I liked it so much I searched the internet for more information about the author, and found this page.

    I was very moved to read your tribute. She must have been a wonderful, fascinating person.

    • Amy Oscar

      Thank you, Bobby. She certainly was.
      And PS Thank you for letting me know that her poem was sent to you. How lovely to hear that!

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