More of This, please

Here is the simplest and most effective visioning tool I’ve ever worked with. I invented it myself, capitalizing on my (compulsive) need to make lists on every available piece of paper.

The More of This List

1) Allocate a spot in your journal where you can capture every single thing that makes you think: Wow or Yum or Oooh or Gee, I would really like to have more of this in my life. The back pages work well for this.

2) Keep adding to it, often – all year.

3) Keep checking it, often – all year. Notice the way things that seemed important often fade; notice which things continue to shine out at you – the things that ‘feel’ important. These are the golden nuggets.

That’s it!

This simple practice 

  • keeps your vision fresh – and in front of your face
  • is a living, organic record of the inside of your head – and your heart
  • is impossible to do wrong
  • yet, its amazingly effective.

It works because it works you – from the outside in.

The More of This List:

  • is a workshop that takes place in the creative space between the world of ideas and the world of forms.
  • is a mind sieve, capturing the daydreamy first thoughts, caprices and BIG ideas that might otherwise slip away when the phone rings or the boss stops by the cubicle for a chat.
It forces you (but ever so gently) to move one step beyond dreaming to jotting things down. Then, it takes you one step further into the creative process, acknowledging to your subconscious mind (the laboratory where ALL creative activity begins and develops), “Hey, look what I came up with.” and, “Wow, I really do want this.” To which the subconscious says, “Yes.” This is its job, it always says YES – and the wheels of manifestation begin to turn.

Though the More of This List feels free-form, it’s a powerful tool – it’s vision on steroids; no, it’s vision on organic whey protein powder.

You can use it to super-charge your vision board process, your business and personal projects; your writing; and, your family life. You can use it for poems, garden plans and home design. You can use it for vacation planning and lofty dreams (the loftier the better).

Use it as a prayer, a conversation between you and the Divine – a way of clarifying your dreams into visions, and asking for the support of the Universe to draw them into form.

As you work with your “More of This list,” some things will begin to show up – remarkably, even miraculously. Some will take a little work – but I’ve found that even the things on my list that seem most complicated feel easier – and seem to be more guided and supported by unseen forces. This remarkable little practice brings everything closer – pulling it from the real of potential into the realm of intention and possibility.

The More of This List turns this:
more of this list .







Into this, which was on last year’s list and bloomed this summer …











Which feeds my enthusiasm for this: My new and current More of This list)

And powers this: the Vision Board that I make on New Year’s Eve. 🙂

And all of this leads to, you know: Total bliss – and/or a well-balanced life that’s moving in that direction.

That’s why I’d love to see YOUR  More of This, List.
You can share it in the comments section below or write a post about your list and tell us the link!

Happy listing!

~ Amy


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  • Heahter

    I LOVE this! I have been much more in tune with what lights me up, I have an inspiration journal where I gather all sorts of inspo! This will add another wonderful layer to these journals I keep. It’s a beautiful reminder of tapping into the things that stir my soul! Yes, I think I shall start this today!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Susan T. Blake

    What I love about this is the unspoken gratitude that is based having already had a taste of something delightful. I’m going to go start my list!

  • Roxanne

    Thanks to you, I will be spending a late Sunday afternoon with my own “more of this.” Wool slippers and photography will certainly be making it on my list too.

  • alisha

    in loooooove with this idea. can’t wait to start 🙂

    • Amy

      Let us know what happens when you do! 🙂

  • Mare

    I love this idea… thank you.

  • annalyn

    instead of sinking into my own depression, I think this is the most better idea to use my time 🙂 thanks for this More Lists and if you get your iPhone and downloaded Instagram, pls do check on me and let’s hook up, @happysoul is my ID 🙂

    • Amy

      Hello, Happy Soul – following you on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by here.

  • Megan Matthieson

    beautiful amy! i love doing these kinds of visualizing and really believe in their ability to help manifest your desires. xoxoxoxox

  • Dana Reeves

    I love your “More of This” list (the idea and your actual list!) Want to make my own Vision Board – any suggestions on how to start? (never made one before!)

    Amy, I love. Love. LOVE. reading your writing. Your words, feelings, thoughts, stories, paint a visual picture, evoke tangible emotions, and transport me out of this world and into yours – one that is filled with soul-searing honesty, love, giving, recognition and joy. Thank you for giving us a piece of yourself with every post. 🙂

    • Amy

      Dana – go back to my Vision Board post called Resolutions Shmesolutions. The directions for making a vision board and using it are there. Let me know if you have any questions. (PS thanks for your remarks about my writing…. it’s what I love doing best in the world. So glad it resonates with you.) 🙂

  • Alan

    I really like this. Thanks for sharing. What a cool idea for change and creating the kind of life you are looking to create for yourself.

    • Amy

      Thanks so much for coming by and reading it today! I love it when new people visit the blog.

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