Illuminated ConversationThe sensitive nature needs spaciousness and deep listening. One-on-one sessions invite you into conversation with hidden and emerging aspects of your heart and soul. We'll explore the questions you're asking now - and uncover those you've been asking all of your life.
The Soul Caller TrainingYour Soul IS calling you to develop new skills, both esoteric and practical. You need a safe space where you can explore and the training to prepare for a journey of evolution - even, revolution - of the soul.
Soul Call CardsEvery question knows the answer it seeks. The Soul Call Cards are deceptively simple - offering remarkably powerful guidance to help you draw your own deep wisdom into the light.
Membership: ONECircleJoin me online for a weekly gathering around the Soul Caller campfire. Sacred Journaling, Soul-led Journeying and Meditation to guide you to the center of your own heart.
E-CoursesLife is fast & sometimes hard. We’re sensitive, creative souls, easily distracted. When challenged by life, we may believe we’ve lost our thread to love, to happiness. Yet, the thread is always there. As is the light. When you realize this, you instantly reconnect & the process of renewal begins.
Illumination SessionsReady to experience the bright fullness of who you are? The sensitive nature, in an age of anxiety, is in need of soul conversations, not psychotherapy. You’re always living inside a question, your soul call: How can I deliver this gift that’s been given to me? Let’s illuminate the way.
Soul Call CardsOne Word. Infinite Possibility. An extension of the already-constellating activity of the psyche, Soul Call Cards help you see & understand the thoughts & feelings you’re experiencing by drawing them into the light. This is a powerful way to receive guidance from your own knowing.
The Soul Caller TrainingYour Soul IS calling. Your struggle is evidence, & you need new skills, both esoteric & practical. You need a safe space to explore, a community, & the training to prepare for a journey of evolution (& even, revolution) of the soul.

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