You don’t have the bandwidth to add one more program to your  life. Neither do I. That’s why I made ONECircle.

ONECIrcle is NOT a program – it’s a … space, an oasis nestled inside of a world where things are moving way too fast. ONECircle is quiet – a contemplative space where you can  exhale and just … be you. No striving. No coursework to complete.

And yet, a whole lot of magic happens here.

I feel visible like a bird that has finally left the egg. And I’m able to fly – to my own surprise 😉 As if my camouflage cloak that I have been wearing involuntarily for years just slipped away. I love all of you! So grateful for you, for this circle, this work – this life.

~ Edith Lettner, Austria

Each week we gather in our imaginal tent at the top of a hill for deep dreaming, soulful conversation and sanctuary. We connect with the softly glowing presence that lives inside. It will speak to you, quite clearly, if you take the time to listen. It will show you that miracles are everywhere, all around you, if you have the eyes to see.

“I feel so tuned in and changed… I’ve been observing myself in the mirror images of others in my life and I’ve become more aware, clearer, and more compassionate… “

~ Becky, California

ONECircle is not group therapy – it’s a holding space of group listening and an opportunity to offer support to others. When you need support with a life transition, when you feel hurt or worried or alone, our circle is here to listen. And when someone else is hurting, your insight may be just what’s needed.

ONECircle is my virtual campfire, where I gather with soul friends online to exhale and explore, inhale and expand. We come here to practice being fully alive. To engage with other people on a similar path. To talk about what’s happening in our real lives and bring to that a spiritual perspective.

ONECircle includes:

• Weekly Community Calls.  (This is your invitation to talk live with me.)
• Community Forum where you can connect with others. (Private Facebok group – transitioning to private non-FB group in 2020)
• Exclusive content, discussion and Q and A only for the group.

I am feeling such a strong commitment to live the life I have chosen in Love. 

For me, it’s been the clarity of seeing myself in others and making the connection that what I observe in others is simply a mirror reflection of my own thoughts and actions. Getting that clarity provides me with more compassion and empathy. I am choosing peace. I can see conflict approaching me like a black cloud and I look through it and wave it away.

~ Jan, Indiana

The Rising

For the past few years, I’ve sensed the approach of a powerful whispering presence, which is ancient and yet, is also brand new. A hauntingly familiar bell, ringing at the edge of my awareness. When finally I noticed it and turned toward it, I recognized, with senses I did not know that I had, what it was – the call of Love, emerging into view.

In recognizing that, I knew what I was: I was that very thing. I was, I am, Love emerging into a world of Love. And so are you.

Our work now is to find a way to flesh this out and to embody, as best we can, what that might look like in a living human being – in a body, in a 21st century life.

For me, witnessing and describing this is part of the work. Finding the words to express what I am sensing so that you can understand my experience – and perhaps, open to this, too. My work is also to hold how this is already happening in you. To listen and to learn from you. To hold space for your unfolding into this wisdom, which I know, is also arising in you.

What is this rising?

The sacred. There are people talking about the rising sacred feminine. And it is this – absolutely. Yet any time I begin to speak or to write about his, The Guides catch my arm: Write the whole story. Tell the WHOLE story. The whole story includes everyone, everything. Everything is rising. Everything rises together. The sacred feminine is rising, supported and intertwined with the rising of the sacred masculine.

As these powerful archetypal forces rise – and we will talk about what that means, and what it looks like and feels like in you – their shadow patterns, the patriarchy and the matriarchy are fighting for their lives. We will talk about that – but not too much. Not so much that this becomes of program of theory – all talk and mind and no experience.

ONECircle is a living laboratory ABOUT living into and inside of the feeling, sensing, embodied experience of the sacred. The rising sacred. Feminine and masculine – in you.

I want to add one more thing – all of this rising, this calling, this pulling is happening inside of you and inside of me. It’s the rising of nature – our own natural selves. We are becoming more real. We are shedding illusion and feeling into transparency. We are awakening inside of Love.

Along with this awareness of a rising within is this willingness to trust it, and to let it rise.

And so, that’s what we’ll be doing here – listening and then doing, talking and then moving, thinking and then feeling, sensing and then responding.

“I’m blown away with the wisdom, intimacy, and the break-throughs shared. I have valued listening to the recordings because I can pause, take notes, and catch up. Everyone, please know how blessed I am to be part of this Sacred Circle of Trust in which you/we all put your Hearts and Souls out on display, allowing us to bear witness to your pain, insight, process, wisdom, truth. The collective Soul Card drawing/readings have been powerful. The writing exercises allowed significant information to emerge. And, the love, support, comfort and wonder that emanates from each and every one of you is absolutely beautiful. Honestly, the water we draw from this well at the top of the hill within the white tent without our shoes or our worries is life changing! Thank you, all xx

~ Sally, U.S.

The heart of the program is the weekly calls. This is where I connect with you – live – to work with your story and answer your questions. It’s a space where I can offer the help you want, while others listen in. I’ve discovered that when one person is asking a question, it’s a reflection of others in the circle.

You can submit questions to me in advance. Do that here.

The Practices

The practice of welcome friendliness
The practice of conscious noticing
The practice of honoring and blessing
The practice of centering in the heart
The practice of willingness
The practice of flow

Letting the heart speak. Letting the soul lead. Letting movement move.


We gather online, in a virtual classroom.
You’ll receive an email reminder before each meeting with a link to access the call.


Three times (3X) each month,
Thursdays, at 4:00 PM (ET)
All calls are recorded so you won’t miss a thing.


Every month, we pretty much follow the same rotation.

Week One: Constellation and Conversation
I give a little talk. I offer a guided meditation. We talk together.

Week Two: Writing Together
You bring your notebook. I bring the prompts. We do a few five-ten minute writing blocks. We talk about what came up.

Week Three: Journey Together
You close your eyes. I lead you through a dreamy journey with your spirit guides, angels and ancestors. We move through the forest, gaze out across the lake. We move through the rooms of your house of self.

Week Four: Integration Week (No live call)
The journey continues, supported in our FB group, gently guiding and illuminating your waking hours and dreams.

“I feel so much more comfortable with who I am now. For the first time, I feel beautiful, not in the way I look, but in who I am. I don’t need to get dragged into the anger or issues of others. I can recognise that the things I was afraid of were really just thoughts – just stories in my head. They weren’t real. My story is so much lighter!

~ Angela, Liverpool, U.K.

Why I started ONECircle

We need to remember our own light. We need to reclaim the world for Love.  We do this by remembering what we are – and what this world really is.

I made ONECircle as an oasis, a place for people who are ready to emerge, ready to widen and deepen and let the sacred self lead.  In ONECircle you can remove the mask, kick off those too-tight shoes and relax into easeful flow, supported by the spiritual forces – and friends – who are always here, and always ready to help you.

I made ONECircle because, when the world feels unsteady and uncertain, fear and grief can temporarily overwhelm our ability to feel and see our light. I made ONECircle as a safe, sacred space where we can be reminded of the love that we are – the light that is always here.

I made ONECircle because the nature of the world is love. It’s a messy, colorful and complicated love, which is always emerging right before our eyes. When we realize this, our whole body responds. We ease into energy play and deep dreaming, guided by the vital force, the divine order of things.

“She reminds us of rainbows. She shares with us, grace – the wisdom that knows that life is made of all seasons. She captures the dreams between stories, in pauses, held in achingly painful hearts. She holds them to the light so as we may see our truth; without distortion, confusion or suffering. Our souls deepest desires woven into something so familiar, we sense it is part of us. It’s as if for the first time we are meeting our selves. Meeting Amy, I met myself, again.”

~Sarah, Bendigo, Australia

The last call was amazing for me. It blew the boundaries of my mind right open… I am transforming my

relationship to love – my perceptions of how love works, of the dynamic itself. I am trusting I can do this and see also that this is because I AM TRUSTING at a level I have not before.

~ Linda, Illinois

Join the circle today. You are most warmly welcome.


Your ONECircle membership is $48/month.

Membership includes:

  • 24/7 Facebook group
  • Weekly calls, Thursdays at 4:00 pm
    • Lecture
    • Discussion
    • Writing Together
    • Journeying Together

ONECircle PLUS a session

Your ONECircle PLUS is $188/month (limited availability)

Membership includes:

  • 24/7 Facebook group
  • Weekly calls, Thursdays at 4:00 pm
    • Lecture
    • Discussion
    • Writing Together
    • Journeying Together

PLUS One Illumination Session per month

There is one other way to join ONECircle:
join me in my one-year, program LAB JOURNEY.

When is the best time to join ONECircle?

When you feel called to join.

One circle begins when you show up. It meets you wherever you are.

This is because it’s responsive to what you bring to the circle.

What if I want to leave ONECircle?

Simply cancel your membership.

We bless you as you enter. We bless you as you go. You are always welcome to return.

If you’d prefer to join my free Facebook circle, Sanctuary for Soul Callers, you are welcome there, as well.

In Divine Order, things show up when they’re meant to show up.
And everything flows in Divine Order.

Flowing with that inborn, organic movement makes life work better.
In Divine Order, you experience the truth: It’s all for you.

In this circle, we connect deeply…. A group of unconditionally loving spiritual travelers.”

~ Ivy, Long Island, New York

Housekeeping Notes

  • Having technical problems enrolling or questions about ONECircle? Please send them to us here.
  • ONECircle is active 24/7.
  • When you join, you’ll be added to the FaceBook group within 8 hours (usually sooner during EST working hours.
  • Your subscription renews automatically, the day of the month you enroll is your renewal date for the following period.
  • ONECircle includes a private Facebook group, but you don’t HAVE TO be on Facebook. Enjoy all the benefits of the program without it.
  • Community calls will be held weekly on Thursdays at 4 EST.
  • All live calls are recorded.
  • You don’t have to be on the live calls. Many people listen by recording.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Come join us!

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