open your eyes

This morning, I opened my eyes.
And here was another day, another week.

This morning, I began again
to understand my own relationship to life and to being with others
– and through these things, to understand my own nature.
This is emergence.
This is presence to where and when and who and what we are.
Awareness of the door of the dawn, opening to the sun;
of the door of darkness, opening to light. Awareness of the door of ignorance – about who I am and what this world is – opening to illumination.
Awareness that I am the one opening her eyes.
I am the door,
the opening where a moment earlier, there was no opening.
Now, this door is here
– and now, I step through it into the new day that I did not, until this moment of awakening, even know was here.

Was it here? Before I opened my eyes.

This week:

Begin again.
Be the door.
Be the willingness to step through it.
Every day. Every moment.
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  • Sheilaq

    Absolutely beautiful and how I feel…thank you so much.

    • Amy Oscar

      Sheila –

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