Outrage is love rising

fullsizerender-3 Three days post-election, at the cafe, I find myself in conversation with a 26-year-old millennial named Ariel. She tells me this election has frightened her but she is using her fear to create change. She tells me that until now, it was just a vague idea that she might ‘someday’ work in social justice but now, she’s in motion.

Tomorrow she is marching. Today, she is filling out the forms to attend that college program. She is signing up. She is ready.

Ariel tells me that a group of her friends, who have a band, just donated all of their profits to Planned Parenthood. She’s not the only one. My phone pings with invitations to join groups, join marches. The ground is vibrant with energy.

The sacred world is still here – and it’s rising… through us.
Hillary wasn’t elected. We rise anyway.

Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

Last night, the author of those words, Leonard Cohen, lifted from the earth. This morning, as I arrive at my writing cafe, the wind is up but the air is warm enough still to sit outside. Wrapped in my blanket, I watch as three-year-old Drew rides the wind like a human kite. And I am talking with a 26-year-old woman who shares her name with the fairy tale princess whose voice was stolen.

Keep watching. Love is rising.  Look between the cracks of the world. It’s everywhere.

Outrage is in the streets today – tomorrow in Washington, protesters will ground their fierce love into action.

They love this country. They love the world. And because they fear for its welfare, love is rising in their hearts. This is a powerful love – the fuel of the Sacred Activist. Like Ariel, they will translate that rising to devotion – to fierce and grounded love. Through them, the alchemy of outrage will reclaim the world for love.

This election is a vortex. A moment in time we will never forget. It will change the world. It has already changed the world. The world now has Ariel, clearly focused. The world now has that band of young men, supporting the rights of the young women they love.  The world now has me – and you – resolved and focused and ready.

Outrage is a powerful force. Outrage is love rising.

There is always darkness. Always light. Wrapped in this truth, I sit talking with Ariel, in the rising clarity of who she is and what she stands for, as Drew sails around us, calling “Hello! Hello!”

It is here, now, witnessing this – in the simple beauty of being alive – that the sacred world finds me.

The same day that I wrote this, my friend Julie Daley of ‘Unabashedly Female’, wrote this: A New Love.

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