Q&A: I think I’m a Light Worker. Now what?

As people are awakening around the world, I’m receiving versions of this question every week. My reflection on Awakening: What a Lightworker can and cannot do about darkness continues to be my most popular post.

I’m sharing this question from Terri Koss, in Wisconsin, with her permission, to support her along her own path. Perhaps you will find it helpful as you find your way to your own Way of Radiance.

Terri writes:

“Things have been happening that are making me aware of some gifts I have been given.

My mother, whose health is declining, has been going through some medical procedures. I am having vivid dreams about how to help her. My hands get hot and my palms tingle like electrical shocks.

I’ve been poking around online and may have identified my “ailment” which is actually a gift. I believe I am a healer.

My mother tells me I calm her with just my presence…others have told me this too. The other day I gave a complete stranger a hug in the elevator because she was crying… she was stunned and felt better afterward… no awkwardness.

I’ve just been feeling “pushed”  – I guess that’s what I would call it. My dreams are very vivid. I can feel things around me and get intuitive feelings of things I have to do. Sometimes I see myself doing them without realizing I was going to…like the elevator hug… most people would look away but I HAD to give some sort of comfort…

My mom told me that as soon as I walk into the room she feels peaceful and calm. I put my hot, tingling hands on her and held her so she could absorb and use that energy for healing. I told her what it was for…healing.

I feel like the pied piper with the parade of animals at home… wherever I am I am surrounded by them…as close to me as they can get. Deer seem to be my totem animals…they find me. I dream of hawks and owls though… I was out shoveling snow one early morning and in an area where they’re not seen, ever, a bald eagle decided to come visit me…he and I were alone…

There are other things, but in the interest of keeping this as succinct as possible I will not go into them.

I don’t know who to trust or what to do at this point. I’m lost and don’t really know what I should do at this time.

Do you have any idea what I should do? Where I should go? Who I need to talk to? Do I embrace it and cultivate it? 

I trust you so I always come back to you.

I thank you for any help, Amy!


My response:
Thank you, Terri, for your question. I know there are many others who will find resonance with what you’re experiencing.

 I have no doubt that you have the makings of a healer.

Just being in your presence, people say, they feel uplifted – lighter. That’s a powerful gift and there’s nothing more you need to do. Unless, and this is entirely up to you, you WANT TO deepen and ground your natural gifts with some training.

If you want to be a healing practitioner:

  • It’s time to ground your gifts.
    When you think of this as a lifetime vocation, you’ll deepen your connection to your gifts and to the spiritual beings who guide and support you as a healer.
  • It’s time to find your teachers – and to study.
    Choose the books, classes and teachers that call to you. Find a modality that feels right when you think about offering it to others. Often, this is the way of healing that you’ve most benefited from yourself.  Ask yourself: Am I drawn to Reiki? Do I like working with crystals or essential oils? Does homeopathy work on my own body like magic mojo power or do herbs seem more potent to me?
  • Nothing is fixed in stone.
    You may begin with crystals and wind up working as a holistic nutritionist. Again, follow your preference – which is guided by intuition. When you start with the path that calls to you that path will lead you onward.
  • Learn to contain and to ground your energy.
    Grounding will help you feel less discomfort when energy moves through your hands – and body. This will help you feel more confident and ground your emotions and you’ll feel more safe and stable as you allow your gifts to emerge.
  • Find an embodiment practice.
    Whether you choose yoga, meditation, a drumming circle, singing with a choir in church, any steady practice that combines breath, movement and rhythm – best if its done in a group, will have the added benefit of helping you feel less isolated – and much less weird.
  • Learn what energy healing is – and what it is not.
    Healing is a force of grace- and, as a healer, you are the vessel for that force but you are not the healer. Grace is. This will help you feel less (or no) guilt.

Remember, you don’t have to open a wellness center to be a healer.
You are the space through which healing moves into the world – and you will be that no matter what job you do, no matter where you work. There are healers and lightworkers in every field.

Remember also: Healing is NOT a way of being special.
Your gifts don’t make you different from other people. Everyone is special – and gifted in his or her own way. All of us are guided by intuition – even the least ‘spiritual’ people you know.

Healing, in all of its forms, is blessed work.
And there are countless ways to work with your gifts. Do the things that, when you’re doing them, make you feel most joyful, engaged and alive.


These books have been helpful to me

These books may inspire you:

Anita Moorjani, What if This is Heaven? How our cultural myths prevent us from experiencing heaven on earth

Rebecca Campbell, Rise Sister Rise: A guide to unleashing the wise, wild woman within

I tell my own story in Sea of Miracles. If you’d like a free e-copy, simply ask.

Finally, I invite you to join my Facebook group, The Soul Caller Circle, where you’ll find a community of others who are also emerging into their intuitive and light-filled gifts. To join, send me a note using the CONTACT form on this page.

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