The Soul Caller Circle

Making Space for the Sacred

“I feel so much more comfortable with who I am now. For the first time, I feel beautiful, not in the way I look, but in who I am. I don’t need to get dragged into the anger or issues of others. I can recognise that the things I was afraid of were really just thoughts – just stories in my head. They weren’t real. My story is so much lighter!

~ Angela, Liverpool, U.K.

At times when the world feels unsteady and uncertain, the skills of presence and emotional intelligence help us come to center and ground to the light that never falters – the light of our own deep heart. The Soul Caller Circle is a listening and sharing circle, a free online discussion group and a weekly live gathering in virtual space, around our imaginal campfire, for discussion, guided meditation, soul-led writing practice and, once a month, journeying with spirit friends and guides.

“I feel so tuned in and changed… I’ve been observing myself in the mirror images of others in my life and I’ve become more aware, clearer, and more compassionate.”

~ Becky, California

The Soul Caller Circle is not a workshop, it’s a temenos, sacred space, carved out of your busy life and set aside as a sanctuary, meant for the kind of soul work that requires spaciousness, simplicity – genuine connection, especially when we are doing it in the middle of our already busy lives.

So, there won’t be modules to study – even so, much learning occurs. There won’t be big splashy webinars or ‘exciting’ events to spike engagement. This work isn’t entertainment, it’s a process, a wide (sometimes wild) inner movement with a rhythm and schedule that arises from deep within.

I feel visible like a bird that has finally left the egg. And I’m able to fly – to my own surprise 😉 As if my camouflage cloak that I have been wearing involuntarily for years just slipped away. I love all of you! So grateful for you, for this circle, this work – this life.

~ Edith Lettner, Austria

The Soul Caller Circle is designed to support you without overwhelming you, as you build a steady, soulful connection with the voice of your own heart. As your connection grows, that voice will speak to you more clearly, and more often, pointing out the mystery and the miracles that surround you, every day of your life.

“I’m blown away with the wisdom, intimacy, and the break-throughs shared. I have valued listening to the recordings because I can pause, take notes, and catch up. Everyone, please know how blessed I am to be part of this Sacred Circle of Trust in which you/we all put your Hearts and Souls out on display, allowing us to bear witness to your pain, insight, process, wisdom, truth. The collective Soul Card drawing/readings have been powerful. The writing exercises allowed significant information to emerge. And, the love, support, comfort and wonder that emanates from each and every one of you is absolutely beautiful. Honestly, the water we draw from this well at the top of the hill within the white tent without our shoes or our worries is life changing! Thank you, all xx

~ Sally, U.S.

In this group, we remind one another that the nature of the world is love – a messy, colorful and complicated love, which is always emerging right before our eyes. When we realize this, our whole body responds. We ease into life,  guided by a deep wisdom that knows what to do – and trusts the divine order of things.

“She reminds us of rainbows. She shares with us, grace – the wisdom that knows that life is made of all seasons. She captures the dreams between stories, in pauses, held in achingly painful hearts. She holds them to the light so as we may see our truth; without distortion, confusion or suffering. Our souls deepest desires woven into something so familiar, we sense it is part of us. It’s as if for the first time we are meeting our selves. Meeting Amy, I met myself, again.”

~Sarah, Bendigo, Australia

The Soul Caller Circle is for you if…

You feel ready to invite more light into your life.

You feel called – with a sense that something important is rising in you and in the world.

You want to widen your experiences and deepen your connection to your own sacredness.

You want to let the sacred lead the way but… you feel a little hesitation or uncertainty about what that might look like in the middle of your very real, everyday life.

You want the kinship and support of soul friends on a similar journey. You can feel and sense the energy of the bright beings – the guides and angels and ancestors – who support this work and you’d like to participate here, and to add your light to the conversation.

In this circle, we connect deeply…. A group of unconditionally loving spiritual travelers.”

~ Ivy, Long Island, New York

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The last call was amazing for me. It blew the boundaries of my mind right open… I am transforming my

relationship to love – my perceptions of how love works, of the dynamic itself. I am trusting I can do this and see also that this is because I AM TRUSTING at a level I have not before.

~ Linda, Illinois

When is the best time to join?

When you feel called to join. The content follows the seasons. Your journey begins when you arrive. The Sanctuary door is open.

The work meets you wherever you are.

What if I want to cancel?

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You are always welcome to return.

I am feeling such a strong commitment to live the life I have chosen in Love. 

For me, it’s been the clarity of seeing myself in others and making the connection that what I observe in others is simply a mirror reflection of my own thoughts and actions. Getting that clarity provides me with more compassion and empathy. I am choosing peace. I can see conflict approaching me like a black cloud and I look through it and wave it away.

~ Jan, Indiana

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