The Soul Caller LAB

Soul Work Happens here

LAB is ... well, it's my laboratory

It’s where the new Soul Caller work emerges first. Several times each year,  inspired by the work and the discussion in our Soul Caller Circles, I offer six-week intensives in the foundational teachings that inform my work with energy, intuition, psyche and spirit.

I feel so much more comfortable with who I am now. For the first time, I feel beautiful, not in the way I look, but in who I am. More centered and I don’t need to get dragged into the anger or issues of others. I am also much more aware of what I am attracting by my thoughts and feelings etc… Wow.. actually, I have changed so much this year! 🙂 My story is so much lighter. I LOVE the story exercise. I am not as afraid as I was at the beginning of the year.

~ Angela Ressa, Liverpool, UK

How a LAB Intensive works

We meet once each week for six (6) weeks: Tuesdays, at 4:00 PM (ET)
All calls are recorded so you won’t miss a thing.

You receive one weekly email
to keep you up to date and in the loop of what we’re doing.

We do our work in the LAB Facebook Group
after each LAB, you are removed from this group and we do our work in the Soul Caller Circle

“Last week’s call was so rich with invitations to look at ourselves,  and see how we stay separate from our deeper truth and wisdom through ‘perfectionism’.  I shall be re-listening at least once to get the full benefit. There is no pressure to do homework, just a personal commitment to some kind of daily practice and some journaling. I am finding the Facebook page a safe and intimate place to share stuff and get support for my own process, as well as learning from and giving support to other’s. I am signing up for the next session with gratitude for the focus and steerage I am gaining for my personal unfolding. I whole-heartedly recommend it to you. Namaste. ~ Paul Swatridge, Retreat Center co-founder, Italy

LAB Calendar



March 21 (ish): SpringLAB
From “Awkward Tourist’ to “Curious Visionary”
Working with Story Alchemy – the magic and miracles all around you.

The Basic Course

At the Summer Solstice:
A Virtual Retreat

From “Why is this happening to me?” to Creative Explorer
Engaging and Embodying Joy
Discovering (and re-crafting) the story that you’re in.
What we will cover: The story you are in: Telling the truth about where you are. Finding your unique ‘way’ of creativity, expression and purpose that makes you what you are. Grounding it into the world as real work, real relationships, real experience.

A live, in-person retreat with Amy

From Critical Judge to Curious Biographer
Gathering the experiences, good and bad, which have made you what you are. Integration, Gratitude, Acceptance.
What you will learn: Envisioning and Writing the Story Building density in the new story Living as if it were true, were real.


At the Winter Solstice:
A Virtual Retreat

WinterLAB: Sink into Deep Radical Restoration
All vision begins with dreaming, deep hibernation, restoration and, radical rest.
A meditative, restorative LAB


Four sessions each year.
A library of resources. LAB is offered once each season.
They are offered one at a time – to encourage you to jump in at any time of year. Each session is different, with a different group of co-travelers. Each session offers the way to new discovery 10 weeks each
Writing Together
Messy Imperfect Art Projects
Sacred Unholy Journal Prompts
Divine Selfishness
Guided Meditation
Angel Wings (really. You’ll get a pair!)
FaceBook Soul Caller Sisterhood
Monthly live call where you can talk with me (Amy): bring your questions, your clarity, your cookie recipe

What you’ll experience:
Engaging the currents of joy that are already available to you.
Living more fully inside of your body, illuminated by the light of your soul’s unique radiance
Mapping your own Sacred biography
Where you’ve been and where you’re headed.


Ive listened to our last call twice on my walks. I feel the work deepening and appreciate the lines you are drawing between signs and blessings and our role as decision makers in the Universe. Surrendering to the “now” – a concept I’ve heard a thousand times – is finally beginning to clarify itself, to emerge from a fog that has surrounded it for years. The image of an “8 Ball” comes to mind, of the message floating to that little window. I’m thinking that “alignment” happens in this “now.” that the work is being present with what is happening, no matter it’s comfort or discomfort. Aligning there, or rather “here” (deep breath into my lungs, feeling them).

~ Linda Stevens, Chicago

Take a Single LAB

Each Soul Caller LAB is $444

  • Weekly ZOOM Calls
  • Weekly Emails
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Discussion Group

Take the LAB Journey

12 payments of $148/month

A one-year immersion PLUS mentorship, including:

Bonus when you take All the LABS plus ONECircle

Soul Caller Camp

August, 2020
Upstate New York
like Camp but with comfy beds and amazing food and yoga

In the woods. 2.5 day workshop.  Great food prepared by a chef. A real campfire (s’mores).  Yoga. Writing Circle.  You. Me. Hugs.
Ommmm…. my goodness.

As a member of LAB Journey, you the workshop is included.
You pay only your own travel and housing.