The Soul Caller LAB

Soul work happens here


In SALON, we respond to what rises in the world and what rises between us.

One and a half hours


During the Quarantine

SALON is free.

We meet
12:00 – 1:15 (ish) ET

To participate, join my email list.

You’ll receive my Field Notes and the link to SALON.


INTENSIVE is offered online, several times each year.

One Month (four weeks)

soul call card reader certification

INTENSIVE (4 weeks)

Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader
with certification option

June 4 – 25

Registration Opens: May 28


WORKSHOP is the foundational work: The Soul Caller Training.

One and a half months (6 weeks)

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 10.43.58 AM

WORKSHOP (6 weeks)

The Soul Caller Training:
Emergence of the Sacred Self

During the Quarantine,
I’m offering the Soul Caller Training for FREE
to members of my Facebook community, the Soul Caller Circle.
Join here.


INTENSIVE (4 weeks)

Sacred Biography
Open to the great dream of your life.

May 7 – 28

Registration Opens May 1


INTENSIVE (4 weeks)

October 10 – 27
Sacred Biography
Reflect and Release

Registration Begins: October 3


WORKSHOP (6 weeks)

Way of Radiance
The story you were made to live

August – September

Registration Opens in August


Ive listened to our last call twice on my walks. I feel the work deepening and appreciate the lines you are drawing between signs and blessings and our role as decision makers in the Universe. Surrendering to the “now” – a concept I’ve heard a thousand times – is finally beginning to clarify itself, to emerge from a fog that has surrounded it for years. The image of an “8 Ball” comes to mind, of the message floating to that little window. I’m thinking that “alignment” happens in this “now.” that the work is being present with what is happening, no matter it’s comfort or discomfort. Aligning there, or rather “here” (deep breath into my lungs, feeling them).

~ Linda Stevens, Chicago

“Last week’s call was so rich with invitations to look at ourselves,  and see how we stay separate from our deeper truth and wisdom through ‘perfectionism’.  I shall be re-listening at least once to get the full benefit. There is no pressure to do homework, just a personal commitment to some kind of daily practice and some journaling. I am finding the Facebook page a safe and intimate place to share stuff and get support for my own process, as well as learning from and giving support to other’s. I am signing up for the next session with gratitude for the focus and steerage I am gaining for my personal unfolding. I whole-heartedly recommend it to you. Namaste. ~ Paul Swatridge, Retreat Center co-founder, Italy

I feel so much more comfortable with who I am now. For the first time, I feel beautiful, not in the way I look, but in who I am. More centered and I don’t need to get dragged into the anger or issues of others. I am also much more aware of what I am attracting by my thoughts and feelings etc… Wow.. actually, I have changed so much this year! 🙂 My story is so much lighter. I LOVE the story exercise. I am not as afraid as I was at the beginning of the year.

~ Angela Ressa, Liverpool, UK

In-Person Gatherings

Coronavirus update: Given the current predictions about covid-19, I am not going to ask Soul Callers to fly on planes or congregate in groups. If things stabilize and we can hold a live, in -person event without putting your health at risk, we will announce it in my Field Notes Newsletter and in our Facebook circle.


for Soul Callers

September 2020
East Coast
Woods, Water. Words.
All the woo.

A real campfire (s’mores!)
Comfy beds and amazing food
Writing and circle time and music.

Spherical Yoga (my new sensual sensory experience – so gentle. So expansive.)
You. Me. Hugs.
Ommmm…. my goodness.