The Soul Caller Circle

safe, sacred sanctuary for heart-centered souls

Sanctuary It’s a simple principle. When things get confusing, people turn to their soul community. Used to be, or so they say, everyone had a place – a church, a synagogue, a mosque. A tree to climb into, a cave to crawl into, an attic – separate and sacred. Elevated, but not too much. Isolated, but not lonely. A place of shelter, outside the whirling winds of the world. These days, not so much. These days, such places are often virtual and our soul friends may be hundreds – even thousands – of miles away. And yet somehow, there is this …. recognition. We know one another – in that deep, down in the belly way of knowing. We know our soul places that way, too. We feel and sense that we have arrived – in a place where we can rest, get (and give) support. A place of warmth where, though the fire is virtual, there is the satisfying soup of shared experience, the crusty bread of trusted, time-honored ritual. This is that kind of place – and whether you are a weary traveler on a journey that’s taken you far from the familiar, an exile from the steel and glass tower in search of story and fellowship, or just getting started on the spiritual path, you are welcome here.

“Popping into gush about how much I love this circle. I am smitten. It gives me such a feeling of *refreshment*, like a sheet of white light and white flowers, passing through my body+spirit. I started the recording while I bathed this morning, and finished as I got ready for my day. What a lovely start to my Friday. Love to you all! ~ Nikki Navratil

The Soul Caller Circle is a totally free (awesomely welcoming) Facebook community.

Take off your shoes and put your feet on solid, sacred ground. Come to the well. Dip your cup. Drink deeply. Allow the fellowship of community to quench and fill you – heart and soul. Sanctuary explores the challenges of living a spiritual life in a material world and expands the joys and blessings of this path. It’s an opportunity to relax into safe, sacred fellowship and discuss the questions that pull at your awareness:

  • What’s going on in the world?
  • What is this stirring that I feel – incessantly – to awaken?
  • What (and who) is awakening inside of me?
  • What will this require of me?

Ask your questions – and support others as they ask their own. Explore foundational Soul Caller principles:

  • Where is the opening to love in this problem or situation?

How might we develop the experience of sanctuary in our own hearts?
  • And how do we carry this inner sanctuary into our daily lives?

As we connect with one another in respectful and supportive conversation, we anchor to the deep well of peace that is always there, waiting to support and replenish us.

It feels important to say that The Soul Caller Circle is a stress-free zone
-a gathering space for the kinds of conversations we need to be having now:
soul-led, source-fed, connected to one another
as we connect to the world.

“This month’s call was amazing for me. It blew the boundaries of my mind right open… I am transforming my relationship to love – my perceptions of how love works, of the dynamic itself. I am trusting I can do this and see also that this is because I AM TRUSTING at a level I have not before.  Powerful stuff. Thank you for witnessing. ~ Linda Stephens, Chicago

We share things going on in our lives and in the world. magical signs and synchronicities dreams and symbols We share photos and images. And celebrate one another’s successes. We offer one another presence and prayer when things go wonky. blessings and celebrate when things start to flow. We also do Soul Call Card readings for each other. What we DON’T do There is no pressure to participate, There is no upsell. No hidden agenda. This isn’t a cage to capture prospects. I will mention my programs, but you’re never expected or bothered to buy anything from me. I hate that – and I’ve left many circles myself because of it! Here, you will find invitation to conversation, gently offered. to contemplation, self-reflection, and self-care. Here you will find a warm fire, and friends waiting to welcome you. I invite you to come inside. ~ Amy

“Gotta say… I feel like I went to a spa today, Amy. Oh Amy, may God bless you. Thank you. Thank you all.” ~ Ivy Landesman-Slevin

To Join:

1. Click this link to the Facebook Group.
2. Answer three easy entry questions (so I know you’re not a troll or a bot)
3. Come inside.