A Journey of Evolution (& Revolution) of the Soul

Bringing Things Back Into Natural, Sacred Alignment

Re-Connecting With The Call Of Your Own Heart & Soul

Feeling into Wholeness, Meeting the World

Trusting Your Nature, Trusting the World

Because Suffering Was Never Necessary

These are some of the things I hear from sensitive (and revolutionary) souls:

Sometimes, I just know things – I get a flash of intuition, a sense of clarity about a person or situation. I wish I could deepen this and make connection with Source/Divine energy, with angels and nature spirits… my way: quietly, intimately without going all new age woo woo. –Sometimes, waves of feeling just overwhelm me – I’m afraid I might burst into tears. I don’t want to harden myself – I love feeling and sensing as I do – I just wish I had more control over these big feelings.

People say, “You’re so sensitive,” and I am – I know. It’s made me feel different, out of place – yet, I know there’s a gift here. How can I bring it out without feeling like a visitor from another planet? 

Something is calling to me but I can’t tell what (or who) it is or if there’s something I’m supposed to do.

I think about the dreams I used to have and all that I’d hoped to give to the world and sometimes, it can leave me feeling empty, hopeless, desperate. I long to create, to build the things I came to build.

How do I find my people? How do I fill this emptiness that I feel?

if this sounds like you…

I want you to know that you’re a Soul Caller. Your sensitivity is a gift and a sign of heightened intuition. You’re uber-sensitive, multi-dimensional, and empathic – sensing and feeling your way through a world that often feels insensitive.

There are things you can learn to help you shift your sensitivity to embodied intuition, and move you gently (and easily) from reactivity and exhaustion to radiant calm – the inner experience of self-containment and bright joy.

You’ll learn about your unique way of receiving guidance – and I don’t mean figuring out which ‘clair’ or archetype you fit into. This is more personal – and far more useful than that.

You have a unique way of engaging with the world and with other people, a ‘way’ that is guided by the deepest patterns of your incarnation and true nature. In The Soul Caller Training, you’ll explore that ‘way’ and begin to align with it.

What will you leave the course with?

•  Deepening. of your inborn ability to receive and interpret guidance – and a uniquely personal way of connecting to Source/Divine Consciousness

•  Awareness. of the limiting beliefs and habits that seem to block you – and a gradual and steady peeling away of the veils of illusion that keep you small and stuck

•  Courage. And self-centering tools to meet and navigate (and even, embrace) the challenges you will inevitably face and the willingness to integrate the abandoned and rejected parts of yourself

•  Renewal. A sense of joy – even bliss in simply being alive.

•  Community. The Soul Caller experience doesn’t end when the program ends – it’s only the beginning. After graduation, you stay in the Soul Caller circle with the soul friends you’ve made.

• Connection. To yourself, to other Soul Callers, to the guidance that’s been calling your name, and to your unique Way of Radiance.

“Thank you for offering this experience, this knowledge, this space. Thank you for making it possible to connect with like minds and hearts with whom I never otherwise would have crossed paths. Thank you for making this accessible. Thank you for calling me back home to a part of myself that I had set aside because I did not understand it, could not make sense of it, too often felt embarrassed by it in the presence of others. I look forward to the day–a day that is much nearer now–when I am sending this part of me out into the world without mask or costume or camouflage.”
~ Kathy N., Illinois

The Soul Caller Training combines several modes of learning, including:

  • Live Community Calls
    Once a week in our virtual classroom.
  • Video
    Mentoring video to introduce and support each module
  • Audio
    Guided-Meditations, Readings and Lectures by me!
  • Clear written explanations
    of the core concepts and key principles of the Soul Caller work
  • Worksheet pages and Journal Exercises
    to get you engaged and involved so you can do the work!

The Soul Caller Training will help you to emerge as  the open-minded, open-hearted human being you are, a bright soul who’s grounded to earth, connected to heaven, and firmly planted in purpose.

I know that’s a bold claim. I don’t make it lightly. I know what it takes to be an Awakened Soul Caller. I also know what happens when this material crosses into your life…

You will receive signs. Your angels – and the responsive, supportive Call and Response world in which we live – are teaching this class right along with me.

You will develop new intuitive skills, including the ability to see into the mystery and symbolic messages the world is always sending to you.

You will work in community, with people like you (unique, creative, adventurous seekers), willing and eager (and able) to welcome you. Graduates say that their Soul Caller family is the most resonant community they’ve ever experienced.

You will develop a grounded set of practices to keep you rooted in reality, while drawing the Divine into every corner of your life.

You will witness others shifting – and that will inspire you. In this way, we learn from each other, making it possible – and much easier – for all to shift.

Learn more about what a Soul Caller is here.

Click here to review what will be covered during the course.

In Module One, Wide Mind, you’ll experience

  • The bright truth of who you really are – who WE really are: interconnected, co-creative, divinely-guided human beings.
  • The deep flow of consciousness we share with one another and with all of nature – even with the earth itself
  • The illusions that seem real but aren’t. The stories we were told about what is real, which aren’t true
  • The radiant “I Am Self” which guides you – and always has

In Module Two, you’ll become aware of the Golden Egg of your own Embodiment.

  • Text to come
  • The courage that it takes to change – and where to find that (I promise, you’ve got it.)
  • The truth about childhood wounds, healing and forgiveness.
  • The call hidden in difficult relationships (Surprise – it’s the call of love!)
  • Activating your inborn inner resources (You already have them) to love in a new way

Module Three addresses: Hunger Alignment and Power

  • You’ll work with your Hunger – the most powerful force in the world and learn about
  • The fragmentation which arises when we turn our attention to everything but our own lives
  • …and the chronic depletion of life energy this causes… and what to do about that

In Module Four, Fierce and Free Will, you’ll learn to align the call of the heart with the gaze of the mind – and, out of this, to make confident, clear choices. Plus:

  • the real meaning of forgiveness
  • what freedom really is and what it feels like.
  • Plus, I’ll tell you the one choice that will change your life. (There is only one choice.)

In Module Five, Perfection, you’ll take ownership of your own story, including:

  • what happened to you (and you wish it hadn’t)
  • what didn’t happen (and you wish it had)
  • You’ll learn to bless what you can bless and release the rest into the gentle protection of the angels

In Module Six, you’ll shift into your true nature – by taking its name – and I’ll tell you the secrets of Blessing.

  • You’ll name the part of you that knows where you’re headed and who you really are.
  • You’ll become an awakened Soul Caller- a conscious, engaged human being grounded into a world of love.

The Soul Caller Training

Questions you may have:

When can I enroll?

Enrollment for the live training opens twice a year.
I’ll post the dates on this page or get on my mailing list to be notified by email.

What happens when I enroll?

You receive a welcome email with clear directions about what to do to access the program.

What time commitment will this course require?

The program is supported by a weekly video introduction, a 90-minute live call in our virtual classroom and audio meditations. There are  journal exercises offered but listen. The Soul Caller Training is a stress-free zone. There are no deadlines, no grades and all exercises are optional.

What if I can’t keep up?

While I encourage you to participate as fully as you can, live happens and sometimes, you need a little extra time. That’s why the live calls are recorded. The videos, audios and other materials are available to you year-round. In this way, you can move through the program in your own way and time.

What is the format of delivery?

The Soul Caller Training is delivered online. We meet weekly in a virtual classroom. You pick up your materials on a teaching platform. As you move through the program at your own pace, you are part of a cohort that includes people who are repeating the program and people just encountering the work. It is fully supported by me in our free Facebook group, Sanctuary: The Soul Caller Circle.

I’m a private person. Do I have to share my experiences with the group?

Sharing is never required.

I feel very drawn to the Soul Caller Training but I simply cannot afford the tuition.

I am always open to extended payment plans – and I offer several scholarships per cohort. If you’d like to apply, I welcome your inquiry. Use the form on my Contact Page.

The course fees are in American dollars – do you accept payment in other currencies?

Yes! Payment is made via Paypal or E-junkie – both services automatically convert currency for you. To check the current exchange rate, visit this useful online currency converter. 

Will you offer this class in the future?

Yes! The Soul Caller Training is offered twice a year (by me).

Tell me again. How does this work?

I have a very busy life – what happens if I fall behind?

You can’t fall behind in The Soul Caller Training. There’s no deadline, no penalty, no pressure – and no stress.
The materials are available to you forever – and we are constantly reviewing the program in our free Sanctuary for Soul Callers Facebook group.

Can I talk one-on-one with Amy during the program?

Yes. With your enrollment in the Soul Caller Training, you receive a $100 discount on one 90-minute Illumination Session. 

What sort of after-program support do you offer?

After the program, you stay in the circle. You can join my membership group: ONECircle, participate in  free events in Sanctuary for Soul Callers and, deep dive with me in Soul Caller LAB.

You can join my year-long Soul Caller Journey. You may even choose to start your own Soul Caller Circle, earning an income bringing The Soul Caller Training to your own tribe. Join my email list to stay informed about this exciting new program!

How do I know if this group is right for me?

Only you can answer that. But here are a few ways to decide:

  • Ask yourself: Do I feel drawn to participate, to learn more about the program? If so, that lit up feeling or ‘awakened interest’ is a form of guidance. In the program, we’ll be talking about the different ways people receive intuitive information.
  • Would you like a first-hand report on the program? Click to read what program graduates have to say.
  • Do you feel like signing up but can’t make the commitment? Don’t worry, this is actually a step on the path of unfolding. It’s an ‘edge’ – a place in your psycho-energetic makeup that’s inviting you to feel, see or do something new.

Do you have more questions?

Get the information you need to make a clear choice – send me your question here.

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