the dream where Oprah helped me find my shoes

I dreamed that someone had died and I was searching for his story so that I would know what to do but all I could find was one shoe, which I put on and kept searching. Oprah was there, helping me, and it was she who found the closet where the shoeboxes were stored.

Well, the truth is – we found it together.

I was the one who opened the doors – wide so that we could both look inside – and she was the one to pull out the box I needed.

And it was only fitting, wasn’t it? What i mean is, I let her help me. I felt… it was the right thing to do.

And we stood side by side like sisters, facing the closet (which was more an armoire, really and in a small hidden room) and it was she who pulled the shoebox toward us and for one moment, as she transferred it to my hands, we held it together and kind of sighed.

And the box was a lovely lavender/purple and inside it were, somehow, both shoes – even though I’d been wearing the one. And that didn’t matter because then I put them on and wearing both shoes, I woke up.

And also, I remember that, when I pulled open the closet doors, Oprah and I looked at one another in wonder – and then we giggled.

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