This is a high intensity time

My loves- this is a high intensity time.

There are powerful energies streaming toward the planet now and all are affected by them. These energies are not just some woo-woo new age concept – they are actual, measurable waves of energy passing over us (as they pass over the earth) as we pass through a part of the galaxy which we don’t often visit.

This energy is supportive of change – and that can be challenging. It calls on us physically, emotionally and mentally all at once to come into alignment. As a result, anything in our lives which is OUT OF alignment will feel uncomfortable and the longer it goes unacknowledged, the more inflammation we’ll feel.

This inflammation may show up as emotion – or even fear – as our addiction to the familiar is challenged–after all we are being called to grow and evolve, and that will require us to change.

In general, the discomfort you feel will be a direct result of the resistance you offer. Resistance to what? To shifting your life toward health, wholeness, kindness and love – that’s how to ‘align’, by the way.

So there is work to do but it’s joyful work – we’re learning to let our senses heighten and our hearts open: we’re learning to trust the world to support and nourish us. We’re learning to trust that the energies which flow to us – and through us – are positive, loving and supportive of our highest good and the good of the planet.

We are all learning to align with love.

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  • Nikki

    Perfect timing, as always. Thank you.

  • Hayley

    Thank you for this, Amy.

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