This is Soul Caller World: A kind of elevator speech

Last night, two of my sisters-in-law asked me, what do you do anyway? Do you make any money doing it? Where do you do it?

I described what I do (I gather groups together) and where I do it (Facebook, Zoom, live retreats) and what we do there. “We close our eyes, imagine ourselves moving through space and time, listening to the voice of wisdom inside of ourselves.”

“Oh,” my sister in law said. “So it’s a kind of mind yoga?”

“Ah, yes,” I said. “That’s close enough.”

This morning, now that I am thinking about this again, ‘mind yoga’ is not quite … all of it. There is an aspect of ‘mind yoga’ – or what I think my sister in law meant by that, in what we do around the Soul Caller campfire.

We settle the body. We breathe rhythmically. We move from the busyness of day-to-day life into the spacious silence of the other life that we are living, the one we find waiting when we close our eyes.

In my work there is ‘mind yoga’, the guided imagery. There is also physiological work (that breathing and settling), psycho-spiritual work (learning to navigate inner space) and, elements of shamanism (dreaming while awake, conversing with nature spirits, ancestors and angels).

Guided by my voice, we move across imaginal boundaries, through swampland and fields, into caves and coves.

It’s a bit like poetry: trees become symbols or guides, whispering wisdom); bridges become invitations to cross over.

As I guide my students, I am being guided myself. I am seeing the landscapes, feeling the densities of mist and stone walls, speaking from what I see and what I sense is needed.

Last month in ONECircle, our journeying found us standing on the deck of a house that we knew by heart, looking out across a lake we had  not visited in a while.

As I guided the group, I noticed a familiar figure standing on the other side of the water, a woman in a royal blue cloak whom I know as The Lady Across the Lake. When I first encountered her, while teaching LAB a few years ago, I felt that I had known her all of my life. Now that I have journeyed with her (and to her) in waking life, she has other names: Mary, Goddess, Sophia. This Lady of many names who calls us inward by drawing us outward. This guide who walks beside us and blooms within us. She calls us to do this work. As we are doing it, she calls us across the borders that limit our expansion, our willingness, our presence.

She calls us to journey toward her so that later, when we open our eyes, and move back into waking life, we will more easily cross the borders and boundaries that limit it moving in the ‘real’ world. The physical embodied world.

In this way, what I do with my clients is also a kind of soul landscaping, an inner architecture. We expand the walls of too-small rooms and open doors that were never locked but seemed to be. We do this, holding fast to the hand of a trusted friend, in safe, slow, progressive steps.

We face what was hidden from us (by younger versions of us who were not skilled enough, tall enough, strong enough to deal with it. We look for them – these younger versions of us. They are still there, crouched in those hallways of our own hearts, waiting for us to return and help them.

Yes, we do that, too. We do it together. In circle and also, in one-on-one sessions.

There is more thing we do. And I use the word ‘we” deliberately.

Because there is one more thing that I do – and I can’t do it without my client: I help people emerge as leaders themselves.

I help people, mostly women, come to truth – the clear and shining center of themselves – and experience how it feels to be that, to let the clarity of that light vibrate through their bones and out through their fingers and toes. Once you have felt this, you know it. Once it has moved through you, it knows you. You and that light will work together for the rest of your life.

So, yes, I do a kind of mind yoga, and a kind of journeying, and a kind of poetry and a kind of inner landscaping and architectural renovation. Mostly, what I do is: subtle and powerful healing work.

I help people emerge in the truth of who they really are. I do this by seeing them as already healed, already whole. In fact, it’s the first thing I notice about people. I see you as you are – pure light.

I don’t know why I see this way. I don’t know how this happens to be what I do but I know that it’s what I am.

When I access my own core of light. My own truth. This is what I do.

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