Video: Engaging a life of Calling – with Robert Ohotto, Intuitive Astrologer

Robert Ohotto is an intuitive coach and life strategist. Author of the book, Transforming Fate into Destiny, He’s the author and teacher of the DVD home study program, Soul Destinies. We recorded this interview in 2011 for the original Soul Caller Training.

“if you want to live the Life of a ‘Calling’, you will first need to deeply engage and understand the sacred nature of your wounds.”

“A lot of times we are carrying such historical trauma or historical energy that we can’t engage that – we can’t pick up that phone – and then we realize that in order to pick up the phone I have to engage with all this trauma.”

Here’s the link: Engagine a Life of Calling: An interview with Robert Ohotto
(As you will see, I’ve left the film unedited because I love what Robert said during our pre-interview and I think you will, too.)

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