We release you from these names you no longer need

And we are here and we will be here – and this is the practice we are offering to you at this time. The practice of showing up to catch our message in faith that we will meet you here and that our message is real and that our message is good.

And yes, it is the same message other teachers are offering – the message of love and hope and well being. The message of cheer in a trying age – a dying age. A message of encouragement and holding to liberate you, set you free, for that which is dying is the old, outdated, archaic story of what you are and who you are and how you are. That is what is dying: not you. And not the world.

You are being reborn into love, as love. We will say it again: you are love, emerging into a world of love. And here you are and this is it and all of it is blessed.

This is the message of friendship from our realm to yours – and this, too, the message of no separation; for these realms are but one realm and blessed and as you awaken and see this, so you will be blessed – and awestruck – and made whole.

And so in this way, we are all teaming together, one group and you are angels for each other, as well and we re-mind Amy of the people who have ‘named’ her along the way:

the psychic who named her ‘gifted’ with imagery and who saw the thing she could not yet see, for her mind was crowded with other works – other intentions and plans and as-yet-unborn children calling to her heart.  And he said, “You will make manifest the gift where your grandmother and mother could not. And you will make more money than you husband dreamed possible, but later in life,” and though he could see what would happen and she knew that he could, he did not speak to her of it. He did not speak of how it would happen or what she would do. He was held back by us from sharing this and he followed our guidance.

(For it is not always/rarely good to know the future before the future comes. It takes away the joy of discovery and the truth that outcomes are not written but achieved; a vision is offered and you move, following your nature, toward it. As a ship follows the beam of a lighthouse, as a sunflower turns toward the sun.)

And the teacher who named her, for better or worse, ‘not living up to your potential,’

And the teacher who named her, “You could lead this whole training,” and the one who told her to wait.

And the teacher who named her, “Go on, run away like you always do!”

And the teacher who said, “Stop mothering me,” when she did not yet know that was her way.

And the teacher who taught her to draw her ideas in colors. And the teacher who found her at Art Cafe when she did; and who named her as ‘brave’.

And the teacher who named her beautiful; and the teacher who used to follow her to school, whispering, “You ugly. You the ugliest ugly there ever was.”

And the rabbi who comes and sits with her and names her ‘colleague’ again and again. Until she can know and accept this name.

And the teacher who named her as ‘luminary’ and the other who named her ‘channel’ and though these names feel uncomfortable for her, the namers hold the pattern of these names for her, so she can begin to see herself within them.

In this way, all of these teachers awakened in Amy her awareness of who she was and is and will be. And in this way, all of you have teachers, who have named you, as well.

(And we return to say that all of you are luminaries, as each person radiates from his or her own core of light.)

And so, on this day, we offer this Renaming Exercise to help you shed the names you no longer want or need. Because you are the namer – and the re-namer of yourself.  You are the chooser of how you will be.

Renaming Exercise

Sit quietly, mentally reviewing your own journey thus far.

Let the images of all that you’ve been and done flow freely.

Notice what you notice without attaching to any meaning; without adding any interpretation. In other words, without saying: “This happened so I see what that means about me.”

Ask this question: What names were given me, for better or worse?

Gifted. Stupid, Lazy. Smart. Quiet. Slut. Bully. Baby.

Remember the teacher who offered the name and notice how you felt then and how you feel now. As you remember the name now, make a conscious choice:

Will I choose to keep this name and with it, continue to re-name myself as this? 


Will I release this name and right now, right here, re-name myself as I choose?

For we will lift this name from you at your request. We release you from its binding for, in truth, no one is holding you inside  of its boundary but you.

Keep the names you like. Keep the names which support your journey in the direction you choose. Yield the names you no longer need to the wholeness – for we release you from these names and from their influence over your thoughts and your life.

You are not this name.

We rename you now – as you choose. And we rename you now – as we know you are:

You are whole. You are good. You are love, and you are blessed.

We release you from all other names, in the name of the father, the mother, the daughter and the son.

So be it and so it is.

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