What would your best self do?

Many spiritual traditions suggest that their followers attempt to walk in the shoes of the great teachers.  When we ask, What would Jesus (or Buddha or Kwan Yin or Sai Baba or any other spiritual teacher) do? we are seeking resonance. We imagine the great teacher filling our hearts and minds with His or Her love. We imagine ourselves standing in our teacher’s presence. We imagine ourselves following his or her pattern.

How would S/He walk through our world? How would S/He handle your challenges, your relationships, your boss, your children?

By asking these questions you are realigning your patterns to those of the spiritual teacher. the Divine. You are seeking to raise the vibration of your own lives to the high-frequency Love, Compassion and Peace with which Jesus (or our own teacher) lived.

When the answer comes, say Yes. Do the things you’re guided to do. Take the exquisite risk of following the guidance that comes with faith. See what happens.

Asking, What would <any avatar, guru or teacher> do? and resonating with the response that comes, helps us to develops an awareness of our own thought and energy patterns.

Over time, this realigns our patterns. We develop an inner resonance with the higher spiritual principles that the great teacher, brought to Earth, and out of that inner resonance, we become more aligned with who we really are. This is the message of all avatars, the spiritual beings that walk the earth in human form: Copy me so you can become like me.

There’s another way of asking the same question. What would my Best Self do? For the truth is, the impulse to align with a particular spiritual teacher is a recognition of that teacher’s resonance with the deeper, higher resonance that already resides within you.

The more finely tuned our resonance with anything, the more like it we become.

Soul Call Card Reading:

Stand before the mirror. Look into your own eyes. Notice: Each of us carries a unique and precious grace. A gift that is for us and for the world. Stay at the mirror. Find it in your own eyes. You know what it is. You know who you are and what your heart holds.

You can trust this grace. It has never let you down – and it never will. It rests deep within, an inner mirror, reflecting your deep and true self back to you like a sweet secret.

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