Wrestling with life

It’s raining.

And for the past two days, I’ve been wrestling with life.

First, technology – Vimeo, teaching platforms and the invisible switches of my iPhone which are making it impossible to get you these videos I’ve made.

Two days.

And little tiny ants on the floor of my office.
And back home, the dishwasher, which sprung a leak, drowned the electric box and shorted out the line.
And somehow, I lost BOTH of my debit cards – but not at the same time.

If I heap these things into a stress pile and I tell myself life should be less complicated, I feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Yet if I really look, I see that all of this is just the flow of normal life – and being human.

And all is well.

When all is well, I am content with all of it. The ants, technology – I am not arguing with repair people, but falling in like with them.

When all is well, I’m not hyper-focused on trying to fix the world so that I can feel better.

When all is well, because I let it be well, I can turn my focus to
the creamy sweet flavor of this steaming hot tea.
the light,
which is lovely even on a gray day,
through these enormous windows
the riot of green lawn, where the guinea hens peck for a snack
And the puddles forming,
ghost treesperfect for splashing in when it’s time to go home.

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