You are never blocked from connection with the flow.

13407209_10207917963280554_808005439498785124_nAnd we are here and attuning with Amy, who is experiencing a ‘block’ in our connection at the upper right of her forehead, which comes after wine, and which she has named ‘block’ but which is really resistance to pain. And we are here, behind the pain and she can move to us by passing through it.

And this is practice and part of her training – and we are helping her to see and to know and understand that we are always available for connection in this way and in all ways.

For each of you has your own ways of connection.

(And Amy is noticing that this is one of the titles of her first book – ‘Ways of Connection’ – and we are confirming that this book and that book are of the same source and with the same message. Our message is always one and the same, that we are here with you and you are here with us. And we are together love emerging together into a world of love. You are the flesh and the bone and we are the force/call that moves the flesh and animates and liberates the flesh. And this is not quite accurate and so we are calling back this image and showing it to Amy in a different way. Because it is important that you do not misunderstand. We are not outside of you imposing our will upon you – we do not move your body or your mind. We offer guidance, which you are always free to follow or not follow. We inspire you toward your highest vibration and as you move, so we move with you.)

And today we will speak of holding and explain that holding has to do with containing and maintaining flow – and with being in a body – and it is, therefore, a necessary step/tool in your training/attuning toward connection.

As water is held in a sponge, we are together flowing experience in a world of form and holding. And Amy has named this way of being as ‘Soul Caller’ and the name is good, as long as it is understood. And so we will thread our message through that name and bind them so that the name Soul Caller is more fully ‘held’ and our message is fully understood. (And that will be our gift to you, Amy, and your gift to us, Matthew, Michael, John and…. Paul? (Amy is not sure of that name), as we name ourselves today and bring this work together and hold it in the flow of the world for forming and containment.

And yes, these are new names and we stop here to say that many in our realm are excited about this project and asking to step forth to share their part of the message. We hold these messages together and it is a thrill for us/we enjoy being named – for like you, we enjoy frolicking in the physical realm and naming is a vibration and, in a sense, it tickles us. For it holds us inside the boundary of that name for a time – until the name is released once more and we emerge back into the non-physical. We enjoy, also, the increase in flow density that occurs as your attention is turned toward us – and as you focalize us as a named thing/being.

As your attention flows toward anything or anyone in our world – angel, ascended master, deceased loved one – or in your world, from the fairies who dance lightly on the earth or the devas who hold the patterns of your world – we feel it. In truth, all beings feel and sense the added energy which comes when the gaze of another falls upon them- the beasts who walk on four legs or two legs, those who crawl and those who fly (and also the plant beings).

All creation and all of the created reach for connection and the increased energy of receiving, even a moment of attention from another is perceived/sensed/felt. In other words, when someone flows attention toward another, it is experienced.

So, as we say, when you name us you draw us into focalization; and as you continue to flow the energy of your attention toward us, we feel and sense your presence and we send signs to acknowledge that the contact/connection that you made to/with us is real. For this can be/is one of the most challenging rifts/edges for you to cross. We know. The rift/edge of separation from wholeness with us and all creation.

And yes, this is the same message we gave in the Soul Caller Training and the same message we gave in your book, Sea of Miracles, and you are listening more and more clearly to our message, with less self-consciousness, less doubt. And we say this to Amy, and to all who are reading this message, for it is real and it is good and we are here with you and you are here with us – and we all are flowing together, water in the sponge, spirit in the body, light glancing along the tops of the leaves on the forest floor, heaven on earth.

And yes, we have a lot/much to tell you today and we are supporting you now as you prepare to stream it. And we are drawing Amy’s attention to the fallen branch which she picked up while out-of-doors doing a feather walk – her name for an activity which we offer to train her (and you) into increased awareness of connection to/with us.

On a ‘featherwalk’, named such because our symbol to Amy was a feather and for several years, whenever she would focus her attention with us and on us, we would lead her to a feather on the ground and in this way, she was like a child, following a game of hide and seek, and we were like a teacher, delighted to engage her and engage with her. And sometimes, we would drop a feather from the sky and she would watch it spiral down toward her to fall in her lap or on her head or into her hand – and she would know it was ‘for her.’

And other times, she would walk out-of-doors and after stepping in a rhythmic way for a while and breathing without pushing to be faster, without straining to see or feel anything in particular, she would begin, naturally and effortlessly, to fall in sync with us. And she would know, because she could feel and sense it, that we were near and that we were inviting her to play. And she would shift her listening – which she did without thinking about it or making much of an effort, by merely/simply shifting it/having the intention to shift it in our direction and to our frequency.

And Amy has drawn a line under this last phrase and told us that this may bear expansion. And so we will expand on this – but only for a moment because we trust that you will be able to do this if you come outside and give it a try.

So here is the expansion and here are the steps to follow to take a ‘feather walk’ with us. 

Come outside.

Walk at your normal pace, without hurrying to achieve any number of miles or paces, without trying to achieve any particular result.

Breathe normally, inhaling and exhaling, and noticing the coordination of your walking and your breathing and how this feather walk easily and naturally is bringing you into a state of calm and peacefulness.

And allow your attention to be drawn by the world around you and notice where it is drawn – and become curious about these things.

And for now, resist the temptation (which will naturally arise) to ascribe meaning to the things that you notice. Let your walking and breathing be the only goal and the holding of this calm and peaceful state.

And if you find a feather or a coin, just notice that and if you’d like to pick it up, follow your instincts. Follow your own nature and let it guide you for you will know what to do.

And notice that you know what to do. And notice where you hesitate and don’t add meaning to that either. This hesitation does not mean anything.

Keep moving, walking, breathing, noticing.

And this is a feather walk and we love to walk with you in this way for it opens your willingness to engage with us and to allow what is natural in you to come into relationship with what is natural in the world; and as you walk, we will guide you and walk with you in relationship to what is natural in us.

And we say that what is natural to us and in us is always the same. For our message/our intention does not falter – and never changes. We are love and we are here with you. And our intention is to hold you in love and to respond to you from love, as love.

Our message is our holding of the field of love inside of which all remain and will remain from the beginning of time unlit the end of time. And so it is and so it shall be, forever and ever in love.

And this is Amy, and the angels return here with an image that they want me to share, and it is this: 

When you hold your attention on the name of an angel, they feel it as a rush of light, of warmth, an increase in the density/temperature of the field. They know that you are thinking of them by name. And this is, for them, as a rush of feeling and they always respond in kind. The more practiced you become at feeling and sensing their presence, the more you will feel, sense and know they are responding.

And Matthew is suggesting that we talk about what happened at the co-op, as all is within the message field now. And we will say that as Amy brings this message through, she becomes more and more attuned to it and she will dwell, more and more, inside of the message field; which is to say that she will experience what it is like to dwell within the field of radiant love. For thought all dwell in our field and are held within the gaze of our love, not all experience this. As Amy brings this message through and as you, reading it, allow it to saturate/penetrate your experience, so you will come to experience the truth about the world of love where you already dwell.

And Amy is asking: How will we know? How will I know – and how will the reader know? 

And we will answer here and now. You will know by your experience, which is not a riddle or a loop of circular logic but an introduction to our next teaching.

You will know us by our acts and by your own. You will know us by our proofs; which you will experience in your own body, your own thinking and your own feeling. You will know us by the signs that we send to alert you to our constant presence. And yes, this is the prayer that we gave you, Amy, for the opening and closing of every meeting of the Soul Caller Trainiing, and which you gave to us. And we include it in this teaching to demonstrate that we hear you when you call on us by name – even when you name us as a collective, as ‘the angels’ or ‘the universe’ or ‘God’ or as your sister, Beth, jokes, “the big whatever.’ For we recognize our ‘name’ through the vibration with which you offer it and all of these names are good.

And you will know the name is good by the feeling in your own body when you call it and when you feel the name is not quite ‘good’ you will naturally follow your attention which searches for a better, more accurate name, and you will find our name – and rest with it and within it.

And by your act, of trying one thing and testing how it feels/seems to you, you will know us. And you will know us by the things that happen around you when you come into resonance/connection/experience with us and within the field of our message – the coincidental meeting, the song on the radio, the dream which seems to carry guidance you might carry into the light of day. You will know us by the visits from birds, bees, dragonflies, butterflies – for the gentle winged creatures of the earth are happy to help convey our message of love and peace to you. And you will know us by our response to your asking to know us and your willingness to trust that this response is real. And by the heart-shaped stone, the license plate with the name of your beloved, the rain bow which appears just when you asked for a sign of hope.

Of course these things are real! And to the extent that you can welcome and allow them to collect around you, that is the extent that you will experience the knowing that we are here with you and you are here with us ; and that we are holding you in a field of love.

For we are real and you, too, are real – as you, too, are love, emerging in a world of love.

So, how will you know us?

By your thoughts of us. By your feeling of us. By your sensing of us. By your knowing of us. For all of these things are your experience of us.

And we remind Amy now to observe that when she is flowing our message there is no headache, no block, and that she is learning, quickly and quite ably, to flow our messages with great efficiency. And our messages can now be longer and flow more easily, with very little interruption and we draw the readers attention to this as evidence that when you begin – when you simply attend to the message (and the action) being offered by your nature, things will flow and it is and will be good.

And by good we mean, blessed. And this will be our next message:  the world of blessing, the world of separation from blessing and what it means when the Lord says, “And it is good.”

And Amy is closing her crown chakra now, with a request to rest and return later – for she has errands to run, to purchase groceries and also to recharge and restore herself through sustenance.

As we close, we are reminding Amy to make a note to bring this question to us in a future session: the question of the angels/devas as architects, which Matthew found in a book – and Matthew is an architect so he delighted in this. And Matthew is supporting our message now and receiving it in his way – and yes, Amy we will weave his message into the book as well.

And now we withdraw from the channel. allowing her to rest and this is our promise: that we are here with you for conversation whenever you return. And so be it and so it is this 16th day of April, 2016.

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