You were born with the ‘source code’ for joy

Yesterday, as our session began, I found myself distracted by a comment someone had left on my blog. I sensed that I’d attracted it by my decision to bring through these messages from the guides.

(The guides suggested that I delete the specific message from this post, saying: it is unnecessary and calls forth an argument that you do not need to have. You are on a different path..)

It concerned me. I don’t want to get into a battle with the people who police the boundaries of our faith traditions. And I continue to worry about being a ‘channel’, a label that does not sit comfortably with me. Not because it’s an ‘occult’ practice but because other people might label it that way and misunderstand what I’m doing – and who I am. And as an introvert who is WAY too concerned what other people are thinking and feeling, that kind of thing always … ah, to be honest, it unsettles me. It knocks me off the center of myself for a moment. I don’t want that kind of attention.

I was also, honestly touched by the comment – because I knew that, at its foundation, there was concern for me and that it was a gift, and an offering of blessing – the act of someone with a good heart, reaching out from within the context of her belief system to pull me back onto the straight and narrow – for my own protection.

These things confuse me.

So I brought my concern to the guides. They reminded me of the many ways in which the Holy Spirit appears to us – the many forms and faces he/she takes, for the Holy Spirit is not bound by one name, one form, nor one way. They reminded me for the rest of the day with sparkles of synchronicity and divinely-timed encounters that Sophia, one of the other names the Holy Spirit takes, is playful and gentle, inviting curiosity and always tempting me toward the edge. It’s where the energy is, after all.

This is the message the guides offered today:

We begin this morning, by softening Amy’s concern that mentioning the name of this Man would draw toward her all the forces of censure and binding which that name carries like chains upon it. And we chose that image carefully – for as we have said before, the man, Himself, had no such bindings. He was a teacher of love and peace and would not re-turn to scold another for bringing the same message through the lens of her own life – and her own experience.

Our message begins from that place this morning.

And you will know alignment by your attunement to it – and you will not need the gatekeepers of your houses of faith 0r the rules which they require you to follow, to come into connection, into relationship, with the flow of wholeness.

And this is not to say that we despise religion or seek to tear down its walls – we do not. Indeed, the opposite is true. For we bless these houses, and we would re-turn them to the intentions with which they were made. We would re-turn them to right relationship with the heart of their own source code; for this is the truth, they were founded on the teachings of the purest souls on Earth – those most aligned to their own nature, which is and will always be the nature of love and peace, benevolence and brotherhood. Those whose words led to joy and whose acts led to such joy as to be proclaimed as miracles in their day.

And when you are moved by your own nature to repeat those acts and those words, and when you do so from the clarity of your own connection to Source, these acts and words lead to joy – and yes, to miracles.

And when you repeat them without living inside of the field of their message –  when you repeat any action only because you ‘should’, these acts are not ‘real’ and will lead to more of the same. For all things lead to their own reflection. Meaning that only joy leads to joy. And that which is not real will lead, also, to its reflection: more illusion. More masking. More that is not connected to Source but rather, to the attempt to get power by connecting to those who (say that they) are.

So, what do we mean by ‘real’ and what does it mean to follow joy?

The real is the Source; the teaching of the real is the ‘source code’ and this ‘teaching’ rests within (is infused into) each and every part of the created and un-created world. The source code is the bridge to true connection – direct connection – to Source, which, while it may be found by crossing the bridge of a particular practice (act) or prayer (act) or ritual (act), does not arise FROM that practice,  prayer or ritual.  True connection to Source, once established, requires no bridge, no ritual, no ‘rules’, for Source requires nothing – no such thing – of you. To follow joy means to sense within for the miracle – the seed, the light, the spark of knowing. The bridge that is already within – already established – and has always been. Your inner bridge, paved with your own particular, specific source code, which will lead you to joy.

And we say that this is personal code, aligned to your specific ‘is-ness and way of being in this world. Your ‘you-ness’. Your way of being – of expressing your human life has been with you since birth and beyond and will be with you post-death and beyond. It is your singular, individuality – the point of constellation and awakening around which you gathered into form and around which you serve and have always served. (And that service is not to our will but to your own nature. And we will return to discuss this fully.)

And the joy that it leads to, that it points to – incessantly, passionately – is equally personal, for one will be led to joy through all manner of creative engagement. Joy may lead one through art, music – creative endeavor comes in many forms – and joy may lead another through  numbers or repairing things; joy can be found in the wonders of the body as dance or as anatomy or as surgery. The source code may be love of the body and its ways. The paths will be as varied as the tender beauty of your faces – each uniquely recognizable.

As unique as your faces are the codings of your souls’ connection to joy, to Source. For Source is the electricity that powers all movement. The energy of the sun, of photosynthesis which, as it flows through the source code of each particular plant, powers the generation of that specific expression of joy – as green, as leaf, as flower, as tree, as fruit. And so, the code of man and woman is equally varied.

And so, we were telling/speaking of the real, and what is real and how to recognize this in others and in the world.

And we say, you will recognize the real by looking to that which is real within yourself. By comparing things vibrationally, by becoming so familiar with and so clear about the real in your own heart and mind and body – your own source code and its patterns of feeling and preference – that you will know it when you encounter it in any form, no matter the face or expression it presents. No matter the vocation or role that it follows.

Joy will recognize joy as its own reflection; for this is the way; all things seek (and find) their reflection in the world. And this is a key to the mystery. And this is true for joy and also for not-joy, which is fear and which is separation from joy. For when you stand in fear and look outward without first connecting within to the joy which is your own certainty and source code, you will find (in the world) only fear. Yet when you stand in fear and take the moment to re-turn, to re-member yourself to joy (to love and peace), you will be unmovable by anything outside of you and yet infinitely willing and able to move.

(Which is to say that you will not be swayed from joy to follow not-joy. )

This paradox cannot be explained, it must be experienced and for this, we draw your attention to the experience that you have as you encounter these words – this work , for as you are reading, you are tapping into/checking in with your own source code to compare that vibration (which you trust) to the vibration of this work (which you are testing, because you do not yet know it). And so we ask you: how does it seem? What do you sense? For your heart knows itself. Your heart has known the feeling of resonance and its opposite, dissonance. And you will re-call memory of times when you did not act (move on) your inner knowing of/sensing of dissonance and what ensued from that. You knew then, as you know now, and we will not make this choice for you. It is not ours to make – nor is it ours to convince you to choose one way or the other.

Only you can say, from your source code, whether this work that we offer is good (resonant) or not-good (dissonant). And by ‘good’ we mean, good for you.  Only you can sense, “This is good for me!” but not, this is good for everyone.

Everyone must make her own way/his own way to joy. Everyone must move along the path, must forge the path her own way/his own way – for as no two faces are the same, no two will walk the same path in this life. For while the inclination to reach toward joy is in every particle of creation, the way of joy is unique to everyone and every thing.  The way of joy is unique in its appearance, its expression and its turnings.

And this is why there IS no ‘one true way’, nor one true teacher – for the ways are as infinite and varied as the snowflakes – and uncountable, and each is good, according to its own knowing of the way.

And so we will not command you to follow joy, only point you to your own source code which rests within your own heart. We will not compel you with clever tricks of logic nor will we bind you with rules and names. We will not even say that you must seek and follow joy, for we have no requirement of you and your life will follow whatever you follow – and so, that which is within you will be expressed without. That which you follow will follow itself.

You are free and we release you from all bindings to this or any other way.

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