Your overwhelm, your powerlessness is a soul call

We don’t know what to do. We ache to help. We have so much love, so much light to give. But all day long we receive conflicting messages about who to trust, and what to do.

What to do about powerlessness

Don’t do anything. Not yet.
Allow the feeling to rise. You feel small – too small to do what is needed here. Sit in the feelings and FEEL THEM. What might they be offering to teach you, to tell you?
Acknowledge that whatever is challenging you may indeed be to big for you to handle alone – or to handle this instant. Still, you want to act, to move, to help. This is the natural rising of your beautiful heart. This is the call of the soul.

So, act,

Ever if it’s only the tiniest gesture.
This is calling. Move toward it.
Let it have you.
All of you. A little at a time.
Tiny gestures add up – grains of sand, drops of water.
Each one is important to the beach, to the ocean, to the whole.

Try these.

Simply feel your feelings.
They are not silly, not foolish, not evidence of your smallness –
your feeling is your power, calling you home.

you are not alone
The rising in you is part of a rising in the world
and all of that feeling
that overwhelming, enormous feeling
is your invitation.

Feeling is not wrong –
Oh, my love – it’s the only thing that’s right.
Don’t numb it away – move into it.
Let it have you.

As you feel, know this: The angels surround you.
Some of them have wings – and the ability to create miracles.
Ask them to help.

Some of them are Earth Angels.
Your soul friends, your spirit community, your family of resonance.
Ask us to help.

Ground your feeling. Take care of you first.
Then, move into action.
Do only what’s in front of you: lift that soul sister up from the floor, touch that spirit brother with welcome or a gentle word. Offer what you know – what you learned when you were down.

These are the openings to service, the small things that make big change – and change the world. Do them with all of your heart.

These gestures that seem small are so powerful –
they carry symbolic, numinous weight.
They will shift you from powerless to free.
They’ll build your confidence – and get you used to feeling big feeling.

They’ll teach you the truth about power.
Power is love rising. It’s love un-resisted and unrestricted.
Power is love- and you are filled to the brim with that power.

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