A feather walk in the snow

So, I took a snowy feather walk/vision quest yesterday, just before dusk.

I was carrying the question: how do I make my work … work? How do I connect with the people I can best serve, and the content they (and I) can best use, and the packaging of that content (my challenge right now) which supports me financially – but also builds and sustains me, body heart and soul?

I also kinda challenged the world – covered in snow – to bring me a feather because… because.

Which was a really big ask.

Or so I thought

until the answer began to arrive …


this circle, quartered by the crossing of one life over another…


SCT badge w bokeh

Which reminded me of this symbol Рwhich contains the story of the world Рand everything in it, which has been calling to me for two years, and which I have finally made my own.



And this tree, which reminded me of the wide embrace of all creation. Seriously. Look at her ‘arms’ , holding up the sky.



And I found these ‘feathers’ in the snow- which totally thrilled me. ūüôā


And this gold which bubbled up, somehow, from beneath three feet of new snow Р This gold, embroidered with red words from a language I do not speak but which, somehow, I understood.



And an¬†open red door…



And this, a red arrow, peeking out beneath the ice – what is it pointing at beneath the vast white deep?

And I had my answer:

Red – the pulse of life, the thread of blood, the call of the sacred living mother who animates the world.

Red Рa thread to follow through opening doors, an invitation to see Her, to speak to Her (and for Her), to let myself be Her, the embodied fire of a love which threads and threads and never stops threading through the blanked out world

The bright red thread of my own voice.
My own blood.

She is everywhere you look because you look for Her.


Even here, spattered on the ¬†tracks of the coming and the going of creatures and cars, the red berry-blood of a flying bird’s lunch.

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  • Deb Coman

    I love this, Amy. It was wonderful to go on your walk with you and share in all your discoveries with your photos and detailed descriptions. Just beautiful!

    • Amy

      I’m so glad that you came along – and left a note so that I could see you here!

  • Ivy Landsman-Slevin

    yes wow…

    • Amy


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