Come home

Amy Oscar 8563Come home -
to Simple, Spiritual Magic.

Imagine yourself connected to a quiet and steady thread of confident, centered awareness that never goes out and never gives up on you. 

A soft, quiet certainty that knows how good you are – and how creative and loving and kind. An inner light that knows how deeply you feel the sadness and suffering you see in the world - and how you want (and sometimes ache) to help.

I can help you reconnect to that light.

With an open heart, I offer these pathways of awakening:

The Soul Caller Training
 ~ A six-week program that’s (really) changing lives

Soul Caller Sessions
~ One-on-one conversations that move energy and move you closer to your own heart

Soul Call (on Twitter)
~ A free, open Twitter chat about living a spiritual life in a material world. Sundays at 10 am/ET (search: #SoulCall and join in!)

Sea of Miracles
~ An invitation from the angels.
A book about my journey, and yours

The Four Soul Questions worksheet