There is a light inside of you

10407972_10202984968558769_5862170308816310130_n-1 – a clear and steady light
which knows
(and has always known)

  • how good you are,
  • how creative and loving and kind -
  • how deeply you feel the sadness and suffering in the world,
  • how you want (and sometimes ache) to help.

This light calls to you-

through signs and gentle whispers of guidance;
through meaningful dreams and flashes of insight.

You may see flashes of color or visible light
– a momentary glimpse at the corner of your eye.

And all of this light
is calling you
toward something.

And you know that, too.

You know because you can feel it
You can hear it –
though you may not have realized (or been certain)
what it was
or what you are.

This light has called to you all of your life
in moments of synchronicity or sudden bright clarity
when the veils between everyday life and
something more, something beautiful seem to part.

It’s called from everywhere -

  • from other people, who show up to deliver meaningful messages
  • from songs on the radio
  • from animals,birds or butterflies which seem to be speaking to you –
    even guiding you.

It’s called from nature –
a whisper in a sunbeam,
a rainbow, a cloud formation

and it’s called, constantly, from your nature -

  • the peace that you crave… and now and then find, beneath a tree, beside a lake, in moments of silence
  • the energized, animation of the living earth beneath your feet

Everything is calling.
It has always been calling.

You are a Soul Caller:
a priceless expression
of light and life energy
held within a
golden egg of love;

You are a placeholder for love
and your own particular gift
of magic, of wisdom, of beauty and kindness.

You are a a vortex of light,
And you are here
on Earth
for a reason
a unique purpose that matters to all creation.

I can help you to bring that purpose through –
to name it, to speak it and to live it.

I can help you
connect and stay connected -
develop the spiritual
– and practical skills you need

to shift from overwhelm to radiance,
from confusion to clarity.

I can help you live the life you came to live –
and to share the light you came to bring.