Welcome Home

- to the simple, spiritual everyday magic that can shift your life.

A subtle shift that will slip seamlessly into the pocket of the life you’ve already made and change everything.


No more proving yourself

No more spiritual headstands. No crystals, no Sanskrit, no guru- unless you enjoy these things. Then, by all means, have fun! Play!

But you don’t need them. You already have everything that you need - right here, right now – quietly calling from the center of your own heart.

A quiet, steady radiance which doesn’t require you to earn your way to grace -

*AMY OSCAR Purple-Red topYou are grace.

And you know it.

You’ve known it for a long time.

The light knows it, too.

It has always known.

how good you are,

how creative and loving and kind -

how deeply you feel the sadness and suffering you see in the world and,

how you want (and sometimes ache) to help.

I can help you connect to that light. I can help you reconnect to your own heart.