Your sensitive nature

knows the way…

Your nature IS the way…

You may have been taught – or told – that you are too sensitive, too nice, too much or too little – but you’re not.

You are intuitive and instinctive,
and you are gifted with a deep nature that senses and experiences the world in a unique and meaningful way.

You are deep-feeling,
even though you’ve probably been taught to muffle or numb your emotions.

You are deep-sensing,
even though you’ve certainly been taught that your senses deceive you,
That what you perceive beyond the visible, physical things of this world is not real.

You are deep-thinking,
even though you’ve certainly been told to be quiet,
be a good girl,
and stop asking so many questions.

You are deeply willing
to work for what matters
as long as it matters to you. 

There are two more things that I want you to know:

You are guided –
by a bright truth that knows what is real and what you are: a gift, protected and supported by a world that was designed to support you.

You are gifted –
with a natural sensitivity that feels and senses and knows the way … it knows your way.

You are standing in the soul-filled space between stories – ready (and invited) to cross into your own way of radiance. I can help with that.

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Author of Sea of Miracles, Amy Oscar is a highly sensitive intuitive healer and spiritual guide who has devoted the past 20 years to helping thousands of people come home to the gifts of self-love and their own true nature. Like a spiritual systems analyst, Amy is able to read the energetic architecture of the heart to detect (and help us break through) the psycho-spiritual patterns which bind us. She sees us as multi-dimensional beings on soul-led paths, and she offers tools and training – and the mirror of illuminated conversation – to help us live heart-centered lives in a time of turbulence.

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Your sensitivity is a gift. In fact, it’s guidance – and you can experience it as such.

 “You are my inspiration and a new lightening rod in my life. So many times I have ventured into training programs that teach you to serve and help others. But the teaching is about serving, not refueling or feeding my soul. This is the first time I feel I have the chance to receive. I look forward to what lies in store.”
~Karrilynn Keith, Georgia