You are a miracle, awakening.

I see the light in you. I see your good heart. 

I see you whole, strong
and deeply beloved –
a human being on a path of unfolding.

A path that is guided by love
– and is leading somewhere.

I know it may not feel that way – not always
when love isn’t working
or your body hurts
or your job is a grind . . .

It can be hard to believe
that you are whole
or anywhere near where you’re meant to be
or on anything like a path.

And yet, here you are
and this is the path
and from this path,
you’re reaching for more.

That impulse – to reach
to expand and
make things better

That feeling that life should be
is a soul call.

And this challenge, this question, this situation
that you’re facing (or the world is facing)
is an invitation
to answer that call.

I invite you to my circles of engagement and unfolding. I invite you to step forward toward the rest of your life.

Begin here: I see you shining!