There is a light inside of you

10407972_10202984968558769_5862170308816310130_n-1 – a clear and steady light
which knows (and has always known)

  • how good you are,
  • how creative and loving and kind; how bright your curiosity; how deeply you feel things

A light which has been guiding you
through signs and gentle whispers through meaningful dreams and flashes of insight
through strings of seeming ‘coincidence’
when the veils between everyday life and
something more, something beautiful
seem to part.

A light which seems to be calling you
toward something.

You can feel it and sense it and hear it
though you may not yet have realized
(or been certain)
what it was
or what you are.

You are a Soul Caller:
the manifestation of love on earth.

You are light, embodied;

Love, manifest.

And you are here, alive, for a reason

This reason matters to you –
and it maters to all creation.

You are here to help shift the world toward love. To hold the space for your own particular gift of light. To radiate, from the center of who and what you really are.

You are a Soul Caller.

Ready to Shift
from overwhelm to radiance
from confusion to bright clarity

Eager to Connect
and stay connected
with the flowing stream of support and guidance
which has been calling to you all of your life.

Willing to Stand
Right here. Right now. Facing this.
For this, even this, is love.