I can help you connect

– to a simple, spiritual everyday magic,
which will slip seamlessly
into the life you have
and change everything.


No more proving yourself.
No more spiritual headstands.
No crystals, no Sanskrit, no gurus.
There’s nothing wrong with these things
but you don’t need them.

Everything that you need
to be happy and healthy,
engaged and aware, and
vividly, vibrantly, and spiritually alive
is right here, right now.

And all of it is calling . . .

It calls from outside of you

  • through signs and gentle whispers of guidance
  • meaningful dreams or
  • sudden flashes of insight,
  • moments of synchronicity, when the veils between everyday life and
    something more, something beautiful seem to part.

It calls from inside of you -
a clear and steady light which knows (and has always known)

  • how good you are,
  • how creative and loving and kind -
  • how deeply you feel the sadness and suffering you see in the world and,
  • how you want (and sometimes ache) to help.

*AMY OSCAR Purple-Red top

It calls from the world – 
from other people, who show up to deliver meaningful messages
from animals, who seem to be speaking, guiding, talking to you
from nature –
in a sunbeam, a rainbow, a cloud formation –
or the way that you feel when you sit beneath a particular tree or beside a body of water

Everything is calling.

I can help you to re-connect –
to read the signs in the skies
and the messages in the wind.

I can help you to stay connected –
no matter what happens around you or to you.

I can help you develop the spiritual – and practical – skills that transform you and everything around you.

I can lead you home to the truth, that
everything is calling you home to love.