Illuminated Conversations

Amy Oscar 8563What keeps you from experiencing the bright fullness of who you are? What holds you back from expressing your creativity, your wisdom – your genius? What stops you from emerging into the radiance of your own light? 

I can help you understand.

In my sessions and my classes, we begin from the assumption that you are good – and that you are here for a reason. You are good, you know – and your whole life has been a path of unfolding toward that ‘reason’, that purpose. Your life matters.

When I welcome you into conversation, I am inviting you into a heart-centered, soul-tethered space – a place of non-judgment, unconditional listening. I know that you’re doing the best you can (even if you aren’t sure about that). I am here to witness your story.

I listen on two levels at once. As you tell me what’s going on in your life – in your work, your relationships, your history – I listen for patterns. Some of these patterns of thought and behavior keep you stuck, scared and small. Yet there are other patterns which uplift and support you. I listen for those, too.

I’m also listening for the ‘world’ that you believe that you live in. What I mean is, I’m listening for what you believe is going on around you and what you think it means.

Throughout your session, I tell you what I hear and see – and I help you to see it, too. Then, I listen for practical steps – actions you might take, choices you might make – to move your onto the unique path of purpose – a ‘way’ of living which is already calling to you. A way with a wisdom all its own.

Why work with me?

With 25 years as a spiritual coach, writer and teacher, I’m experienced at guiding people back to the bright truth of who they really are. As a claircognizant empath, I see beneath the surfaces of things to reveal habits of thinking and behavior that mess up your relationships, cloud your intuition and keep you stuck. As an author and the former editor of a magazine column about miracles, I’m practiced at bringing complex spiritual concepts down to earth.

”Because of Amy Oscar, I get more out of everything else I do in life.  Her guidance and wisdom allow me to break through my own stories, see them in a new way, and heal old wounds that have been holding me back forever. ~ Tanya Malott, photographer, New York

It’s like I walked out of the fog bank.  I have a direction, a meaningful focus for my attention. My mission/calling is becoming clearer. My heart is filled with joy, possibility and relief (at finding the connections).” ~ Maureen Davin, Volunteer Trail Guide and Naturalist, Vermont

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Illuminated Conversation
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By making an appointment for an Illuminated Conversation, you are confirming that you understand that this is not psychotherapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy or medical treatment (and that, while I have 25+ years of training and certification in spiritual coaching, I am not a licensed clinical psychologist.)