There is a light at the center of your heart

– a clear and steady light
which knows (and has always known)

how good you are,
how creative and loving and kind;
how bright your curiosity;
how deeply you feel things

A light which has been guiding you
with signs and gentle whispers;
meaningful dreams,
flashes of insight;
and strings of seeming ‘coincidence’
when the veils between everyday life and
something more, something beautiful
seem to part.

This light may seem to be calling you
toward something –
something you can feel and sense,
though you may not yet know
what it is
or what you are.

What is that light?

What are you?
A Soul Caller:
the manifestation of love on earth.

You are light,
awakening to itself; 

You are Love,
embodied in physical form;

In other words,
you are here for a reason
(in still other words, you matter.)

What is that reason?
You are here to help shift the world toward love –
we all are.

That said, you are invited to do that job YOUR WAY –
invited and encouraged to feel into the world and find the things you love to do, the people you love to be with;

you are meant to hold the space for your own emergence into your own particular gift of light, and to radiate that life – that gift – into the world, from the center of your beautiful heart.

Oh, and by the way …
it’s so simple, so easy.
There are no rules to follow – no weird spiritual language to memorize.
You’ll carry your Soul Caller skills to the office, the grocery store, the classroom and the beach.

Being a Soul Caller doesn’t require you to think or act in any particular way.
You can be a healer, a parent, an artist. You can be a mathematician, a traffic cop, a scientist. Soul Callers can do any job at all – because it’s not about what job you hold, it’s about HOW you hold it.

A Soul Caller is not some kind of cosmic weirdo. It’s just you – being you… really and fully.
It’s you – engaged and present.

You, connected.
You, shifted, engaged – and engaging:
with other people
with ideas and activities
and with the flowing stream of support and guidance that’s always here –
it’s been calling to you all of your life.

Being a Soul Caller means finally being WILLING
to let yourself open;
and be what you are, where you –
meeting what comes toward you,
whatever comes,
as you are –
as it is.

For whatever comes, this, even this, is love.

I invite you into conversation, into connection. I invite you into the circle.

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