I really feel like I was meant to have these cards in my life, I am resonating more with them than any other card deck I have ever used!

~ Karen Jonsson, Northern California

The Soul Call Cards:  An Intuitive Oracle Deck

The Soul Call Cards are deceptively simple – offering remarkably powerful guidance to help you draw your own deep wisdom into the light.

They can help you solve a problem, assess a situation or answer virtually any question – easily and clearly.

Where the Soul Call Cards Came From

The Soul Call Cards were given by my Guides as a new tool of divination. They were received by me through a process of attentive, intuitive listening.

They are easy to work with, offering direct guidance for any question, situation or challenge.They are meant to help us develop a deeper connection to our own intuition.

The Guides say: You are shimmering awareness, the energy of consciousness in human form. The Soul Call Cards are a bridge to your own inborn wisdom. Ask your question, draw your cards, and open to awareness as it opens to you. Every answer you seek is available to you in the echoing patterns of your own deep wisdom.

soul call cards and guidebook amy oscar
Your intuition is like an open song, singing itself in resonant harmony with you and with the world.

How Soul Call Cards Work

The Soul Call Cards help you draw your own intuitive awareness to the surface, where you an see patterns of thought and feeling, coincidence and circumstance. Once you see the patterns in the cards, you will naturally notice them in your life. You will make connections and, guided by what the cards present, you will notice openings to change.

The Soul Call Cards are built around the understanding that every problem constellates around the seed of its solution. A problem ‘knows’ what it needs and it will keep being a problem until it finds the answer it seeks. Asking your question—consciously—instantly constellates its answer.

Each reading is a snapshot, a holographic map, of the forces in play in present time.

soul call cards amy oscar

The Soul Call Cards + PAPERBACK Guidebook

108 Cards,
Infinite Possibility
An Intuitive Oracle Deck

Shipping and handling included

Shipping and handling included

soul call cards amy oscar

The Soul Call Cards + DIGITAL Guidebook

Soul Call Cards, by mail
Guidebook, by email
About half the price

$25/U.S. shipping is included

$35/Int’l shipping is included

The Soul Call Cards + Guidebook
in German

These cards, Amy. They are profound.. powerful… amazing. I do a reading every morning, before my morning pages…and they don’t need illustrations or photos… that’s what i love about them.. the words can take you into your own self.

~ Barbara Newman, Great Barrington, MA

Soul Call Cards add depth, new layers of mystery and meaning to your readings.

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