The Soul Call Cards:

An Intuitive Oracle Deck

I really feel like I was meant to have these cards in my life, I am resonating more with them than any other card deck I have ever used.  Thanks for being their “mom”, you birthed something beautiful!
~ Karen Jonsson, Northern California

The Soul Call Cards are designed to help you assess a situation, solve a problem or answer a question. And they will do it easily and clearly through a process of psycho-spiritual constellation–gathering clues from what’s around you to access the wisdom that is always emerging within you.

How Soul Call Cards Work

The cards do not ‘know’ anything. But you do – on a level below conscious awareness. The Soul Call Cards help you draw that awareness out so you can see its traces and work with it in practical ways. The cards help you to ‘out-picture’ your concerns and questions into a kind of imaginal theater where you can see patterns of flow and blocks to flow, patterns of thought and feeling, coincidence and circumstance. Once you see the patterns in the cards, you will naturally notice them in your life. You will make connections and, guided by what the cards present, you will notice openings to change.

The Soul Call Cards are built around the understanding that every problem constellates around the seed of its solution. A problem ‘knows’ what it needs and it will keep being a problem until it finds the answer it seeks. Asking your question—consciously—instantly constellates its answer.

It begins a quest, calling for the answer in the way that a lock ‘calls for’ its key. The lock ‘knows’ that only one key will fit. Likewise, your question knows the answer it seeks.

In this way, a Soul Call Card reading is a snapshot — a holographic map of this key-finding process.


Where the Soul Call Cards Came From

The Soul Call Cards were given by The Guides as a new tool of divination meant to help us develop a deeper connection to our own intuition. They were received by me through a process of attentive, intuitive listening.

Here’s what happened:

I was on retreat, staying at my mother’s apartment while she was away. The first morning, I woke at dawn, my mind full of dreams and ….

Follow. Listen.

When The Guides speak, my body senses them first. The air shimmers and brightens around me, a high-frequency ‘song’ moves toward me and through me, heightening all of my senses.

Follow. Listen.

I followed, led by the shimmering thread, to my mother’s bookshelf. I listened, letting my hand skim lightly over the spines of her collection of novels, art books, poetry while feeling for the glowing buzz of recognition that tells me: This.

Certain books seemed to glow, as if asking to be selected. I carried them to the living room, where, sipping my tea, I opened the first book and scanned the page before me. What was here to see?

A single word began to glow: Gather. And, Write it down, I heard. I picked up my pen.

In each book, I found one glowing word, and though I didn’t know what we were up to, the guides and I, I knew how I felt: intrigued, engaged, curious — but lightly so, playfully. It felt, more than anything, like a game.

Every morning for a week we repeated this ritual. Every night, during this time, my dreams were bright with confirmation that what was happening was guided, was angel-led, was good.

When it was time to pack up and return home, I transferred each word onto a small index card and stacked them into a ‘deck,’ held together by a purple rubber band from a bunch of broccoli.

For the next few months, I carried my improvised, rubber-banded deck with me everywhere. I played with my cards, shuffling, laying out word combinations and improvising readings. I was learning something — and it was the cards that were teaching me, much the way that my first deck of Tarot cards had revealed its secrets to me 30 years earlier.

The cards felt infused with living energy and when they were combined, connections bloomed — a memory, a story, an understanding. As if the words themselves had magnetic charges, which made them bond into pairs and triads. There were certain words, like Sacred or Secret, that felt special. They amplified the other words, making them deeper, richer.

And the Guides were bringing more words to my attention. I’d wake from sleep with a word floating in my awareness: Trust. I’d pass a street sign and one word would seem to glow brighter than the others: Medicine. I’d notice a piece of paper on the ground, pick it up and find a single word hand-written upon it: Teacher.

I had one deck printed for my own use and I started to use them in client sessions. My clients loved the way the little purple cards unlocked their intuition — and they asked for their own decks. So I printed more. I gave them to clients and friends. I started a Facebook group, where we experimented together, discovering new ways to use the cards.

When people started asking to use the cards with their own clients, The Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader Program was born. When their clients began to ask for cards, it was clear that the Soul Call Cards wanted to be shared.

The cards have an energy all their own. The more they’re shared, the more people ask for them. What started as a little game between my guides and me has become a gift of love for us all.

The Guides say: You, too, are shimmering awareness, the energy of consciousness in human form. Ask your question, draw your cards, and open to awareness as it opens to you. Every answer you seek is available to you in the echoing patterns of your own deep wisdom.

108 Cards,
Infinite Possibility
An Intuitive Oracle Deck

$46.95 U.S. Shipping included

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The Soul Call Cards + Guidebook

International orders will receive a $25 gift certificate to be used toward an Illumined Conversation session.


Your purchase includes: 

  • One Boxed Deck of 108 Soul Call Cards
  • 75-page Guidebook with detailed interpretations of all 108 cards, sample word combinations and step-by-step instructions and diagrams for doing readings

  • An invitation to Sanctuary for Soul Callers Discussion Circle
    (a Facebook Group)
    where you’ll receive ongoing discussion and support from me
    and our international Soul Caller community.

And if you want to learn and exchange readings with other Soul Call Card readers in a group setting, explore the Intuitive Soul Call Card Readers Certification Program. (Certification is optional. The class includes a set of cards and the invaluable Soul Call Cards Guidebook.)

soul call cards and guidebook amy oscar

Soul Call Cards add depth, new layers of mystery and meaning to your readings.

 These cards are the freakiest! So much has opened up… a great great new job and a new love that i got from these cards . Yes, Amy, that is how powerful and magical those cards are!
~ Ivy Landsman-Slevin, Long Beach, NY

These cards, Amy. they are profound.. powerful… amazing. I do a reading every morning, before my morning pages…and they don’t need illustrations or photos… that’s what i love about them.. the words can take you into your own self.
~ Barbara Newman, Great Barrington, MA

Okay… I’m in LOVE with your cards!! I put them in a fish bowl and anytime I have a question, I just reach in and grab a few cards. They are spooky accurate and so easy to discern. I LOVE them. Thank you.
~ Andrea Mee Maurer, Carmel, Indiana

Here are comments from our Facebook Discussion Group
(names withheld because it’s private and secret there.)

My first reading with the Soul Call Cards is utterly magical…. 

I love these cards ~ even a quick read-through is radiating wisdom… 

Completely blown away by these cards. They are more than just magical…

The creativity stemming from these cards is off the charts…

oh my! just did my first reading and am floored, supported, ebullient, seen, happy… 

Interesting how I got some of the same words in different positions.

Wow! The BLESSING card literally flew out of my hand!

And these!

I’m having a great time with the SC cards. I’ve been starting every morning with a reading.

There are a lot of layers; loving the dance between the words and the constellations they create.

I’m just loving this journey this new way of gaining insight . The meanings at first aren’t in your face . The insights creep up on me after I walk away and think and feel the cards.

You’ll find us on Instagram at #SoulCallCards and #SoulCallerCards
Where you’ll discover new ways to play with the Soul Call Cards. (They play really well with other decks.)

I'd love to share my soul journey with you - and help you connect with yours!

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