Q and A: Who are the guides?

“The Guides” is my name for the group of non-physical friends – angelic beings who offer support, guidance and comfort to me, and to all who request it.

Their intention is supportive, uplifting and always centered in love. Their message is direct and clear: We are here with you. We are here for you.

If you would like to develop your own relationship with The Guides, you need only to ask.  There are no rules to how or when to make your request. Do what feels right to you.

How do the guides connect with Amy?

We are always connected. Since childhood, I have sensed the presence of a generous and loving friend who offered reassurance when I felt left out at school, when my parents argued, when I didn’t understand how or why bad things were happening. If I sat quietly, listening within and feeling for the thread of connection, I received a deep wordless wisdom which filled my heart with understanding.

As I grew and changed, The Guides presence evolved with me. Sometimes, their messages receded and I forgot they were there. Other times, I was more aware of their presence.

How do you know The Guides are there?

I sense them with my intuition, through the sensation of a gentle current of faster (than me) moving energy. When the guides are ‘near,’ I may feel a gentle increase in pressure in my ears and a high-pitched ‘singing’ that sounds like crickets chirping. I sense it as the sound of moving energy. The sensation is soft, and never intrusive, yet it’s unmistakable. When my attention recedes from The Guides, these sounds soften into the background. Even when I don’t feel or sense their presence, I know The Guides are always here.

What do The Guides do?

The Guides offer guidance, answer questions (with signs and mental imagery). They warn me from harm and remind me to make healthy choices. They orchestrate meaningful encounters and life-changing opportunities.

They appear (often) in dreams, helping me untangle a puzzling challenge. They may whisper guidance as I awaken from sleep. (This is how the Soul Caller Training and the Soul Call Cards were born.)

When working indirectly, the guides offer a steady presence of well-being which I can lean into, trusting that all is well. This brings me great peace and the certainty that there is a deep order and wisdom guiding my life and the world.

Are the Guides angels?

I sense that they are – yet in our call and response communication, I know them as The Guides. This may be a way to differentiate them from the named angels most people are familiar with.

Do you know their names?

As I was bringing in the Flow Notebooks, I asked The Guides to tell me their names and they thought it was funny. They spent a while playing with me – demonstrating that I know them, not as names but as vibration – energy signature.

Names are not really a ‘thing’ in the angelic realm. They are energy beings and know one another (and know us) as differences in vibration, frequency – iterations of light.

For example, there is a clear difference in frequency between Archangel Michael and Mary. When we ‘hear’ the angels speak their names, they are identifying themselves as energy and our senses are interpreting that message as ‘a name’.  We might just as easily experience angels by colors, scents, mental imagery or other sensory experience. This is why people may see the color purple when the touch in with Archangel Michael and it’s why many people see the color blue or sense the fragrance of roses when Mary is near.

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