Here you’ll find your way…

Here you’ll find your way …

Not all revolutionaries are barn-burning, sword-wielding, movement leaders. Most of us – me, and I’m guessing, you – do our revolutionary work on the inside of our own lived experience.

Quietly revolutionizing our health, breaking unhealthy habits, choosing life over empty calories, empty entertainments, empty promises. Choosing to keep moving, keep reaching, to keep learning and living, no matter what happens, and no matter how young or how old we may be.

Quietly revolutionizing our relationships by healing generations of toxic family trauma, Through the quiet potent practice of self-forgiveness, intentional conversation and the setting of boundaries around our own hearts. By putting our arms around our own children and choosing to love them without conditions.

Shifting power dynamics at work through the quietly revolutionary work of seeing our bosses and coworkers as human beings, not competitors. Through the forging of human connection – and creative, contemplative heart-centered engagement with real power, our own power.

Through our personal choices, quiet revolutionaries are changing the way that faith is practiced, the way that medicine is practiced and the way that people talk to one another in the shared spaces of our societies. By including the wisdom of sacred practices and the science that informs them, we come back to life, back to love, back to ourselves

I help people find their way. I’m an author, teacher and intuitive spiritual guide who’s helped thousands of people come home to the gifts of self-love and their own true nature. I think of myself as a kind of  spiritual systems analyst, who can read the energetic architecture of the heart to detect (and help you break through) the patterns that seem to hold you back from fully feeling and expressing your light.

These patterns probably feel like stories to you. Stories that tell you you’re too old, too young, too much, not enough, too loud, too quiet . Stories that claim you can’t change, can’t get anywhere. These stories aren’t true – but most people don’t realize they’re there. I can help you see the stories you’re caught in and help you craft a wider, deeper story that supports, nourishes and expands you into who you really are. 

You are a multi-dimensional being on a soul-led path, and I offer tools and training – and the mirror of illuminated conversation – to help you live a heart-centered life in a time of turbulence.  I can help you find your way back to love.

Your sensitivity guides you

Sometimes, you just know things. You see and sense things others might miss: a pattern or symbol, a way of behaving or speaking that helps you see and understand what’s going on with people, with situations. You don’t always know what to do or how to help. Sometimes, when you’ve offered suggestions – or asked questions – you’ve been shut down.

And yet, people trust you. Sharing their secrets, their stories, their hearts. So do animals. It’s as if are talking to you – and you can understand.

You receive signs. You see patterns. There seems to be an order to things – a strange kind of sense that they don’t teach in school.

Maybe you read energy. Maybe you hear songs in your head. You just …. know things. You’ve never quite fit in – at school, at work, even at home.

Your sensitivity is a gift. In fact, it’s guidance – and you can experience it as such.

 “You are my inspiration and a new lightning rod in my life. So many times I have ventured into training programs that teach you to serve and help others. But the teaching is about serving, not refueling or feeding my soul. This is the first time I feel I have the chance to receive. I look forward to what lies in store.”
~Karrilynn Keith, Georgia

The Soul Call Cards

108 cards. Infinite possibility.
An Intuitive Oracle Deck

I’ve been using Oracle Cards for decades and Amy’s Soul Call Oracle Cards created space for my Soul to more fully step into my awareness and my ability to be the space where the souls of others may safely emerge, be seen and understood has expanded to a whole new level. You won’t be disappointed. .”
~ Sally Gentle Drew

You are standing in the soul-filled space between stories – ready to emerge into the light of your own radiance. I can help with that.

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