Illumination Sessions

Young girl holding her hands on her heart looking towards the setting sun

Let’s begin with the truth: you are love.

I don’t mean that you are ‘nice’ or that you always do the right thing. This is deeper than that and more essential. I mean that at the deep core of who you are, you are pure love. And you are here to find a way – your own way – of delivering that love to the world. 

I can help you connect with this truth and experience it as real so that you naturally – easily – begin to shift toward the story you’re here to live.

I help creators who are not creating, dreamers who feel called by a new dream – people at the edge of a change, who sense, “There is something I should be doing. If only I could figure it out, I’d put my heart and soul behind it.”

I help you make connections: between mind and heart, passion and creativity, between the things you’re doing today and the dreams you thought you’d left behind.

When those dots are connected – you have a roadmap for the soul.

“It’s not just about connecting with ourselves, you also help us find our path to connecting with those around us – other people, the angels, God, the universe, possibilities, creativity, love … You help people find the light inside themselves and shine it on their own gifts like a beacon to draw people to you. You help people learn to see their “flaws” as perfection; mistakes as learning; timing as divine. (Well, that’s some of what you’ve helped me with anyhow. 😉
~ Anonymous

“When I turn toward Amy Oscar it feels like I am turning toward the sun. There are angles and corners and lines that she has illuminated for me that even I don’t completely grasp. Which is why, when I’m feeling blocked, I often need only to reflect on a conversation I’ve had with her to release it. That’s how powerful sessions are with her. They can last you a lifetime.”
Diana Strinati Baur, Author, Ceramicist, Germany


Single Illumination Session
90 minutes

With 25 years as a spiritual mentor and teacher, I’m experienced at guiding people back to the bright truth of who they really are. As a Somatic Intuitive – a claircognizant empath with the gift of imagery, I see beneath the surfaces of things to reveal habits of thinking and behavior that mess up your relationships, cloud your intuition and keep you stuck.

I am a guide, a listener, a spelunker of dream chambers and heart caves. I hold the lantern and we walk together, guided by what emerges between us.

More about how I work

Somatic intuition is a kind of synesthesia. 

I see energy. I smell emotion. I hear patterns in language and story, echoes from the spiral shell of your soul. I feel and sense things in my body which tell me things about your body. When you speak, the music of what you are reverberates toward me.

How I see you:

As a point of light – a center around which a life – and a world – are constantly constellating. When we sit together, I listen with all my senses. I listen to what is happening, what is being allied to the circle, what’s being projected, kaleidoscopically, on the walls of this moment, this hour that we share.

What I might notice:

The language patterns you use and which inform the way that you see and experience yourself and the world
The metaphors you speak from
The story you seem to be in.

What else I might notice: 

The atmosphere or mood inside of which you live
The symbols in your story
Signs in the space we constellate together

What else I might notice:

What is intruding into your story
What is leaving
What is trying to get your attention (or mine)

What I know 

The psyche is a self-healing organ. No matter what’s happened to you, there is a built-in tendency toward resolution, toward healing.
Still, I also know that a hurt can become a vortex of pain – you can start spinning into drama and fear, making you feel unsteady, even unstable.

What we can do about that

We can stabilize your energy. We can find a wider, deeper context for what’s happening to you. We can settle your daily life into a container of meaning.

How we can do that

Sitting together inside of your story, we can identify openings for change. We can learn the personal and specific symbolic language your psyche is using to heal itself and we can support that healing impulse with safe, easy-to-make choices. We can practice these choices in imaginal space, using imagery, which is like being guided through a waking dream. You’ll discover, after our session, that the work that we do in ‘dream space’ has effects in the real world.

A few things to consider:

Though many clients use our conversations to support their work with a therapist, Illuminated Conversations are not meant to replace therapy. Though I can discuss your symptoms symbolically and spiritually, I can not discuss or recommend supplements, medications nor make medical or psychological diagnoses.

I can not heal your body or cure your illness

  • I can talk with you about your symptoms from a symbolic – even mythic – point of view and help you put them into the context of your life story.

I can not read your future

  • I can talk with you about the patterns that seem to be in motion and where they seem to be leading. After an Illuminated Conversation, you will be able to read these things, too.

I can not tell you who to marry or what choice to make

  • I can help you to decide for yourself.

“Because of Amy Oscar, I get more out of everything else I do in life.  Her guidance and wisdom allow me to break through my own stories, see them in a new way, and heal old wounds that have been holding me back forever.”
~ Tanya Malott, photographer, New York


“It’s like I walked out of the fog bank.  I have a direction, a meaningful focus for my attention. My mission/calling is becoming clearer. My heart is filled with joy, possibility and relief (at finding the connections).”
~ Maureen Davin, Volunteer Trail Guide and Naturalist, Vermont