As you read this, I am flying- in a plane.

I am going on a journey – meeting some soul sisters at a little retreat center near Los Angeles and then, visiting with my daughter, who’s been living out there since last year.

I miss her. And I can’t wait to see her. And we’ll be driving to visit my actual sister, who lives in San Francisco.

Yet, this journey is not really about them – it’s a soul call that’s been brewing and building inside of me for years. You may recall that I was pretty excited about the idea of driving cross country earlier this year. There was something about that trip that made sense to me.

Something about moving from one coast to the other echoed what was happening on the interior.

I am shifting – profoundly, from one inner coast to the other. And yet, even as I can feel the molecules of my life rearranging themselves on the opposite coast, even as I see myself shimmering like someone in the transporter on Star Trek, this ‘shifting’ process is making me feel more … here.

More present. More whole. More… real.

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