Wild turkeys

6 wild turkeys – 5 brown, one white in my back yard

Today, I encountered some wild turkeys. This wasn’t the first time. I’ve been seeing wild turkeys for the past week but, as I explained in this guest post for Roots of She, it often takes a few tries for spirit to get my attention.

In that story, I saw a lot of spiders. In this one, I’ve been seeing wild turkeys. I have seen them while driving, while out walking, while visiting friends. I saw one from the window of my yoga class. I saw a family  – father, mother, baby – on the side of the Palisades Parkway.

You get the idea.

And then today, while I was writing about angels at the picnic table behind my house, six wild turkeys walked past me – five brown (the usual color) and one, snowy white with speckled brown wings. Right away, I knew that white one was a message about being different but also, still being part of the world. I also knew there was more to the message.

But here, I must interrupt myself to tell you that all of this started when the mirror fell on me while I was sleeping… and because I didn’t tell you about that when it happened, here’s that story.

541220_10200182818186761_1886154091_nAs a person who calls herself an intuitive counselor – an interpreter of patterns and dreams – I could no longer ignore this – nor could I pretend that this had nothing to do with the fact that I had just put up an invitation to my Soul Caller program, the first project I’ve done that arises directly out of my own work.

It was so unlike me to move this quickly.

Normally, when I get a really good idea, I write it down and shift directly from active mode into fantasy. I muck about – I find a pile of books written by experts who could show me how to make the idea happen…. someday. I use up a whole packet of index cards, scribbling notes as I drive. I talk about it with my husband.I daydream, doodling elaborate game plans for the future moment when the planets precisely align with the spinning of my chakras and completion of all the education that I have to have before I’m ready.

I didn’t do that this time.

The Soul Caller program named itself, and arrived all at once (the same way that, legend has it, the entire Harry Potter story dropped into J.K.Rowling’s consciousness on the subway one day.) It came through in order, fully organized.

Ready. Cooked. All I had to do was take dictation. Which I did. For an entire day. The download even included instructions to put the invitation up, build a web page and begin inviting participation. Which I did – over here. And people are already signing up.

It was, Wow!

But also: big scary huge.

Because now I had to flesh it out: Price it, teach it, live it and, you know, own it. It was humbling and drenchingly, powerfully moving. But it was also grounded, rich and real. I’m ready to do this, ready to teach it.

I’ve been building this program for 25 years – slowly (and I mean slowly) removing the veils that have kept me hidden from myself until, this month I was revealed to myself as what I have always been – a person who talks with spiders, writes about angels, is awakened by falling mirrors – a Soul Caller.

I like it.

And ever since, as this knowing has been dropping daily deeper into my heart, into the field of light, love and life energy that I know as ‘me’, those turkeys kept showing up – walking in front of my  car on side roads and cackling around outside the open window of my home office.

Eventually, I had to notice.

Today, they crossed into my neighbor’s yard and hung around politely as I rifled through the car to get my cell phone and mincingly approached to snap a photo. After I got a few shots, they walked – single file – back into the woods behind the barn.

I jumped onto Twitter, asking: Symbolic meaning of Wild Turkeys? To which, my brilliant friend @amypalko responded by sending this link. (If you don’t have the time, I will summarize: Wild Turkey means: You’re becoming a mystic. Own it.)

When she sent it to me, I was coincidentally re-reading a dream from my old blog in which I was being instructed by my dream angels: “The mystic melts her experience and shares it with others.” A dream from which I awoke to these words, whispered directly in my ear: Put your heart into it.

Soul Caller. This is how that is.

Those wild turkeys came to affirm what I had already discovered: You’re a wizard, Harry. I mean, Amy.

Which is, entertainingly, one of the foundational themes of the Soul Caller program: that we are all wizards, all creating the world – as the world is, simultaneously, creating us.

The Soul Caller program is an invitation to live fully integrated into the world of mystery – and the world of materiality. A world where, all the while, wild turkeys keep walking across the lawn to let us know: You are not in this alone.

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  • Aine

    Just had a visit from a very large very handsome turkey in my back yard – I haven’t seen one in a long time and when I did it was usually in more rural parts of the state. I’ve never seen one ever in my town or in the local surrounding towns – and here he was strutting in my backyard – I immediately looked up The symbolism of the turkey and while looking through some of the information I came across your site. I am in such gratitude as I have begun to look seriously into defining my gifts – thank you!

    • Amy Oscar

      What a lovely thing – the turkeys, I find, really do visit at meaningful moments.
      Thank you for leaving a note so that I could share this with you.

  • Debbie P.

    Happy Sunday ! Just saw 3 wild turkeys on the peak of my roof ..1 yesterday first time ever such a great animal totem. I’m going thru a very emotionally charging time searching for abundance and another chance so cool I’m not alone and I always felt that too. I hope it means great worlthings are here soon thanks world

    • Amy

      Absolutely delighted to find another wild turkey ‘priestess’ in the world! Thank you for finding my post -and for leaving a comment so I can send you this virtual hug and say, welcome!

  • Marilyn Elliott

    Wow! I just found you too! What a beautiful site you have here and I cannot wait to read more!… I too was searching to find out information about wild turkeys for a friend of mine who, had one almost drive into the windshield of her car and now has 10 of them in her back yard every day!!!!
    I am the woo woo part of our friendship and though she is fascinated by all ofthis she holds back and is afraid too… I cannot wait to steer her towards this page. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. You sound like a beautiful person! I simply cannot wait to read more. but I have to send your link to my friend first. Kindest regards being sent your way today!

    • Amy

      Wow! And I just found your comment – please forgive the delay in welcoming you to the crazy conversation with Wild Turkey. It’s been a while so I’m curious: how did your Wild Turkey experience pan out?
      PS Thank you for sending your friend to my page. 🙂

  • stephanie mason-hinckley

    Like other readers of your writings, I too Googled “symbolism of wild turkeys” in response to an uncanny connection occuring between myself and a young female wild turkey who has taken up residence on my property…. and stays with me as I walk around it. I have had numerous fourth dimensional experiences with Nature since childhood, with deer and owls and others, and as a nature writer, photographer and artist I have been so grateful for this…But it my Spirit that has been responding to this wild turkey’s trust and proximity to me…and I have somehow “known” that it meant more than a mere encounter with Nature..Thanks for your insight and the link to the web site enlightening me on this.

    • Amy

      You’re welcome – and thank YOU for leaving your comment so that I can welcome you – belatedly – to the conversation. I’d love to hear about other encounters you’ve had – are having – with Nature!

  • suzy

    wild turkeys are a common sight in my neighborhood…what is not so common is that one of these feathered friends has recently taken residence in my back yard, perched on the window ledge staring into my house and strutting playfully across the lawn. Like others, googling symbolism brought me to you. And now it makes perfect sense. It felt like he had a message for me.

    • Amy

      Wow. Wild Turkey does tend to strut his (or her) message right up to the back door. Though it’s been awhile since you left you note, I invite you to tell us what happened since?

  • Beverly

    Like Faith and Sandy, I googled the wild turkey symbolism and found you. In the last week a group of three and a second group of four turkeys have appeared in front of me in a heavily populated area. The second time the turkeys stopped and we stared at each other for what seemed like five minutes. Is it true that there are no coincidences?

    • Amy

      It is true that there are no coincidences, yes. Which is why I can say, with apologies, that there must not be a coincidence that I somehow missed your comment on my blog post. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a note so I know you were here.

  • Sandy

    I just Googled ‘wild turkey symbolism’ and this page came up. And the content here is delightfully interesting to say the least.
    Anyway, I don’t ever recall seeing turkeys in the wild……ever!
    However, within the last 10 days, I’ve seen 4 different groups of them in 4 different places. I find that odd, yet serendipitous.
    Not really sure what a mystic is, but it sounds exciting and mysterious!!

    • Amy

      Hi Sandy – I’m surprised to discover your comment here. Please forgive me not responding when you left it. I welcome you to the Wild Turkey circle. 🙂 Have you seen any more since then?

  • Faith

    wow, just found you due to seeing 7 wild turkeys today in western Mass.,and googling around to see what it meant…

    • Amy

      I’ve just been led back to this post by another wild turkey sighting and I find that you and five others had left comments that I never saw. Please forgive me not responding. I welcome you to share what happened with your wild turkey sighting.

  • Lisa

    Your stories are fascinating to read. Love the way you interpret the world and people around you, and how you share it with all of us.

    You’re a beautiful person, inside and out.


    • Amy

      Why, what a remarkable and beautiful thing to read – what a gift. Thank you.

  • Peggie

    One of my favorite things about you (and I can’t pick just one) is the way you so openly share the process – of being you. Of being a mystic. of the real world way that EVERYTHING has meaning — even on the Palisades Parkway (ahhhh) — if we only listen.

    You are a joy Amy Oscar. I’m glad that you gestated precisely the amount of time you needed to be the exaltation of the Soul Caller you are. 25 years is a drop in the bucket in the Universe’s time (and you know it!). Remember how “old” we felt when we >finally< reached 25 years old? Remember how grown up we must have been? Remember? And remember how much more has come since? Juicy stuff our lives. So glad you're in mine.

    • Amy

      I am so touched by this comment.. truly moved by it. And it’s true about the Universe’s time – we are so small, and yet, in the universe of the self, so tenderly huge. Thank you for reading my post and commenting today.

  • Amy Palko

    Aw, I love this – and I love that you’re stepping up to the plate and owning it. Not an easy thing to do by any stretch of the imagination, but feels infinitely better than pussyfooting around our desire/playing down our talent/postponing our calling.
    So glad I could participate in your moment of synchronicity 🙂
    Much love

  • Andrea Maurer

    Gobble, Gobble!

    We can dance around our calling until the cows… er… I mean turkeys come home but we’re still going to end up in the exact same place. Every time. You may as well just get on with it already. Own it. Step into it. Shake your mystical tail-feather and show us what you’ve got!

    • Amy

      Laughing. Yup. 🙂

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