This is where the body meets us. Here. Now. Doing this

12234852_10206485443868464_4794333668237003724_nAs I come, more and more, to live inside of the field of love and peace, I sense the ways that I hold back from full engagement with life, with what is here in present time, offering itself to be witnessed.

Little things like flinching away from a chill in the air and so, deciding not to take my feather walk. Or flinching away from my husband’s touch because I am writing a Facebook post.

Little things like eating something which I don’t really want to fill the momentary emptiness of boredom or stuff down the rise of sadness I feel when I pass my children’s empty bedrooms. Strange things like, noticing, as I am making a video, that I don’t look beautiful unless I am smiling – and letting ‘looking beautiful’ take over the video untilI lose the thread of what I am wanting to say.

All of this breaks my connection to listening, to engagement with what is here. And yet, as you read this, notice how simply NOTICING these things were happening rethreaded the needle: it brought me back to engagement.

Because the truth is, my lack of engagement, in these moments, is what is here. My lack of engagement is offering itself to be witnessed. And with the simple act of drawing my attention back to this, I am engaged again.

So, part one of engagement with life is ATTENTION TO LIFE – and, instead of flinching away from the parts of life (or myself) that I don’t like, engaging with them.

Part two, I am learning, even this week, is MOVING THE BODY – or as my daughter once chided me, “You think too much. Go outside and play!”

In other words, go engage with life. Set down that poem, that blog post, that theory and take a walk in the woods. Pull on your gardening gloves and dig around in the soil. Make dinner – fiddle with a recipe. Eat it with presence.

And when we mix together part one and part two, part three naturally arises: FLOW. The deep engagement that comes when we set our attention and our action in motion.

This is where the body meets us. Here. Now. Doing this.

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