Don’t leap over the bridge. Every step counts.

And last night, we worked with Amy to smooth yesterday’s message – which was hard for her to bring through as there was much resistance within her. And we will say that most of her resistance comes from rushing to jump into the work without prior preparation.

This morning, we guide her to set aside the part of yesterday’s message which we will label “Attention and energy” and we will return to it and add it back into the book all of a piece, in a short while – after we establish some further trust with the reader through explanation and demonstration.

And we are in a period of adjustment with Amy, wherein she is jumping ahead of the order of our message leaving gaps in the transmission; for as we offer each block of imagery/information she can glimpse the wholeness of it, and so she can sense where we are headed and she leaps to go there before we have built the bridge to span the gap in understanding.

For there are bridges between things, between roads, as it were, and one who journeys (especially one who leads others along) must use these bridges to lay the trail, even when she or he has the ability to leave them out – to leap ahead. And here is why: these bridges, like all things in the passage through space and time, have their purposes and some of these purposes lead to learning of skills which will be needed further down the road.

There are other purposes, less obvious, which appear as small delights and surprises as the traveler slows down to take in what’s here along the way. So, while a journeyer may be able to skip or leap over a whole block of the journey, blank spots will be left in the map, which may create difficulty for those who travel behind. And loss of joy will be left in the map of her heart, which creates unnecessary struggle for the leader, for Amy.

And Amy understands now and she is in accord. And once again, she is re-minded of the journey she would make to her daughter, and will make if she allows herself this experience.

So we will remove the block of text and reserve it for tomorrow or later still, and we will label it also, “the text which was moved on April 20th,” and we will make there a bridge to ease the way of understanding before we introduce that topic into the book.

And there is much to tell here and now, and so we begin. Yesterday, we spoke of naming and releasing names; and of experiencing the differences between different names for the same thing.

And today, we would expand this understanding. We begin with these questions:

What makes a thing real? What is real? What does it mean when we say, that which is real is eternal and holy?

We stop to adjust with Amy, who must come into quiet receptivity for there is much interference, as she leapt into the receiving without taking the time to prepare – and this is training, for she does leap and skips over the necessary preparation of the vessel, which is herself. Her own mood and state, her own body.

This is why it is so helpful to her to simply sit with the cat, Mooky – and to attend to the cat’s need to be petted and settled in; to be fed and watered, to be snuggled, just so, against Amy’s thigh. For as Mooky is feeling her way toward joy, she is moving in easy concert with us and with the natural tides of Amy’s energy. In other words, Mooky is teaching Amy to purr.

In order to receive our transmission at the rate and in the order that we would transmit it, Amy must purr. And by this we mean that she must settle into contented, easy openness. She must eat and drink and make herself comfortable so that she can settle into a state of meditative receptivity.

And we are helping her to make the choices to rest in this state as much as possible, for from this state, which includes heightened awareness of her natural way, she can choose that ‘way’, that road which is the feeling of joy – the joy-led way.

And she laughs, as she realizes, with us, that all of this preamble that we offer every morning, is a message of attunement to her own receptive nature. And so, this part which annoys her when she reads it back the next day, is a ‘lesson’, through the practice of doing it, in non-resistance to the flow.

And here we would ask you to consider: What flow is this? And we will say, it is the flow of joy. There is the flow of joy and there is resistance to that. And this is the way and the way is good.

(And we return to add that later, once she is used to flowing with us at faster speed and higher frequency, she will live in a state of readiness – and be capable and ready to flow at a moment’s notice. And that is the essence of this message for we are priming the pump, as it were, for the joy-led life. And joy is fast moving and high frequency and this is the attunement and the training for that.)

Now we select our words with care for words carry energy and meaning, and there are important things to know and to understand about this.

And, so we re-turn now to our intention to offer new understanding around naming and words. 

We select our words carefully so that you may receive, along with these words, a transmission of energy, uplifting energy which naturally supports your unfolding. We are working in concert with Amy, to deliver a message of love and peace, which also carries, as light is carried by water, a substance which promotes the alignment of your energy (vibratory rate and frequency) with that of the vibratory rate of love and peace. In other words, we are not just telling you about love and peace, we are offering the direct experience of that to you here and now.

Right here. Right now.

And this offering is carried by the words of the message which Amy now brings. And our offering is joy and this joy is like a healing balm, which we would rub upon your tired feet, for you have walked for so long; and this joy is like a cool and quenching drink which we would proffer, for your soul’s refreshment, for you have thirsted, parched and alone, on desert sands. And lo, we would offer this sweet-scented lotion of joy, fragranced with pomegranate and myrrh, for these are healing scents, made to uplift and also, to symbolize other things. For these symbols carry stories – they are bridges which can carry you across oceans of meaning, without the need to leap.

Symbols, where one thing reminds you of another. And Amy is asking us: What do these symbols remind us of? And what embedded energy and meaning do they hold?

And we say, the pomegranate is the symbol of the woman – the sacred and divine feminine. The womb, studded with seeds and flowing with sweet red juice, reminds you of the fertility and multi-seeded possibility of your world.

And myrrh, which is an oil, derived from resin – is a symbol of the manifesting principle and is linked, through ages of re-telling, to the story of Jesus Christ, Who, like you, walked the journey of being human.

(And Amy is uncomfortable re-minding you of this story and she would prefer to leap over this; or to leave it out entirely. For she is trained, by the world of separation, to fear that even the mention of this name will draw attack toward herself.

And isn’t this interesting/curious? Do you wonder at this, as we do? And by ‘wonder’ we mean to say, don’t you, noticing this, become curious about it?

What power that single name contains that it would stop the flow of our message and shift Amy from joy to fear. And isn’t that curious? For was not that man, that human being, a messenger of love and peace?

How has this come to pass – that His name creates this response in her: tightness in the abdomen, a high alertness in the body’s warning system – a buzz of anxiety (low level, but persistent), a watchfulness, a vigilance and uncertainty – and a loss of the willingness to continue. Are you not curious about this? We are. For there is much here to see and discover.

For this is a bright and clear demonstration of the energy and the power embedded in a ‘word’. And so we might re-mind you that all of this arose from the mention of the name ‘myrrh,’ and its association to the name Jesus Christ.

So what is myrrh on its own, without these associations? Myrrh is a substance of the earth, a smoky-scented amber-colored rock of resin… (Amy stops us here because she does not know if what we are saying is ‘right’ and she is uncomfortable and does not want our message to continue if it’s ‘wrong’. And yet we do know, we are certain of what we are saying and we will share it if she will let our guidance speak. And she agrees and we continue… )

For myrrh enhances strength of body and spirit; myrrh creates connections between things, across synapses. Since ancient times, myrrh has served as a bridge between worlds. (And we encourage Amy to take down our message about myrrh and later, when we have finished, to check our claim for only then will it serve, for her, as proof of our reliability, which has come into question. Proof for her and perhaps, for you, dear reader, that while we are working with Amy to deliver this message, we carry our own knowledge, which she may tap into but which does not derive from her own experience. )

We continue: myrrh heightens the senses/enhances the spirit. It is settling while also strengthening and was imbibed, as a liquid brew, with other herbs and fermented and, as well was burned in the temples of the priestess of Jerusalem. For its smoke was said to carry the prayers/messages of the priestesses heavenward. And so, thought myrrh is associated with Jesus, it is also more accurate to say that it is a symbol of the temple of the priestess – and even of Isis, as it was burned in her temples as well.

And so we have the pomegranate and myrrh, which we are prone to rename back to the truth of their origins: the sacred feminine. In other words, the created world, and Sophia, Mary, Mother Earth, and Isis.

And for our part, we would add that Jesus himself was associated with the symbols and rituals of the priestess – and the house of Ben David, the house of his mother, Mary, a priestess and of Mary, his consort, who was also a priestess.

And why is this important to state here and now? This is the time of the rising of the one to meet the other. And the one is feminine and the other is masculine and they have been held apart too long.

And this is our message today: they are one and the same.

For there is no separation between love and love. For love will find love, and love will seek itself in every corner of the world without relenting for this is the way of the world and it is the reunion of the sacred with the sacred, the mother with the daughter, the father with the son, the family with itself, holding the space for that which they see and know is real: the emergence of love on earth.

And Amy is asking: why are you telling this now? Why is this important and how can we apply this lofty esoterica to our daily modern lives?

And we will answer that in due time. Here and now, only know this: The sacred family is the wholeness of what you are. You are not one piece of that puzzle – not woman nor man, nor one without the other. You are not daughter without son, nor sister without brother.

You are the fullness of the sacred family – the mother and the father, the daughter and the son. All of this is in you, whether you be man or woman, inside of you this family dwells.

And we are here to explain this and more (and now we invite Amy to look up the meaning and the uses of myrrh and even of the pomegranate.)

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  • Diana Strinati Baur

    Does this mean that because we have all lived so many lives, so many incarnations, that we hold the connection of family inside of ourselves? That we have been family to ourselves many times? I ask this because, as a person without children in this incarnation, people often mistake (or maybe it is me making this mistake) that I am without true family. When I think that thought, it makes me feel empty, but simultaneously I know there is something not right with that thought … that my relationship with my partner, my mother, my friends, and most of all, with myself, is familial. But when I read this here, it makes some kind of sense to me that we are family inside of ourselves alone, but was curious to understand if this is a result of maybe having mothered, fathered, in another incarnation.

    • Amy

      Diana – I love this question and I will bring it into session with the guides. 🙂

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