I’ve been away.

Deep diving my own story. Driving from one side of the country to the other. Talking with shamans and dream teachers and poets. My mother died and I climbed into her blue Hyundai Sonata and drove to my daughter – New York to LA. On the way out, I thought I was doing a marketing trip – selling my Soul Call Cards along the way. By the time I was headed back home, I knew what this was: a vision quest. I cancelled the workshops. I turned off the radio. I followed the voice of the GPS the way I follow my yoga teacher – led along, moving without thinking.

I was free.

When I got home, I drove to my son at the end of Long Island. Then, I drove to the Gulf Coast of Florida, where aquamarine waves lapped at my ankles and a group of soul sisters (plus one brother) massaged my heart with stories.

After ten years in virtual space, I was starving for land – physical land – and for people, flesh, blood and bone people. Hands and eyes and bodies.

In the process, driving, I came up with a plan: a way that I might live now. A way I might come more fully into my feet, my hands, my body.

I took the plan inside – into my journal and into my dream life. it bloomed and morphed and rebloomed. Full workshops formed and dissolved. Bright poems spilled onto the page.

I am flooded with the freshness of it – the people and places, the ideas and stories. I have so much to tell you. And I know you have things to share with me.

Let’s begin.

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  • Susan T Blake

    Welcome back. I see you.

    • Amy Oscar

      How lovely to be welcomed back, to be seen. Thank you, Susan.

  • Lisa

    I’m so sorry to hear about your moms passing. Sounds therapeutic to drive freely across the states, to your daughter, and back again, to your son. Full circle. Like a free form hug gently embracing you.

    Praying it was healing…. and that you are doing ok. I’ve missed reading your posts. ❤️

    • Amy Oscar

      Thank you, Lisa. It was profoundly healing to make that drive. It changed the world for me. I’m so glad to know you were there, reading my posts.

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