Sally Gentle Drew: Spirit Sleuthing, Symbolic Sight and You

I invited Sally to be a part of the Wisdom Series because, well, because I adore her. Sally Gentle Drew, or @Sally_G, as her devoted Twitter followers know her, is probably the most supportive and encouraging person I’ve ever known.

Her writing is engaging, her ideas original; she reminds me, often, of that bright-eyed child who can always be found staring into a tidepool or  gazing at a supermoon and calling, “You have got to see this!” Her curiosity is infectious, her joy in the little things – and her ability to find the deeper meanings running beneath them, astonishes (and moves) me.

To me, Sally’s is the wisdom of generosity and heartfelt encouragement.

I am pleased and proud to introduce her to you.

* * *

I am an English Major. At least, that’s one label (of many) that affixes well to me.

From an early age, the finding and tracing of patterns and threads through written work fascinated me. Being able to ‘see the future’ before actually getting through all the chapters based solely on the clues provided between the lines was such a thrill. I felt like my favorite female detective, Nancy Drew, in my sleuth-like ability to interpret key messages before they were actually stated out loud.

Things haven’t changed too much. In fact, I like to think of my Self as a Spirit Sleuth ~ one who can interpret the symbology of the Universe and the Divine in a meaningful way so that choices and decisions I make come from a place of confidence and inner peace vs. doubt and insecurity.

I have not entered today’s Wisdom Circle to talk about me though. What I do is not necessarily special. No more so than an English speaking American who travels abroad and then startles others around her with a capacity to speak the language native to the travel destination. Or the guy who stops to help when he sees you pulled over to the side of the road in your car – and then lifts the hood, tinkers with this and that and wishes you a safe journey, having just fixed the problem.

Accessing the wisdom of the Universe does not have to be complicated – nor does it have to be done with the services of a hired consultant. Like anything else, it is a practice – a skill set that grows more proficient over time, if consistently applied. The key is this: be willing to see things differently than you’re used to seeing them. Then put on your Super Sleuth hat, grab your Clue Recording Notebook – and join me on this brief foray into your Inner Intuitive Wisdom.

The wonder of symbolic sight …

For the purposes of this exercise ~ you are being invited to treat this as a game and to give your intellect a 15 minute break to occupy itself in some other fashion.

Spirit Sleuths need imagination, observation and the ability to connect the dots. (Remember ‘connect the dots’ from when you were younger? An image lay on a page and to see it clearly – you connected the dots all around it, rendering it ‘visible’.) We are all qualified to serve as Spirit Sleuths; in fact, we generally enter the field at a very early age. This is going to be fun. Are you ready to get started?

Let’s do it …

Look at this picture as an artist might, or a poet, or a writer, or even – a child.

What grabs your attention? After taking it all in, where do your eyes seem to be drawn?

On a piece of paper (your Clue Notebook, if you please), briefly describe what you see. Using adjectives in your description will be helpful. What did this aspect of the picture remind you of? Did a memory pop up in your mind that surprised you? How does looking at this aspect of the picture make you feel? Jot your observations and feelings into your Clue Notebook (okay, onto your piece of paper) ~ we’re about to ask your intellect back into the exercise and it will need the clues you have recorded to make a final assessment.

I’ll foreshadow by saying that there is no right or wrong answer here. In the comment section below, I’ll be inviting you to share the aspect of the picture that arrested your attention ~ and for those willing to share in more depth, what message that aspect contained that was particularly meaningful to them.

I will also say that what grabbed the attention of some, may have gone completely unnoticed by others. And vice versa. The reason for this is that the picture was speaking directly to you ~ and so your interpretation will not be the same as someone else’s; unless, of course, you’re facing similar challenges from a similar place in life.

Okay, back to the exercise.

Oh, one more question first …

Before you apply your observations – it is helpful to have a context within which to apply them. So – here’s the next step: think of something that is challenging you right now.

Or maybe there’s something you’re holding back on or on which you’re afraid to render a decision of one kind or another.

Think of that right now ~ you’re about to give yourself some valuable insight that may provide perspective that will shed new light, and even clarity, to the situation at hand.

Ready? Great, let’s synthesize!

With your challenge or quandary foremost in your mind ~ look at the observations and clues you’ve jotted down in your Clue Notebook. How does the information contained there help you to see your challenge or quandary differently?

Is the ‘thing’ that’s holding you back or blocking you now apparent to you? Is what you’re uncertain about now visible? Are the qualities you need to move forward presented to you on the page?

Look at the picture again in the context of your challenge. What is the picture telling you now?

We have more wisdom within than we often respect and honour.

I was drawn to the shadow. And in the shadow, I saw myself with my arms up in the air ‘in Surrender’. At first, I thought that I was giving up and about to walk away – given that there are so many images of ‘dying’ or ‘dead’ in the picture.

However, I feel that, for me, the shadow has stepped out from the image of the root growing new life at its tip in its best version of creating something new from something that is past ~ and the shadow is saying, “Alone, you do not have enough information to formulate your next steps at this time. Surrender to the infinite creativity and support of the Universe and all its Divine Beings and let yourself be swept up in the wonder that is yours, for the accepting.”

And so, I did. I did Surrender with the desire that I would be guided to wherever my gifts may best serve. And within the hour – I received an email from Amy Oscar asking if I would contribute to her Awakening Wisdom Series with the process I use to access symbolic sight in my every day life.

The world needs more Spirit Sleuths …

The funny thing about Spirit Sleuthing is that people are fascinated by the process once they get a chance to see it in action. It is definitely one of those “I’ll see it when I believe it” kind of deals. How thrilled I’ll be to have company in this exciting realm of clue finding and interpretation!

I’d LOVE it if you’d share what aspect of the picture grabbed your attention ~ and if you’re so inclined, the meaning and significance that you attached to your observations.

[And if you’d like assistance interpreting the aspect of the picture you focused on ~ then please share where your attention was drawn, and perhaps we ALL could offer our own Intuitive Guidance as to what that may symbolically represent.]

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    Awesome! Its in fact remarkable post, I have got much clear idea regarding from this

  • Kim

    Thank you so much for taking the time to really interpret my response in such a deep way. It means more than you can possibly know. I loved listening to the version of Circle of Life that you picked and will be meditating on the Crone Goddess and Second Chakra for sure. I am definitely trying to connect to my inner source of inspiration in a big way, not only for myself, but to teach others how to do the same.

    • Sally

      There is a chance that the connection is already established Kim ~ and that you’re maybe expecting it to show up in a way differently than it has.

      If this feels right for you – invite Inspiration to present herself to you in a way that you’ll know for sure that she’s there. And then, when you start getting familiar with her communication style ~ you’ll feel that connection as an integral and natural part of Who You Are; and together – you can create all that you desire to create yourself to be.

      Truly, the pleasure was very real for me too …

  • Kim

    Wow, I am really intrigued by this. It is right up my alley but, I must admit, I am having a little trouble seeing the connection. I was drawn to the small circle in the middle, bottom third of the image. I wondered what it was, and what had created it. As for a situation in my life, I thought of my kids all having recently left home, and how we will stay connected. It is a new phase in our relationship. Also, of other family members that I have strained relationships with. It made me think of the Lion King song, Circle of Life,

    “It’s the Circle of Life
    And it moves us all
    Through despair and hope
    Through faith and love
    Till we find our place
    On the path unwinding
    In the Circle
    The Circle of Life”

    • Sally

      Good morning Kim! I’ve been uploading pictures from my camera with a view to using one in support of a blog post later today ~ and have born witness to your beautiful journey through the Wisdom Series via the comments you’ve left to let us all know you were there. Your heart (and head) must feel so full! Thank you so much for stopping here – I hoped that you would.

      The wonder and majesty of your comment has made my day – here’s why:

      First, I went to YouTube so I could listen to The Circle of Life. (Thank Heaven for the Internet!!) I didn’t want the Elton John version – he renders it a ballad and makes it all ‘depressing’ (for me). I chose a selection that featured lyrics too, in case any of them leaped off the screen at me as relevant to your comment. (Funny enough, I wrote down the same ones you shared ~ so, that’s something!)

      I chose this version and literally felt my heart swell and joy rush through my entire body. (Thank you for that!)

      Here’s what I see through your eyes:

      You are finding your place on the path unwinding. You are not doing so on the power of desperation or despair ~ but with a rhythm far more Tribal, one that beats with the wisdom of all you have learned to be True, and all you look forward to discovering in the expansion of that Truth.

      Did you read Rebecca and Amy’s posts? They reference Goddess energy ~ and for the purposes of this interpretation – let’s focus on the Crone. The Crone Goddess helps you remember the Cycles (circles) of Life. She helps you face your deepest fears so that you may sift though to the wisdom they hold. She also shows us the strength and courage within us all while encouraging us to be wild and free. (For more on Wild and Free, read the wisdom shared by Julie Daley in this series. She gets downright Feral, in fact.)

      And quickly, the Crone Archetype is associated with compassion, transformation, healing and endings.

      I sense that you are walking your path in the energy and wisdom of the Crone Goddess ~ and I think that’s powerful and inspiring.

      One last thing I ‘saw’ ~ you noted that the circle in the picture is in the ‘middle bottom third’ of the picture. The Chakra this speaks to, to me, is the 2nd or Sacral Chakra. And here is a brief definition of the energy this Chakra holds:

      “The second chakra is the chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It is the one which connects us to the inner source of inspiration, and enables us to experience the beauty around us. The pure knowledge given by this chakra is not mental, but it is direct perception of the Reality, that can be felt in our palms and indicates our subtle blockages. Also this is the center of pure, steady attention and power of concentration.

      The second chakra is the foundation of the emotional body. It influences our ability to feel emotions, sensations and atmospheres, and controls our ability to let go of our emotions. The second chakra influences our sexuality and sensuality, physical force, sexual and ardent love, open-mindedness, our ability to yield and cooperating amicably with other people. ”

      So – for someone who managed to contain a mind-blowing interpretation in a few succinct words ~ you have a LOT of beauty and wonder going on. I’m so happy for you!

      PS: Perhaps you can teach me how to get messages across without the need for so many words. I’m taking a beating on Twitter for being a Word Wench and for Talking Too Much!!

  • Sally

    I can’t express how thrilled I am at the Comments you’re all leaving and the insights you’re sharing.

    Please feel free to Spirit Sleuth for each other. If you read a Comment and ‘see’ something that the Commenter might appreciate or use to enhance their experience ~ please click the Reply button under their comment and share your insights with them.

    We all have so much to share – and the Love expressed when sharing your Wisdom and Heart with another is palpable.

    Blessed be to all …

  • Haumea

    Wow…my eyes have teared reading several of these posts. What an amazing group of women and Sally, thank you so much for sharing this powerful process and your intuitive wisdom. We are all so connected, I found myself relating to each experience shared.

    I was drawn to two places. The beautiful shadow/light image described as “eye” and the furl of root coming out of side of earth at the left center of picture. The furl – is that really a word? I might be trying to say fern/curl…speaks to me of creation. And the “eye” looks to me as a new form of yin/yang as the divine feminine is rising anew. In it I see a kind of sacred harmony that is tree-like. It is the Mystery behind the mundane, dancing in the energy of light/shadow while the denser forms play out their chaos.

    My challenge is seen in my office….I have such a mad chaos of projects, folders, stacks of papers, thousands of emails awaiting and demanding my attention. I feel overwhelmed by what I’ve taken on and frustrated in that I see how to do it…but I don’t have the time or energy to complete it as I would like, in the time I would like. And all that work is for the agency I work for, not the other more personal work I am doing with sacred wisdom. On the quiet eastern wall of my office sits my Tibetian medicine chest with a rainbow of special healing waters called Auracles Colours. As in the picture, it is this area calling me. It is showing me as in my dance practice…when the rhythm of chaos ensues, I get very quiet, grounded, Allowing of the chaos – but maintaining my dance with the Mystery – and soon the chaos settles into a beautiful synchronization of souls. This is guiding me back to dancing with the Mystery even in my work environment – and not getting caught up in the linear “how to” that I’m feeling so overwhelmed with. It also is teaching me in my “doing” I am trying to be in the future…I need to be in this moment…now…and now….and when I can do that with both the mundane and the Mystery, integrating at the same time…the magic I so yearn for will happen. This is about creating new ways of being that are natural to our wise feminine knowing.

    • Sally

      Haumea! Are you familiar with the expression, “You are so money and you don’t even know it!”? This was said to me once and I had no idea what it meant or where it came from. It’s actually a line from a movie – and the gist of the meaning is: if only you knew, now, how truly awesome you are.

      Throughout this post, I kept thinking ~ this woman is a Goddess. And as I tried to ‘see’ what you might be the Goddess of ~ you delivered it in your last line: you are the Goddess of Creating New Ways of Being that are Natural To Our Wise Feminine Knowing.

      Your personal insights into what you ‘saw’ in the picture shimmer with beauty. And I wholeheartedly agree that the magic will happen when you integrate the ‘beautiful shadow/light eye’ with ‘the furl of root coming out of side of earth at the left center of picture’.

      Do you know what else resides in the ‘left center’? The heart. At heart ~ you are a Beautiful Furl … and your power is blocked by the ‘rules of others’ that you are overlaying on your own productive whirl. Mad chaos works for some. Who says that quantity needs to dictate overwhelm? In fact, who says that ALL of what awaits your attention is actually priority material? And who says the ALL OF IT can’t be accomplished in the rhythm of the dance?

      “When the rhythm of chaos ensues, I get very quiet, grounded, Allowing of the chaos – but maintaining my dance with the Mystery – and soon the chaos settles into a beautiful synchronization of souls.” Allow this to happen at your workplace Haumea. Be the Beautiful Furl that inspires others to give their best to their work in ways that honour who they are while meeting, or exceeding, company expectations. Merge with the folders, emails, projects and stacks of papers – infuse them with your Power.

      In my mind’s eye, I see a Beautiful Goddess in need of a Ritual and Sacred Ceremony. Anoint your Self the Goddess of Beautiful Furl and step fully into the Light of your Being. Dancing in the shadow is dancing none-the-less ~ bring that Dance into the Light … and the results will be Prismatic.

      You are awesome!!

      • Haumea

        Sally…your insights and zany, beautiful, quirky, unique delivery are so muse-like. Yes, you must be a muse! I cried reading your reply and insights. I felt “seen” and “got” – beyond my own “getting” of myself. Thank you for the gift of your mirror! I so appreciate your insights. I performed a special ritual & ceremony of Integration of the Mystery with the Mundane in my office and my life has changed. I’m more relaxed at work, more present with what is, more in My Heart.

        My relationship is also changing. I see how much of the busy work that kept me out of my Wisdom work…I was trying to hang onto a relationship that was about complying with “the rules of others” that didn’t serve my Deeper Knowing. And Yearnings. Ouch. Your support and all the beautiful heartfelt, Spirit-filled sharings are life-enhancing, inspiring, and from kindred tribe.

        Many Blessings!

      • Sally

        Thank you Haumea. I wasn’t able to reply to your lovely follow up ~ so I’m replying just above you instead. NO symbolism there, I promise you.

        I seldom hear how things turn out after connecting like this with people – I’m grateful for your generosity in doing so … and also to read how things are getting better for you.

        This shift is not without its pain though – and I’m sorry for that in that it’s uncomfortable for you. I’m also thrilled with that because you’re moving to a more settled and empowered place – and that’s exciting. Still, pain is pain and I wish you the strength to allow it to move through you rather than hit you hard and render you motionless for periods of time. Unless, of course, that’s part of the process and you need that to lift higher.

        In short – life is opening for you as it’s meant to Haumea ~ and I’m so grateful to have been a small part of your Beautiful Furl.

  • Elizabeth Marie

    Holy Crap! I’m not going to read the other comments yet. I want to get down what I experienced, or part of it. But Holy Crap! I didn’t expect this, to be frank. (This is very long. I’m very sorry.)

    As soon as I saw the picture, memory stirred, and I thought about a trip I made with a Girl Scout troop to the base of the Franklin Mountains in El Paso where we frolicked in the scrub under the sun for most of a day. The troop dissolved after six months. Lack troop leadership interest and funds. But, whatever.

    Aside from the flood of El Paso memory, my eyes are drawn upward toward the bright, green scrub/shrubs in the near distance. I find that I want to look at the shrubs, that I sort of long for them, but I seem also to want to tuck myself up against the safe mound of hardened dust and wind myself around the dead tree. I also want to touch the smooth, dead wood, run fingers over it and imagine it is either bone or my mother’s forearm and hand, soft but swollen with arthritis (sorry. these are mixed up images and memories. I am just exploding with words here. sorry, sorry).

    I am not surprised that the picture reminds me of time in El Paso when I was quite young, but I am surprised that I’m inclined to want only to look at the green and not approach it, though I really want to approach it.

    The tree looks as if it’s tangled up some shrub that’s creeping with growth toward the dead thing, though it may be the tree itself is sprouting new growth. Can’t quite tell.

    The challenge I’m facing? Well, it’s several tangled up. I am struggling to get through applications for MFA or MA programs, just three of them, but I’m stuck on essays. I have no doubt that my work is good enough to get me accepted, but I doubt that when I put myself down on paper to tell them who I am and why I want to be in their program, they will shake their heads and mutter, “Her work is interesting, but she’s a mess.” (I just giggled as I typed that.) Also worried about the financial aspects of getting a degree considering my daughter is just two years away from starting college. Worried I really can’t justify spending the money on myself, worried that I need to stop all this creative nonsense, get a full-time job, hunker down for a couple more years and then see where I am. Feel strongly that I need to be 100 percent present for my daughter in all ways even if it means not taking certain actions that would make life freer for me.

    I suppose I’m afraid of being disappointed and especially of disappointing.

    When I look at the picture, I find that I crave that green, but don’t seem willing to take the risk to run to it. But the green is still right there by my little bunker (oh, good gravy! Military lingo! AAAAHHHH!!!!), my little hidey hole, that green creeps over the edge and seems to find me, reach for me, or maybe I’m reaching for it, willing it to grow? But I just don’t have the confidence or courage (Yep. this exercise is telling me that I’m a coward) yet to stretch my arms far enough to pull that bright growth and life to me.

    So I stay safe in the dust and just indulge in those small bits of green (like giving the occasional poetry workshop to kids, for free, or participating in an open mic reading, write my own poems but rarely submit…), but mostly hunker down (my phrase for the day) under that dead tree when I feel myself getting ready to bolt for the bush line.

    I’m getting the idea that I might just need to climb up over that darned mound and make a run for it, or even stroll slowly out in the open. It’s as if I think if I sprint out into the open, someone is going to shoot me down. And, dang, I am caught up in military terms still (bad dream last night involving the Civil War). There’s more, but it’s too personal. Has to do with the things I need to leave behind but am loathe to leave behind? Anyway, wow. I didn’t expect this. I’m sorry to take up so much space.

    • Sally

      Elizabeth ~ how BEAUTIFUL you are!! I feel so grateful that you shared so much – and goodness, in spite of your ‘top layer’ that enjoys spinning chaos to a degree, when the dust settles, it’s quite obvious that you’re actually very in-tune with what’s going on within you. I loved your Comment – thank you.

      In my eyes, you are most definitely not a Coward. I sense you are someone who has learned, over time, that if you enjoy something too much – if you engage your heart fully and allow Joy to light up every cell in your being … it will get taken away. Or, it will leave you. So yes – you long for the green, the life, the shrubs ~ but “you tuck yourself up against the safe mound of hardened dust and wind yourself around the dead tree.”

      And in this, you create a happy life – one where you can find much to be grateful for … though you’re fully aware that in return, you’ve sacrificed something that is best left ‘just out of reach’. You can’t feel disappointed by what you actually haven’t experienced, right? (Please know, I don’t intend this to sound harsh and I apologize if it does. I know this act of Dead Tree Winding – I feel your pain.)

      Last August, I wrote a Blog Post called Something Beautiful is About to Happen. (Sorry for speaking of something outside of this post, that’s probably not very good form ~ but Elizabeth, I think it may share a perspective you might appreciate.) It speaks to a gentle perspective shifting exercise that does not involve ‘running out of the bunker’ or ‘bolting for the bush line’ or ‘climbing up over that darned mound and making a run for it, or even strolling slowly out in the open.’ It simply asks you to accept what is, determine the message that holds for you ~ and then stay awake and alert for the Something Beautiful that is about to show up for you.

      Here’s an excerpt from that post:

      “The next time you’re upset, disappointed, stressed or afraid – whisper to yourself “something beautiful is about to happen.” Whisper it and try your very best to believe it. That is all you need to do at first.

      Your energy will shift. You’ll seek opportunity, possibility, promise ~ that’s empowering. And when the inevitable happens, and your beautiful arrives – you will recognize it immediately; giving thanks and appreciation for the person or circumstance that triggered your beautiful’s arrival.

      As I practiced different beliefs and different ways of ‘seeing things’ ~ I did it completely ‘under the radar’, because that was more comfortable for me than being vulnerable to attack in the open.

      Simply try seeing things differently ~ and invite opportunities for happiness and connection and joyous living into your life as your Something Beautifuls. In time, you’ll learn to Trust that ‘good’ can last ~ and that the Green Shrubs are beautiful and green, because your Hope rendered them so.

      And please, release your fears of lack of leadership, lack of interest, lack of funds. Those were experiences from the past that served to ensure you would create your Self to be a wondrous woman who would learn NEVER to draw such energy into her life ever again. And you have. Trust …

      • Elizabeth Marie

        Thank you, Sally. “… if you engage your heart fully and allow Joy to light up every cell in your being … it will get taken away. Or, it will leave you.” Golly. I think I’ve known that on some level, but I’m grateful to you for saying it out loud. Already shifts my perspective (and made me burst into tears, but that’s a GOOD thing. I’m a weeper.) “Please know, I don’t intend this to sound harsh and I apologize if it does.” Ha. You are SUCH a gentle soul. Honest, but not harsh, lovely. Thank you for the link and for all these comments to all of these beautiful people. One of the things I want to say to you is that your generosity is stunning.

  • Sally

    Good morning Veronica! You’re right, this IS an amazing process and it’s truly amazing how quickly everyone is zoning in on information that is meaningful to them.

    I imagine I don’t have to tell you that anything desperately pursued from a place of ‘fear and urgency and frustration’ is going to ‘die because it is trying to grow without being firmly rooted to the ground’. Most likely ‘because the dirt it is trying to grow in doesn’t have enough nutrients to support it’.

    The Freelance service I presently share is in the realm of Corporate Communications ~ more specifically, internal employee communications. Often clients have a message they need to share, be it about policy, change, team-building, downsizing ~ there’s a message they need to send and I help them create it in a way that will be received and ‘understood as intended’ in the delivery.

    What often gets in the way of them being able to do this themselves is distracted attention; specifically, focus given to surrounding or circumstantial data that actually has no relevance to the situation at hand. They worry about the What Ifs. What if the employees think this means that the company is in trouble and they stop giving their best? What if the Policy change or Policy introduction sends the wrong message about the way their valued and needed? What if this ends up looking like we failed? Etc.

    At the end of the day, information is just information. It is what it is. The nuances and judgments that flow come from emotion that is attached by the sender, the receiver, or both. When you have a message to send – state it clearly and provide the context necessary to ensure that the reason the decision was made is indisputable, necessary and in everyone’s best interests.

    Root from your Values, Veronica. Your business does not define you – it is simply one aspect of who you are. As is your Health. Know your priorities, YOUR priorities – and define a plan that states Truth, flows from your Values and Honours your Health. This is not a selfish act – in fact, you’ll be amazed at how win/win the outcome will be.

    I sense your Mind is reaching the point of depletion. It has carried you so far – and will continue to do so. But it’s running dry – its roots need to anchor in something with enough nutrients to support it. Your Mind needs your Heart. Honestly determine where your Heart is in all of this – and let it take the lead.

    Follow the wisdom of your Heart, know your Values and Priorities, don’t fear what you already know to be True … and I promise you, everything will change.

    To quote Oprah, “One thing I know for sure” … you are NOT dirt – and you won’t be ‘the tree that’s trying to do things without replenishment’ for much longer. Think Photosynthesis: root your Self in the nourishment that sustains you (your water and chlorophyl, so to speak), remember to breathe (oxygen and carbon dioxide) and never forget your absolute need for the Sun’s light (ask for assistance from the Source that connects you and be open to receiving its guidance and support).

    Much love …

  • Veronica

    Wow. This was an amazing process and I can’t wait to practice with it some more.

    What I was drawn to in the picture is that the tree looks like it died because it was trying to grow without being firmly rooted to the ground. And possibly because the dirt it was trying to grow in didn’t have enough nutrients to support it.

    And I noticed that this happened despite there being so much new spring growth all around it.

    The thing that’s challenging right now is that my business isn’t making any money. And I’ve got some health issues that are making it way harder to continue to work on my business without doing it from a place of fear and urgency and frustration.

    Maybe I’m the dirt choking the life out of my business-tree. Or I’m the tree that’s trying to do things without replenishment.

    (Hmm…kind of a dark story *and* interpretation.)

    Lots to think about. Thanks so much for sharing this practice.

  • Sally

    We have a lot in common Jody. In fact, I think I’ve mentioned before that I married someone just like you in many ways. What you were drawn to in the picture is exactly one of the things that draws me to you: you’re a human lit by an inner fire reaching up towards the sky ~ all the while seeking information and ways to make sense of all that’s around her.

    Here’s to us English Majors!!

    • jody

      “English Major” seems like such a misnomer. Seeing patterns and connecting the dots, that’s systems thinking. Looking under the surface, digging deeper is akin to Archeology (both Physical and Cultural). That’s a great photo. First I noticed the shadow, but looking again I see the tree trunk rising, pulling it’s lower limbs out from where it is “stuck.” You can see the roots. It reminds me of that line from a Maya Angelou? poem, “And still I rise!”

  • jody

    Wow! I also found the strengths of an English major to be recognition of patterns and detective work. I also was drawn to the shadow. To me it looks like a human lit by an inner fire reaching up towards the sky.

  • Susan T. Blake

    Thank you, Sally! I have been on just such a journey for the last several months, and the place I am in right now, triggered by money fears, is a test. Thank you for the reminder to keep on this path and take it further, trusting my intuition and inviting and embracing connections.

    • Sally

      As I wrote to you Susan, I was also writing to myself. I also need to trust my intuition more and to invite and embrace varying connections. I think it’s so true that ‘We’re All One’. Thank YOU for also helping me …

  • Susan T. Blake

    My eye was drawn to what looks like an eye just below the center of the picture. It kept going back there, although I looked around at the driftwood-like branches, the sand, the band of green forest in the background.

    I was reminded of a time as a child, when I used to love climbing trees, when I got stuck in a tree and couldn’t get down, and was overcome for the first time by a fear of heights. I finally got down with my father’s help.

    The challenge I am facing these days is building my business – consulting, coaching and training – both through marketing myself and following through on half-finished ideas for workshops. I am now in a pivotal position, where I can either shrink into fear and overwhelm and go back to working for someone else, or I can step daringly out there and turn up the creativity and reach out to the fabulous people around me. Plug in, not out.

    Maybe I need to look at that eye and see who is watching – and be that eye and see new possibilities.

    And maybe I need to climb higher in the tree, rather than look for a way to get down.

    From higher up I may see some wonderful sights.

    • Sally

      Good morning Susan!

      I am just amazed how one picture can draw so many of us in so many ways. You see an Eye there – and when I went up to look again, I thought, “How did I miss that? Of COURSE there’s an Eye there.” Truly amazing. Thank you for your insight!

      Here’s the intuitive hit I received while reading your comment ~ though please consider it only as a potential ‘other’ idea … because your thoughts are quite insightful.

      I found it interesting that you described the Eye’s location as “just below the centre” of the picture. Do you know what else is ‘just below the centre’? Your Solar Plexus, or 3rd Chakra … the energy centre in your body that is the focus point for your personal power and will.

      And funny enough, I thought to myself, “What is the Eye doing there?”. Only to read soon after that, as a child – you used to love climbing trees, until you got stuck in a tree and couldn’t get down, overcome for the first time by a fear of heights. You finally got down with your father’s help.

      Here’s what I see: the Eye in the picture represents your Intuition, your Mind’s Eye – so to speak. This is the 6th Chakra and often referred to as the Third Eye Chakra: the energy centre of higher intuition, spirituality and psychic power. When this Chakra is out of balance we can become over-sensitive, fearful and undisciplined. We stop trusting ourselves and forget that we’re linked to an Energy Source far greater than our own.

      At some point, you stopped fully Trusting in your Self – and then you learned to rely on yourself in ways that reflect more masculine traits: reason, logic, discipline, etc. Likely no one has had to ‘rescue you from a tree’ in a very long time. And now, you find yourself poised in a new place and you feel unsure with nothing solid to truly latch onto.

      I wonder how things might be different for you if you shifted the Eye in the picture from ‘just below the centre’ up to the middle of your forehead. This does not negate your Personal Power, resourcefulness, resilience and ability to make wise decisions – your Chakras are all connected. Your 3rd Chakra will fully support your 6th Chakra (Intuition) ~ and your head will spin at the flow of inspired ideas that will result, the opportunities that will suddenly present, the people who will show up just as you need them, and so on.

      Trust your Intuition, Susan. And to come full circle in the insight you expressed ~ call upon the Father for help; or the Universe, or your Angels or whatever name you affix to the Energy Source that fully supports you with Love, Creativity and Opportunity. The Triad of your Personal Power, your Intuition and your Divine Connection will take you places you can’t even IMAGINE from where you sit right now.

      I am very excited for you!!

  • Sally

    Good morning Jeanne!

    I love your interpretation ~ and the vivid juxtaposition of images that you saw.

    Two strong feelings filled me as I read your comment, and they were: She’s talking about Mother/Daughter Relationships and then, she’s talking about the wonder of the Menopausal Transition.

    Chances are, you weren’t seeing that at all in your interpretation ~ but in case this was a subconscious undercurrent – ‘life that happens underground’ so to speak ~ I wanted to share my feelings with you.

    One of my greatest reads online last year was the 30 Day Diary you lovingly and honestly shared during your trip to Florida with your Mother. The experiences you shared, the every day moments, the conversations, the filters through which you each see life ~ it was so RICH with beauty and learning and Truth.

    I left that series feeling like you came away with an alternative impression of your Mother – and I felt she, in her own unique way, demonstrated a real respect for you. ‘Barren sand juxtaposed with the New-Growth Green’, the ‘Illusion of Barrenness’, ‘How Much We Miss When We Succumb to Labeling and Judging’, ‘How Mother Nature Allows Space for Polarities’. Honestly, it was a beautiful series – I fell completely in love with you through it, and when you added the ‘Maiden’ component to your Maiden/Mother/Crone triangle ~ my heart blew right open.

    Briefly – I saw the Menopausal transition here too, in all the same quotes as noted above. As our ‘Red Tent Folds’ (so to speak), there is an illusion of barrenness – our ability to grow life in the form of a child, ends. However – we are fertile for Creative Pursuits and Life Dreams that now have space, and Time, to germinate, birth, blossom, blaze.

    You are a woman of many talents who grows more and more amazing the more she steps into her Self. I am so grateful our paths have crossed and while I’m not always visible – I’m following you closely. xx

  • wholly jeanne

    Oh, Sugar. This is wonderful. Your post is captivating, your exercise is inspiring, and the way you view the world refreshing. At first glance, I was drawn to the barren sand juxtaposed with the new-growth green . . . the illusion of barrenness . . . shallowness, hollowness of labels and judgments . . . how much we miss when we succumb to labeling and judging . . . how mother nature allows space for polarities . . . how much of life happens underground.

  • Julie Daley

    This is such a wise and beautiful process. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    First, I saw the swirls and circular shapes of the shadows and roots. Then I saw the branching out, the very lateral angle of the tree.
    My situation: My honey and I are moving into two separate places. I’ve been longing to live in San Francisco, and he knows, absolutely, that he is to stay here in Berkeley. It’s been tearing me apart, in some ways, and at the same time, it is absolutely the right thing for me to do. I don’t have the wisdom, yet, that the image shows me. I will sit with it.

    Love and Blessings,


    • Sally

      Good morning Julie!

      I love that both you and your honey love in a space that honours the Inner Wisdom of each. So many operate within a ‘this or that’ reality where one party is fully supported and the other sacrifices to some degree in the name of love, unity and partnership. It sounds like you have the kind of love that honours and respects BOTH, this AND that.

      Two things ‘came to mind’ as I read your comment. First ~ I couldn’t help think of Heather’s post on the duality of Wisdom. (Her post was so much bigger than that and I’ve just minimized it, which is not my intent at all.) The entirety of it embracing the Masculine and the Feminine, both individually and together.

      Remember this? “If you’ve ever really opened your eyes to the world around you, you get, in an unshakable way, that the sacred infuses the whole of existence. The sacred is here, right here, right now.” You wrote this, in Heather Plett’s beautiful e-book ‘Sophia Rises’. I very much see this in your interpretation of the picture above.

      You see, here’s the second thing that struck me about the picture as you see it ~ the Masculine is depicted in the ‘branching out, the very lateral angle of the tree’. Men tend to grow and develop that way, do they not? Sort of laterally, like a ladder, almost. While we Women, we tend to grow and develop in a more circular fashion, ‘in swirls and circular shapes of the shadows and roots’. I see the Feminine depicted in the shadow of your interpretation: supportive, swirling, fluid. Oh, and if you’ll notice – the shadow is connected to each of the three points where the tree roots to the ground. Connected and yet still, her Self.

      On Tuesday, we both experienced an opportunity to consider Wisdom from an alternative perspective ~ and here you are, actually experiencing the wonder of what that might look like. So powerful, really.

      Berkeley and San Francisco are approximately 20 minutes apart, I think. Through this experience ~ you are going to model Loving Connection that transcends geographic proximity as you live the Truth that ‘Embodiment is the New Transcendence’.

      Much love xx

  • Square-Peg Karen

    Sally, you noted: “It all sounds very exciting to me.” — and I WAS feeling some excitement as I did your exercise, but wow – when I read your interpretation — I became over-the-moon excited (but still grounded, just saying – grin).

    Thanks so much!

  • Dawn Waldron

    What an amazing process! I focussed on the dry tree, desperately trying to balance and find its natural habitat while somehow doing something unconventional – I mean, most trees put their roots underground. I saw it as an example of extreme survival/adaptability. The tree looks as though it’s deliberately trying not to sink into the ground – as though it’s keeping its distance. The trunk is a long way from its roots – but the roots are very strong and sturdy.

    The ‘problem’ I’m facing is trying to cope with an extremely energised and passionate stage in my business development that has me waking up at all hours, working (too) hard and letting some of the other balance in my life drift away. I’m finding it hard to balance recreation and work and just simply ‘being’ in the way that nature intended.

    So there it was, staring me in the face. I feel as though I’m trying to balance in a precarious position and in an unsupportive habitat when all I need to do is let go and put my roots down into the ground and feel the support underneath me and all around me. Stop resisting, said a voice in my head, allow yourself to relax, connect, realise that you are in the right place and it’s safe to put your roots down. And drink more water!!!

    • Sally

      Gosh, you are AMAZING at this! Again, I’m covered in Goosebumps!!

      I have nothing more to add – except to say, thank you SO much for sharing your insight and your story here today. I think what you are presently experiencing is part of my Fear ~ which is why I am still a mere Shadow of who I have the potential to be.

      I do need to realize that I’m in the right place and it’s safe to put roots down.

      Thank you Dawn – so grateful you stopped by!

  • Allison Nazarian

    I think my comments were deleted (by me I am sure). I am having that kind of a sh***y technology day. Here they are, again (yes I copied and pasted, did so when I realized I keep losing stuff today):

    Y’all are so wise and cool (and I wish I had the “Kook Factor” that Sally has!)
    I was drawn to the huge mass of roots and dirt and stuff on the left. The stuff that is the base or foundation when the tree is replanted. It stressed me out (weird, I know). Because it is a jumble, mess (:)), needs to be gone through piece by piece, what works needs to be separated from what doesn’t and that overwhelms me though I know that is the only way to get the result I seek. Reminds me of the jumble of cords and electrical stuff in my office with my Internet router, phone, printer cables, etc. I HATE that corner. The word “pruning” comes to mind. And thinking about it just exhausts me.

    And P.S., the only way I would ever replant it and actually start over is if I knew I was 110% ready for it…that everything that needed to be there was there and that everything that was dead or old or no longer valuable was gone. Probably means I am a heartless wench.

    • Sally

      It appears your Technological Fairy is working WITH you today. You posted twice. Which gave me the opportunity to see if I’d still come up with the same ending to this Tale at this Time.

      I still do.

      Go fly …

  • Square-Peg Karen

    My eyes went right to the Y in the tree.

    I saw verdant growth in the background and then noticed
    the comparison — the dry looking tree and surrounding area
    against the lush background…?

    The tree has roots way down deep – rich water reserves, it’s waiting for Spring

    And the Y — I’m not quite sure about that. My thoughts are –
    there are 3 directions here — roots (down into the water), up and to the left…
    the only thing that came to mind about the branch pointed left is the past —
    and then I’m wondering how the tree balances without a branch off to the right
    as well…hmmm

    The experience/situation I tied into when doing this exercise is that of
    growing my business, sharing my gifts in a wider area.

    and Sally, you’d make a great therapist (psychiatrists in the places I worked only dispensed medication) — the best ones DO share about themselves – create I-Thou experiences.

    • Sally

      Thank you Karen, I’d LOVE to be a Therapist of sorts! And gosh, you found so much in that image ~ so rich in detail from a picture featuring such a “dry looking tree”.

      It’s funny, I did not initially see a Y. And then when I scrolled up to look again ~ I still struggled to see it. You have no idea how exciting that was ~ you’re teaching me something!

      Okay – so, verdant growth in the BACKGROUND.

      Perhaps growing your own business is a new beginning for you – or maybe, a new enterprise or transition? Seeing the growth in the ‘background’ may indicate that you are measuring your growth and progress on an nonequivalent scale; against successes you’ve enjoyed in the past, perhaps and the Time each took to ‘root’? And the fact that the tree is ‘dry-looking’ (far different from being actually dry, by the way) could mean that you haven’t fully stepped into what you’re trying to do now as your roots are still entrenched into the life-supporting nurture from the past while you wait for the right Season to thrive.

      And then ~ I saw it: the Y. And from where I sit, it looks like a Yoga position called The Tree Pose (funny enough).

      Spiritually, the essence of Tree Pose is “to find balance. However, balance is not found in this pose in a rigid manner, such as one might associate with a balanced ballet position. In Tree Pose, your body may sway, like a tree does in the wind, but your foot stays rooted into the ground. This freedom for your body to move and find its balance while you envision being rooted in the ground develops your spiritual acceptance of your body’s position in space.”

      And for me, I equate Yoga with the beauty of the STRETCH. I love how it slooowwwly elongates all that already exists within me ~ allowing me to sink into the wonder of how that feels while also being vividly aware of each piece and part and how it’s connected.

      So ~ maybe allowing a little Sway, time to find your Balance in the knowing that you’re growing additional, yet meaningful, Roots as you grow your business and share your gifts in a wider area? And that all this is possible because of the ‘deep, rich water reserves’ you’ve accumulated over time? It all sounds very exciting to me.

  • Allison Nazarian

    And P.S., the only way I would ever replant it and actually start over is if I knew I was 110% ready for it…that everything that needed to be there was there and that everything that was dead or old or no longer valuable was gone. Probably means I am a heartless wench.

  • Allison Nazarian

    Y’all are so wise and cool (and I wish I had the “Kook Factor” that Sally has!)
    I was drawn to the huge mass of roots and dirt and stuff on the left. The stuff that is the base or foundation when the tree is replanted. It stressed me out (weird, I know). Because it is a jumble, mess (:)), needs to be gone through piece by piece, what works needs to be separated from what doesn’t and that overwhelms me though I know that is the only way to get the result I seek. Reminds me of the jumble of cords and electrical stuff in my office with my Internet router, phone, printer cables, etc. I HATE that corner. The word “pruning” comes to mind. And thinking about it just exhausts me.

    • Sally

      First ~ you are ALWAYS welcome in the Kooky Like Me club. The door is open – and the squirty lapel flower in your colour is on the table by the door. Oh – and leave your Pruning Shears and all other Gardening Implements on the table on your way by too; you don’t need them right now. You may never need them again – and they can now gift someone who is ready to begin tending the garden of their own soul.

      The roots and dirt and stuff – that’s the sacred burial ground holding all you’ve mastered to date; and holding it with Reverance. But as you state in your PS – all that is there, is dead or old or no longer valuable to you. Leave it be – it’s served its purpose, you’re grateful for it – let it rest in peace.

      There’s this really cool book ‘out there’ right now, you might have heard of it — it’s called “Love Your Mess”. Its publication symbolically gave you permission to walk away from Replanting, to take a pass on ever Pruning ~ and to fly off into your next adventure; the one that’s awaiting you now, ever patient, even if you DO choose to delay your destiny by going through aspects of your life piece by piece, determining what works and separating that from what doesn’t and allowing yourself to be overwhelmed because you think that is the only way to get the result you seek.

      Ask your Self this: what does it matter when all that really exists is this moment right Now?

      Who do you desire to create your Self to be? What do you need to nurture, to develop, to tap into, to share? How will you best express all that is within you so that all who are served by your Gifts and Presence may access that?

      In short, make it up. Starting now. Now is all there is – the past is over, the future has not yet happened – you’ve posted about this. You are a Writer, an Observer, a Perspective Sharer, a Creative Genius, a Loyal Friend, a Light to many – and the list goes on as you design it to be.

      So, the roots and dirt and stuff in the corner? Leave them. Or sweep them away. You’ll notice they’re in the shadow – a shadow that can only exist depending on the position of the light. Determine a new flight pattern and trade in Replanting for Cross-Pollinating. Be a bee, be the wind – be anything you desire; even a Heartless Wench, if you insist.

      You have more than earned the right to trade in Pruning for Paring too. But you know that already too. Finish whittling off the parts that still don’t feel right ~ and toss them in the sacred burial deposit. Oh Wise and Cool one …

  • Giulietta Nardone

    Hello fellow Nancy Drew!

    Sally, had to visit your latest post when it came through my twitter stream. Congrats.
    Found this really helpful: think of something that is challenging you right now.

    The tree once was a strong, tall idea, nurtured at first, but later abandoned. It’s not the only one in this particular area of the mind’s forest.

    Without love and attention, tree-ideas die and return to their original state. In the background are other tree-ideas still alive, ones that either came after the first one or still burn strong in the mind.

    Giulietta the Muse

    • Sally

      And in your case Giulietta ~ there are trees growing all over the world thanks to the Muse seeds you plant and scatter on your journey to Inspiring the creative and/or critical thinking capacities in all who cross your path.

      I love your interpretation ~ sort of like ‘make sure you see the Forest through the Trees’. There are ALWAYS options and possibilities – ESPECIALLY for those who seek them.

      And you’re right ~ this IS fun!

  • erin margolin

    I looked at all the roots— that’s where my eyes were drawn. I feel like they’re searching desperately for water. A tree growing/living, despite abundance of soil/appropriate conditions? The roots are crazy, natural, smart, searching. I feel scared and nervous for the tree. What if it can’t find water? Is it lonely? Is it going to die? I feel its desperation.

    I thought of an old friend (that doesn’t speak to me anymore, for a variety of reasons) whose favorite book growing up was Cold Sassy Tree. I’ve never read it, though. My favorite book growing up was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. And I think of my blog, the ELM tree (inspired by my initials, but also thoughts of a Sylvia Plath poem by the same name)…

    So many things swirling around. I am going to sit with this awhile, but if you have any insights? Please share….

    I am sure this also relates to my very new, very early pregnancy. I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll lose it.

    But I won’t say any more for now. Going to try and meditate.

    • Sally

      Thank you Erin, for this opportunity and your Trust.

      I looked at the picture through your eyes ~ and here is what I saw.

      See that beautiful little shoot at the very END of the furthest root? That is you, little Tree of Heaven. You are crazy, natural, smart, and searching. You feel scared and nervous for the tree. What if it can’t find water? Is it lonely? Is it going to die? You feel its desperation.

      Here’s the thing though – you feel you are still the Roots searching desperately for water. Your Past is manning the controls to a certain degree – and in spite of how far you have come, how much you have grown, all that you’ve accomplished and the inner changes you have made — part of you still sees what is before you through the eyes of who you used to be.

      It is no surprise to me that you connect so strongly with “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. Perseverance Through Hardship is a central theme in this book. So is Gender and Sex. And also, Fall From Innocence. Your Inner English Major will help you draw the life parallels these themes resound within you. And you’ll do that based on your Past, your Story, your History.

      Speaking of His-story ~ the Father/Daughter relationship depicted holds information too. Johnny’s choices and behaviours impacted Katie’s life, character and development significantly.

      All of this leads us to where we are now. It does not define who we are now – but it provides context to how we got here. Where we go next, who we create ourselves to be and the beliefs, values and priorities we hold dear from this point forward are ours to choose.

      The Tree of Heaven grows without water or light, even without soil. It symbolizes perseverance and hope amidst hardship. In Brooklyn, it is a tree that trumps all others. It is not grandiose like the sea or majestic like a mountain. It is humble, and its humility makes it all the more powerful.

      I look at the picture above and I see Erin, the little Tree of Heaven, able to see all the other trees growing and thriving ‘over there’, while she has found the Inner Magic to grow her beautiful Self in rather different circumstances. I see Erin, a touch of Beauty in day to day surroundings. Erin who can stand alone, Erin who can sustain herself in spite of her Past, Erin who honours and sustains life on the Roots of whence she came ~ yet creating as she chooses.

      Erin, you are the Voice Emerging in Sylvia Plath’s ELM. You “have suffered the atrocity of sunsets. Scorched to the root, My red filaments burn and stand,a hand of wires.” You are the entity in which your Past exists. It is part of you and not the other way around. Allow yourself to Grieve for all you’ve lost. Welcome Healing and Compassion and Comfort ~ they are your birthrights and long to walk with you.

      And know your Self as the Tree of Heaven. Different from many around you ~ yet connected, just the same.

      PS: Here’s what I saw in your reference to your old friend ~ things aren’t always what they seem, and hidden secrets have a terrible way of driving actions and behaviours. These are two underlying themes of the Cold Sassy Tree.

      Much love …

  • Amy

    Okay, the first thing I noticed was the shadow under the branch, where I imagined myself curled up, protected by the body of a soft and gentle man (the earth itself, in this picture.) But then, as I looked at the ‘man’ I realized that the ‘fingers’ of the branch were pressing into his face, forcing him back against the ground – holding him there, and clearly hurting him. This upset me a great deal as it made me even more aware of my husband’s feelings. Lately, he’s been talking about feeling trapped, as many men do, in his breadwinner role – unable to work creatively, and more freely. He longs to break out and be the wacky inventor that he really is, but feels oppressed by the demands of our family – two kids in college, bills, etc. And of course, there I am, curled into the protection of his side, sleeping while this is happening to him. Thank you Sally. A conversation is about to happen at our house. 🙂 What a powerful, beautiful opening.

    • Sally

      Oh my goodness! How does this always happen? The situation you describe here is happening in my home too. I quickly scrolled up to see this picture as you’ve described it ~ and I still see myself in the shadow … but I’m not curled up and sleeping, I’m pushing that gnarled, hurtful hand with all my might trying to release my husband from its grip.

      And here’s the thing ~ that shadow alone cannot accomplish this task, I must fully step into my Self to unleash the power needed to heal this situation.


      I’d make a lousy Psychiatrist – somehow I always seem to make the Comments about me. Thank you for this insight though Amy. I’m not sure what to do with it yet – though I have outed myself as a Spirit Sleuth. Let’s see where that takes me.

      You are a Sea of Miracles ~ now that you’re aware of a conversation that needs to begin, you’ll both soar to new heights on Angels wings …

  • Kelly

    Well, in this case the Spring green in the background jumped right out at me. Which in a literal sense is easy to interpret as it is snowing here yet again. But on a deeper level, I have been working toward new growth, trying to change some things to get myself out of a cycle of behavior that I know isn’t working for me. Shifting, growth, fresh approach, cycles. It’s all there.
    Great job with this, something that would be interesting to try as a daily or regular practice.

    • Sally

      At the risk of exposing my Kook Factor ~ I actually do this ALL THE TIME. I don’t always need a picture – often when I’m feeling stuck or indecisive, I just look around me – all around me at my surroundings in that moment and stop at whatever arrests my attention. I’ll then ‘make up a story about it’. And the clues I’ll need to move forward will present themselves in the story.

      For instance, I once passed a Swing Park on a walk I was taking with my dog. (I walk, she bounces. That’s another story for another day.) Looking at it, I saw my Self in three different ways in this very empty park.

      I saw myself as a Laughing Child on the swing. I saw myself as a Loving Mother enhancing the enjoyment of my own laughing children on the swing. And then, I saw my Self in the emptiness ~ the swing being still, my children growing up and moving on. I knew then that I needed to face what is coming my way sooner than later and redefine my Self in meaningful ways as the need for me as a Mother diminishes over time.

      Anyway, back to you. I love what you saw. I scrolled back up and looked at the picture again through your eyes ~ and I saw the Greenest Tree of the bunch jumping up and down in the back yelling, “Kelly, over here! Do you see me Kelly? I’m over here!! Don’t give up Kelly – I’ll wait for you no matter what!!!”

      Change can be hard. I think you’re amazing for knowing what you need to do – and for bringing so much beauty into this world as you work to getting there. Even if sometimes, you have to hop on one leg …

  • Sally

    Oooh Andrea, I broke out in Goosebumps reading your interpretation. How amazing are you? (I once read, in a book called ‘God On A Harley’, that goosebumps are the Universe’s way of letting you know that something significant has just happened.)

    My inner whispers have only this to add – because your book will be written, when it’s time for it to show up. Seeds don’t need much to germinate: water, oxygen, light/warmth. Create an inner environment sustainable to germination ~ and the roots will entrench in your Trust and Belief … and good golly Ms. Storyteller ~ we’ll all benefit from the magnificence that will flow!

    Also, thank you for the Holy Sh*t Double Wow! I can honestly say, in my almost 5 decades of existence, no one has EVER honoured me with one of those!!

  • Andrea Maurer

    Okay, first of all… WOW! I mean, HOLY SHIT, double-WOW! Ahem… now that I got that out of my system…

    The first surprising thing is that I actually did the exercise… Not sure why. I blame Amy and this crazy/wacky wisdom thing she’s got working here. Anyway, here’s what I wrote about the picture… “Green wooded area in the foreground on a nice, sunny day. A tree that at first glance seems to be dead but is actually hanging on by its roots in the only way it knows how. It’s not conventional but it works. The ground has washed away beneath it but it seems to be doing just fine nonetheless.”

    Then the challenge in my life… my book (or lack thereof). I can’t decide if I’m avoiding/resisting writing it or whether my “path” doesn’t actually include a book after all.

    Here’s what I gleaned… All is well. My book is not dead. It’s still alive and hanging on by its roots. It may not be what I originally thought it was going to be but it’ll do just fine nonetheless. And it’ll probably be unconventional. Imagine that.

    Again, WOW! And thank you!

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