The Autumn Wisdom Series: Satya Colombo

“Ask the light to dissolve this fear or darkness from your energy field.” 

Talking with Satya Colombo is like being in a steady prayer. He’s inspiring, engaging and curious, constantly reaching for authenticity; informed by deep spiritual inquiry and study. I invited him into conversation at the request of the students in my Soul Caller Training. After speaking with him, I knew that you’d want to hear from him, too.

“It’s not like, just go with the flow man. It’s more, ‘I’m here on the earth for a reason. Let’s see what happens when I say, ‘Hey spirit, I’m here – and I have these skills and talents. Let’s see what happens when I get really committed to that.”

Satya On Energy Clearing
“There’s hard work to be done and you can do it. You can track things and determine what the blocks are – emotional, mental, physical, if there’s energy interference, you can clear that.”

“So that you have the foundation to do this work so that you’re not working really hard with all this stuff piled up on you, all this sludgy energy that makes it hard to get things done.”

On Creativity
“Most people are looking at getting external validation for their own creative process.”

“We’re all looking at trying to fill our feelings of lack of self love and self value with all these other things from outside. Yet, “seeing the value in the work itself by appreciating it and witnessing, ‘Hey, this is really something! Maybe it’s not perfect. But it’s really authentic and real and effective and I like it… The work thats created from that space will carry that resonance.”

Listen to my conversation with Satya Colombo:  listen/download Satya’s interview


Satya Colombo is a healer, explorer, ukulele aficionado and web consultant. He is certified as a breathwork healer by David Elliott, and is currently venturing into uncharted territories with a community of Soul-Fire Walkers in the Fire of Love Experience.

Author of Flow: The Five Elements Way of Fierce Wisdom, Strength & Beauty, Satya’s online work is shared regularly with thousands around the world.

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  • Satya

    Thank you Amy for having me, and for creating this post, it’s wonderful to see! 🙂

    ~ Love

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