The Soul Call Cards:

An Intuitive Oracle Deck

Soul Call Cards serve as extensions of the constellating activity of the psyche. They help us to see what is happening inside of us – the thoughts and feelings we’re experiencing – outside of us. In other words, the cards help us draw the conversation that we are having with ourselves into the light.

The deliberately limited format – one-word, no-image- allows for infinite possibility. Anything can happen. The cards may constellate a story, a poem, an adventure. Watch. Listen. Words are powerful.

How Soul Call Cards Work

Soul Call Cards help you assess a situation, solve a problem or answer a question easily and clearly, through a process of psycho-spiritual constellation. A process that begins the moment you pick up the cards.

The cards do not ‘know’ anything but you do – on a level below conscious awareness. And the moment you ask a question, your mind begins questing for its answer. The answer constellates – called to your question the way a key is ‘called to’ its lock. The lock ‘knows’ that only one key will fit. Likewise, your question knows the answer it seeks.

The cards draw that knowing to the surface, into the reading where you can see, on the table before you, what’s constellating in your heart, in your mind and in the world around your question. In this way, a Soul Call card reading is a snapshot – a map of the psyche doing its key-finding before your very eyes.

How the Cards Came to Be

They were offered to me. I’d wake at dawn and, led by intuition, I’d select a few books from the shelf. I’d carry them to the sofa and, sipping my morning tea, I’d open them, scanning for bright words. One word per book. A word that felt brighter than the others on the page – as if it were offering itself to me. As if that word had something to tell me.

It was playful. It was easy. And it was uncanny the way these words, randomly selected, constellated into meaning.

I began writing my bright words on index cards, which I’d shuffle, drawing from the growing ‘deck’. The little cards felt infused with living energy – and certain words, like SACRED or SECRET, seemed almost to ‘want to’ bond with other words.

I sensed the guides helping me.

I’d wake from sleep with a word floating in my awareness: TRUST. I’d pass a street sign and one word would seem to glow brighter than the others: MEDICINE. I’d notice a piece of paper on the ground, pick it up and find a single word hand-written upon it: TEACHER.

These words were precious gifts to the deck, making my readings more useful – and more powerful. When I brought them into sessions, my clients loved the way my little purple cards unlocked *their* intuition.  They began asking for their own decks – and I put together a pamphlet and began making videos, demonstrating how to use them.

I invited them to work with the Soul Call Cards, doing powerful readings for family and friends, or even their own clients.

I wish I’d had these cards when I was doing Spiritual Direction sessions! The conversation that happens around these cards is much like the conversation that happens in a spiritual direction session. It’s not about me pulling a bunch of cards and saying this means this or that. It’s a flow between me and the cards and the person being read for. It’s beautiful to watch it unfold.
~ Eveline Maedel, Certified Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader, Nipigon, Ontario, Canada

*Whisper* take this class… it will change your perception(life!)”
Student in the Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader Certification Program

Learn to read the cards!

Discover the secrets of my new card deck and receive certification as an Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader. 

In this one-month online training, you’ll:

  • Deepen your intuition, using the easy-to-understand psycho-spiritual language you already intuitively understand: words!
  • Do powerful, meaningful practice readings with group partners

You’ll learn

  • To look beyond the surface of a problem, challenge or situation to find openings for healing and a simple way of explaining them to your clients (and yourself)
  • To see and understand symbolic messages
  • To offer readings to others – and don’t be surprised if THEIR intuition deepens as you naturally, easily teach others what you see, sense and know.

The skills you learn in this workshop will transfer – you’ll be much better at reading ALL cards. And, perhaps the most exciting thing of all, learning to read Soul Call Cards reveals the magical world of meaning that’s glittering just under the surface of everything!

Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader Certification
Supported Self-Study


  • One deck of Soul Call Cards (75 cards total) with Instruction Manual
  • Video Tutorials and Word Lists, explaining the esoteric meaning behind each card
  • Membership in the private, secret Soul Call Cards Discussion and Practice Group on Facebook.
  • Live integration calls with our growing Soul Call Cards community.
  • Certification Process (no extra charge, see below for details)

Once you’re certified, I’ll list you here on my Certified Soul Call Card Readers page.

Questions you may have

When is the program offered?

Whenever you’re ready to take it. Our Discussion and Practice Circle is open now with people exchanging readings and sharing experience.

What is the program format?

Supported Self-Study. You’ll watch video tutorials, engage in group discussion and pair with partners to exchange readings. You’ll bring what you’ve learned to our Facebook group. You’ll ask questions and share your experiences on our two live calls. This is a laboratory, where you’ll all learn together.

Is there a pre-requisite for this class?

No. Even if you’ve never worked with me before or taken one of my classes, you are welcome to participate.

Do I need to know how to read Tarot or other divination cards?

No. The Soul Call Cards have their own logic. A logic you’ll easily understand. No previous experience is required.

Will you be helping us interpret our readings?

Yes! I will be very active in the Facebook group and you can bring questions to our once-a-month integration calls.

I live overseas – so the live calls are scheduled when I’m sleeping, what will I miss? 

If you miss a call, no worries. I’ll post an MP3 recording of each of the live calls in our Discussion and Practice Circle right after the call ends. You’ll find it in on our FB group page and filed, for future reference, under the FILES tab.

What are the requirements for certification?

  1. Watch the Training Videos.
  2. Participate in the group discussions on FB. (It’s okay to listen to the live calls by recording.)
  3. Complete 20 Soul Call Card readings for friends, family and/or other members of this class.
  4. Write a one-page (only) essay describing your experience with the cards, including details from at least one reading and submit it, using the Submission link in your Graduation Packet.

What will my certificate say?

Your name
Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader

How will I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be mailed once you complete the requirements of the program

Can I skip the class and just buy a deck of Soul Call Cards?

Yes – but not until mid-2017. Right now, the cards are being BETA TESTED and are only available to those in the certification program.
Join my mailing list to know as soon as the cards are available for individual sale.

Can I have a Soul Call Card Reading with Amy?

I’d be delighted to offer you a 1:1 reading. My rate is $300 for a 90-minute Illumination Session.

Got another question?

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Card love

These cards are the freakiest! So much has opened up… a great great new job and a new love that i got from these cards . Yes Amy, that is how powerful and magical those cards are!
~ Ivy Landsman-Slevin

Those cards, Amy. they are profound.. powerful… amazing. I do a reading every morning, before my morning pages…and they don’t need illustrations or photos… that’s what i love about them.. the words can take you into your own self… they are much better without so much better.
~ Barbara Newman

Okay… I’m in LOVE with your cards!! I put them in a fish bowl and anytime I have a question, I just reach in and grab a few cards. They are spooky accurate and so easy to discern. I LOVE them. Thank you.
 ~ Andrea Mee Maurer

I really feel like I was meant to have these cards in my life, I am resonating more with them then any other card deck I have ever used.  Thanks for being their “mom”, you birthed something beautiful!
~ Karen Jonsson

My reading partner and I just finished our reading together and it was wonderfully enlightening in every way. The cards she pulled for me have given me some clarity and insight on what is constellating around me now.  Thank you for the cards, for the guidance on how to use them, but, most importantly, the opportunity to pair with others and deepen our connection within the circle.
~ Jan Grant

I did my first reading for someone else over FB chat last night. I know this friend inside and out so it was easy to do. As nervous as I am to do a reading for others it went really well. I pulled the cards and talked through the positions and the possible guidance as I see it in relation to her situation and question. It wasn’t at all a telling, but an intuitive sharing. She really liked the reading and added a lot to my comments ….. It became a dance not only of the cards but between the two of us.
~ Angela Ressa

I’ve been pretty quiet here – I listened on the call but didn’t raise my hand, and I’m sitting out the “exchange a reading with someone” activity. But I have had a couple of profound experiences with these little cards. I don’t have photos and frankly not a whole lot to say. In poker (I come from a poker-loving family) there is the saying, “The cards speak for themselves.” I’m finding these cards are doing the same. When I drew three cards for the call, the meaning was so plain and clear I was dumbfounded. No need to ponder, interpret, move things around, or second guess any of it. The same thing happened to me again today. Pulled three cards, and then a fourth one decided to come along for the ride. A blisteringly clear message. Holey moley!
~ Julie Favreau Schwartz

And finally, some snippets from our Facebook Discussion and Practice Circle …

My first reading with the Soul Caller Cards is utterly magical.

I love these cards ~ even a quick read-through is radiating wisdom.

Completely blown away by these cards. They are more than just magical… The creativity stemming from them is off the charts.

oh my! just did my first reading and am floored, supported, ebullient, seen. happy.

Interesting how I got some of the same words in different positions. The BLESSING card literally flew out of my hand!

When you join this class, you’ll see for yourself: working with these cards – and this kind of constellated reading – is not only magically illuminating, it’s fun!)

I’m having a great time with the SC cards. I’ve been starting every morning with a reading. There are a lot of layers; loving the dance between the words and the constellations they create.

I’m just loving this journey this new way of gaining insight . The meanings at first aren’t in your face . The insights creep up on me after I walk away and think and feel the cards.

Thank you for the opportunity to pair with others and deepen our connection within the circle.