A poem that I wrote for Bent Lily

A few years ago Samantha Reynolds decided to write one poem a day,  “to train me to see the world constantly with the eyes of a poet,” she explains, “which means to slow down, savour, take delight in, and note the very essence of the world around me.”

Now, her experiment has become Bent Lily, an online world of poetry, where Reynolds posts her daily musings – and hosts, each week, the poetry of other writers.

Last week, deeply inspired by what Samantha has made, I was honored to offer my own poem – the first that I’ve written in years. I invite you to visit it – and her, at Bent Lily. Here’s the beginning, the draw you there…


Oh, how can I write about the end of the world when this year’s lavender,
lush with so much rain, keeps drawing me from the page
where the garden
and so green;

When the branch of lilac that we cut, six years ago – from the tree behind the house where
my daughter balanced equations
with her math tutor –
has become a tiny tree;
knee-high, still not quite ready to bloom;

When the tomatoes are plumping on the vine
and the cucumbers that my sister-in-law brought to me, have flowered.

There is so much to live for:
the smell of coffee
The micro-burst mist of lemon zest when I slice through the peel
The gift of cream
and this thyme that crept up from beneath the stone that my husband placed atop it…

Click to read the rest (and the many beautiful poems by other authors) at Bent Lily.

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