Dream: Can I trust myself to show up?

Today, I had a dream that I had awakened in my dorm room, and realized: Oh no! I have slept through the explanation of the first two bardos! 

I felt terribly embarrassed about this. I wanted so much for the professor to approve of me. Maybe it’s too late and I should just drop out, I worried.

But I decided to go to class – to show him that I already know this work so well. To demonstrate, I will name and explain the two bardos that I missed. He will see that I am not behind at all and he will let me stay. 

A woman, holding a baby, waits for me to get my shoes on. As I pull on my red boots – without socks – I realize that she’s waiting to walk with me to class.

Go ahead, I tell her. I will be right there. As she turns to go, I wonder: Can I trust myself to show up without her?

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