I dare you to shine

You’re not fooling anyone.

We can see you there,  twinkling around the edges of the blanket (or the bushel) where you’ve cleverly hidden your light.

Come out. It takes so much work to hide. And your light is so needed now.
I dare you to shine. To risk being seen in all your magnificence.

Shine. I double dare you.

Oh, if only you knew how beautiful and special and beloved you are – you would stand in your own presence and sob. I kid you not.

Come out . . . please!

Stop putting yourself second. Stop giving your power away. Stop investing the priceless gift of your light in distraction, in addiction to everything but the thing that you came here to do.

Choose to shine.

Assume your place, as an integral, beloved, necessary and worthy part of the wholeness that is Love. No matter what you’ve done in the past, choose toward love. No matter if you think you’ll be ridiculed.  No matter how CERTAIN you are that it won’t make a lick of difference, shine anyway.

I dare you to shine.
Right now. Yes, in the middle of the office/cafe/living room where you’re sitting.

Shine your beauty, your joy, your talent, your love into the world.
Tip the balance of the world by one more shining soul.

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  • nicole willis

    Just beautiful! I started to read before I left for the office and did some shining and choosing of love for myself and others on my way. Finished reading and know you are amazing and such a gift in my life! Thank you!

    No more hiding!

    Love you!

  • kelly

    I choose toward love. I do.
    And I love this post, love its message and the kindness it helps to spread. This is the way I try to live my life. I fail, often, but it’s the trying that counts, I hope.
    Thank you.

  • Judi

    What a beautiful post. You write with a childlike honesty and radiant opalescence. I forget to shine when I write. Get too matter of fact and to the point . I am going to go revise what I am working on so that it shines. Thanks Amy.

  • Lori Paquette

    How did you know I was hiding? 😉 Love this post … a keeper. Printing it out as reminder. thank you!

  • Jennifer

    LOVED this post. And I so get it. A long time ago a colleague said to me “make decisions from a place of love, not from a place of fear” and I SO get it now. Didn’t fully get it then.
    Great post!

  • Square-Peg Karen

    Love, love, love this — (kinda grinning at all the LOVE)!

    Just reading this: “Oh, if you knew how beautiful, special, sexy, and how beloved you are, you would stand in your own presence and sob.”
    made me catch my breath.


    • Amy

      LOL – LOVE you for stopping by, and commenting!

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    ohhhh… Amy. That potent combination:

    Choose toward love + I dare you….

    Feeling those from my tiniest toes to my gut to my heart to my shoulders to my scalp.


  • Bonnie Bauerle

    Very uplifting, Amy. Too often, most people do not realize how powerful they are. Putting all that positive love energy out into the world is wonderful. The more you send out, the more returns to you. Can you imagine what would happen if thousands of people did this? I think it could effect significant change in the world.

  • Susan

    What a beautiful post. Just what I needed to hear today…and every day! In fact, I am printing this one out.

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