interruptions, wild turkeys, unlocked gates, magic matches, rekindled love and the wide open field of anything is possible


Gifts from a #FeatherWalk


“Show me magic today,” I say as I step outside. 

I say it out loud.
It reminds me that this is a relationship.
Me and the world.
Me and something wider and wiser than me, which listens.

As the door swings shut, a black butterfly flutters up to my face, circling me playfully.

“Good start,” I say.

I follow the thread of my own curiosity.

I let my gaze be drawn by the invitation I sense in the world. I notice what is here.

A honeybee drops onto a red clover blossom.
I notice many acorns, cracked open.

I notice the cumulative NOISE of three lawn mowers and farm tractors and construction crews banging.

I feel interrupted – edgy. Cut off from the buzzing and birdsong and breeze through the leaves.

Yet magic is a trickster. Magic, I have learned, is in everything – even interruption. As I look for the magic in interruption – I see that, like all shadow, interruption is a training program.

It calls me to hold my awareness on the task at hand – which right now, is featherwalking.

I notice my own body – my legs, getting ready to run.
My breath, deepening.
I feel into the red cave of my own belly –
– a mysterious and marvelous realm which I have only this week learned to open – and enter.

A red dragonfly zips by. I follow.
It leads me to a red plastic circle, the top of a milk jug, lying in tall grass.
Which leads me through an unlocked gate.
Which leads me to a clutch of wild turkeys which have settled into the curve of a hill on my neighbor’s lawn.

Sometimes, the soul speaks through dreams.
Sometimes, the soul speaks through the world.
Sometimes, it speaks through other people.

I’ve been working with this Young Sorceress. 
She sent me a stack of magic matches.
We light them together every few days as we see what wants to emerge.

I thought it would be fun.
It’s been …. how can I say this?
A delightful shattering.
You know that way that shattering can delight us
– when we’ve been expecting to/waiting to fall apart,
the way that collapsing in on ourselves can be a kind of orgasm.

Today’s #FeatherWalk reminds me of that –
of the delight that I find in detecting and dissolving debris
– and of shredding the stories I no longer need.

I walk.
Here is the red dragonfly again, flying up to greet me.
A reminder that she was here yesterday. A reminder that she is here, again, today.

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  • Judi Brown

    Dearest Amy…you did it again as always before…”brought tears to my eyes w/your writing beauty !” Prev you published my Woman’s World Mag article on Angels for which I am still so very grateful. Just looking @ your angelic face in picture describes the beauty in all your writings…such a beautiful soul you are*I have one fiction article titled “Mail Order Bride” and another non-fiction titled “Nature’s Revenge & need to ask if you can perhaps advise me of any magazine accepting these 2 types writings Amy. For I have no (?) idea where to mail the two. Am thinking perhaps some kind of “animal rescue group” may accept the Nature’s Revenge…story regarding Nature now fighting back more than ever before using ‘animals & weather’ against people’s destruction of all the world’s once pure, clean, natural resources ! As for the fiction story, it is a ‘way back when frontier romance’ of how many of our previous ancestors use to meet by single male newspaper ads seeking wives to travel by train to ‘way out in the wilderness’ marrying a rancher, farmer, etc who has no other way of meeting back then. Your possible advice on where I should mail my two stories will be so greatly appreciated dear Amy ! And as always, take care & keep on writing your beautiful words to me & everyone****Judi Brown

    • Amy

      Judi – even in your question there is the answer, answering itself. Follow the hunches, the intuitive nudges. You’ll find your way. (As for professional writing advice, I’m not the one to ask on that, I’m afraid. While I work as a magazine editor, I’m not very connected to the business side of the industry. But you can be, if you follow that wisdom you’ve already got.

  • Barb

    I wrote my comment early today… as I sit here now…. writing…gazing out the window… there are Dragonflies everywhere… they were probably here yesterday, I just didn’t notice. So thank you for reminding me to observe nature. Because everything is in it. Today, is your birthday. May it be filled with peace… may love fill your heart.

    • Amy

      Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you.

  • Barb

    beautiful.. the Dragonfly… so meaningful for you right now…

  • Ivy Landsman-Slevin

    Not only are you a spiritual goddess, and someone I love with every ounce of my old and new being, but you’re a gorgeous writer.

    • Amy

      Thank you, my friend. 🙂

  • Laura Ozarow Doreson

    Oh, Amy. I think this is your finest writing to date.

    • Amy

      Thank you. There is a flow that I’m feeling lately. The words find their places and come together. It’s like spelling, as if I’m watching it form before my eyes. Quite an experience. 🙂

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