Invite Divine Awareness to Look through Your Eyes

“Abraham Henschel once wrote, “Awareness of the Divine begins with wonder.” Awareness begins, also, with presence. For we must be present in order to experience the wonder right before our eyes. To cultivate this awareness, this wonder, this presence, try this: All day, let your consciousness recede one step backwards and invite Divine awareness to step forward. Let the Divine look through your eyes.

Try it while looking out the window.

What does the Divine make of that sky, crowded with puffy clouds? What does that sun-dappled forest look like through the eyes of the Divine?

Try it while sitting in traffic. Try it at your desk in the office. Try it at home, at the sink, at the dinner table, in the bedroom. Try it while looking in the mirror. Into your own eyes.

When viewed through Divine eyes, what catches the attention? What falls away? What details leap up, what colors, what textures?

Let Divine awareness fill your body – let it feel with your senses. How does the Divine feel when It sees that color or that person across the room?

Try it right now. Look up. Let God look through your eyes. What’s here?

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